Explosive Slots to Keep You on Your Toes

Updated On July 23, 2021 | by Vedwik

Best Slot Game to Keep You Hooked

You can find all the hot and fiery action at an online casino, with the latest, most exciting games ready and waiting for you to play. Whether that’s a classic tabletop game, a hybrid game of Slingo, or speedy Slots to keep your fingertips busy between Bingo games. 

And if you’re after the most thrilling games, then our selection of top dynamite Slots games to play may just get your heart racing and bankroll booming! 

Dynamite Digger Slot Game 

Get ready to take cover from Dynamite Digger, as the reels are on the verge of detonation. This banging game is yours to light the fuse from as little as 0.01 coins for each line bet. Once you place your wager, the five reels are set into motion, with 20 pay-lines available to activate. 

Venture down the mine, where you’ll use everything in your arsenal, from pickaxes to dynamite, to discover the most delightful of gems. What’s more, this game includes the mind-blowing Exploding Reels feature, which could lead to lots of winning opportunities. To trigger the cascade of symbols, all you need to do is get a line of matching icons, which will then explode, only to be replaced with more symbols from above. Your reels will keep blowing up and providing plenty of prizes until there is no more winning combinations insight. 

This fun slot game is only emphasized by its cartoon-style appearance, with brightly colored symbols to match. The lowest value icons are made up of the familiar playing card symbols, with the Ace heating things up, paying out an impressive 75 times your initial stake, if you land five of them on the same pay-line.

These are joined by sticks of dynamite, lanterns, TNT plungers, pickaxes, and carts of gold, all of which you’d expect to find in an active mine and are sure to light up the reels. But it’s the mine carts and the miner that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Land five mine carts on the reels and you could win up to 2,500 times your wager. If five miners appear on the same pay-line, then things really get explosive, as you’ll win an instant 5,000x multiplier!  

Do you think you have what it takes to withstand the heat of the mine and the nerve to denotate the explosives? Then you should give the reels of Dynamite Digger a spin today! 

Fireworkz Blitz Slot Game 

We all love the anticipation and delight of a beautiful fireworks display, so adding in some spinning reels and the potential to win a huge jackpot, can only mean one thing — the thrilling game of Fireworkz Blitz

As the name suggests, things are about to get explosive, as the reels are jam-packed with colorful rocket fireworks, that could go off at any minute. Each rocket has its own style and appeal, from a pretty pink firework to an excitable orange fellow, all presented in a humorous cartoon style. Plus, there are lots of pay-line patterns to bet on, meaning you could create a winning combination of more than 16 symbols, with pay-outs ranging from 0.4 to 5,000 times your stake. The more you match the more you win! 

With play starting from as little as 0.10 credits, it’s time to light those sparklers and shoot for the stars, as this slot game is sure to go off with a bang!

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