Nitty-Gritty Guide on Facebook Account Locked or Disable

Nitty Gritty Guide
Jan 8, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

 “Facebook” is used by billions of folks and most of them stay online 24/7. It is used to share details, photos, connect with friends, family or even track the business activities. Hence, FB has become an addiction for everyone to use this platform.   

Everything about this platform is fascinating, users can spend their whole day without getting bored. It has plenty of things to offer and surprisingly everything goes smoothly until you face the problems. Yeah, you heard it right, Facebook is also vulnerable to errors and few of them can give you a permanently locked Facebook account. 

Facebook can lock or disable the account for a short period of time or disable the account permanently, whenever it senses any unethical activity from your account. Facebook has become very strict regarding the safety of the users’ accounts. Hence, it takes instant action if found anything suspicious. 

However, the “Facebook account temporarily locked” message would come as a shock when you try to log in to the account. The issue of disabling Facebook accounts can be triggered due to various reasons. Let’s figure out some of the possible causes which prompt the “locked out of the Facebook account” issue. 

Possible Reasons Why My Facebook Account is Locked 

  • Facebook can lock your account for a short period while making changes in the policy or updating something on the server. 
  • Maybe someone has reported your account as spam or as fake continuously because a single report can’t be the source of blocking.
  • Your activity on Facebook is monitored by the Facebook bots, hence, if you have violated the privacy policy of this platform like posting something which contains illegal content, your account can get instantly punished. 
  • Sending or accepting friend requests in large number can root the blocking of Facebook
  • Posting too many posts on the wall or into the group of communities, Facebook considered it as a spam
  • Hacking is the main reason for blocking or disabling the Facebook account. Facebook noticed the activity from the account and locked it immediately. So, you need to verify your identity to regain access.  
  • Some malware or viruses can also trigger this problem 

Warning Signs of Disabled or Locked Account 

  • Problem while signing in with right login details
  • Not able to post on the Facebook
  • Unable to change Facebook password
  • Fails to create Facebook fan pages
  • The unresponsive behavior of Facebook
  • Impotent to send or receive friend requests
  • Fails to change the FB settings
  • Gets the messages on email address stated “Facebook account temporarily locked because someone tried to access from an unknown device

How to Unlock a Facebook account?

 In order to unlock your Facebook account, you may have multiple options to do that. Few of them are given underneath, pay a glance;

Verify your identity and answer the security questions- You just need to verify the authenticity of your account and you can do this by answering the simple questions. 

Get Help from the Friends – If you are a regular user of Facebook, you must be aware of the trusted contact features of Facebook. In which you can pick a few trusted FB friends as “Trusted Contacts”. In case, you lose access or your account gets blocked, you can ask them to help. for this follow the steps given here:

  1. Go to the Facebook sign-in page and enter your email address and password
  2. When the security page opens, click on “Get help from trusted contacts
  3. Now, from the prompted list you need to select the names of friends who are currently available
  4. then, click Continue
  5. All the selected friends will receive a verification link
  6. On clicking the link, they will get a security code
  7. Collect the codes from all selected friends 
  8. Enter the codes on the FB security page
  9. FB will verify the codes and unlock your account soon.

If you find that your FB account has been disabled, you must wait for at least 96 hrs. Clean all the history, cache, to retrieve the access to your account.

Submit an Appeal 

To do so follow below given steps:

  • Open the Facebook page from the web browser and try to open the account using email id and password.
  • Now you will see the “Account disabled” message on the screen
  • Open the “My Facebook account has been disabled” page 
  • Next, click on submit an appeal or Go to
  • Provide your phone number or email address in the given field
  • Facebook will ask for the ID’s, upload it by clicking on the “Choose file” option
  • You can provide a picture of ids such as driving license, Aadhar Card, and another document whichever you have. 
  • Next on the “Additional info”, you can describe your concern (if available)
  • Now click on the Send button. 

Irrespective of the method you pick, you should wait for a minimum of 24 hours for the response. The above-given methods are the perfect answer for your “my Facebook account is locked” query. 

Things to Avoid the Account Blocked Problem

 Try to follow the below-given guidelines to avoid “locked or disabled Facebook” issues:

  1. Follow Terms and Conditions:

In most cases, the Facebook account get disable or locked up just because of violating the term and condition of guidelines given by Facebook. Hence, it’s essential to read all the guidelines before clicking the Agree button while creating the account on Facebook. 

  1. Avoid Using Proxy Server:

Facebook usually knows the location of all Facebook accounts, and when you use a proxy server, it makes you look like spam. Hence, make sure your proxy server is disabled while you are logging in to your Facebook account.

  1. Using FB Account at Multiple Devices:

If you are logged in to Facebook on multiple devices, your account is likely to face the “locked account” issue. Hence, make sure you first log-out from the one device before signing-in to another.

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