• Masters in English Hons. From Delhi University
  • Diploma in creative writing from York University, Ca
  • Internship in Digital Marketing and finance management
  • Pursuing a Ph.D. in English literature


  • Digital Marketing and Finance management
  • Best at Fashion and lifestyle
  • Technical and IT


  • She is known for her versatility
  • Her writings are honored by various national and international spots
  • She is best in Travel, Technical and Lifestyle niches


Manpreet Sandhu has been working in the industry for five years; she puts her soul into what she writes. Her analytical skills cannot be doubted as she is best at research and thus pursuing a Ph.D. in English literature. She knows how to simplify the processes for the ease of users.

Manpreet has been writing for years and her readers rely on her words even in the worst of the technical problems. So when you are stuck with any of your IT products or need a piece of advice related to lifestyle, approach her; you would never regret reading it. She is approachable to every user out there, so get assistance in the need of the hour without a second thought. She always welcomes your advice, feedback, and support.

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Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Manpreet Kaur Sandhu