How to Boost Your Performance When Gaming Competitively Online 

boost your performance when gaming
Aug 3, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Key Takeaways

  • Competitive online gaming demands skills and strategies to win.
  • To reduce lagging issues, a good internet connection that is both reliable and quick is required.
  • Keeping hydrated during a prolonged gaming session improves concentration and decreases exhaustion.
  • Regular breaks levels up your game and prevent mental weariness. 
Gaming Competitively Online

Millions of people from all around the world enjoy competitive online gaming. This is distinctly different from the casual one, where the player will play for shorter periods of games with a focus on relaxation rather than competition. 

In a competitive environment, it typically involves the player taking part in matches against other human-controlled opponents. This can be on an individual basis (e.g. when playing sports games one-on-one) or as part of a larger team (commonly, when playing squad-based shooters or larger role-playing games).

Today, every competitive online game requires extreme levels of skill and tactical ability to succeed regularly. However, player performance can be improved by paying attention to some of its key concepts. 


This article explains three unique ways in which you can boost your performance when playing competitive digital matches.

Upgrade Your Internet

One of the key factors that can improve your chances of success in competitive online games is benefiting from a fast and reliable internet connection. Many internet companies now supply fiber internet for gaming that boasts high bandwidth and reliable download speeds. 

This should be considered a significant IT infrastructure for any gamer who wants to play at the highest levels of competition. Put simply, faster internet connections will minimize or eradicate issues such as lag or high latency that can impact your gaming capabilities. 

You will need a faster internet speed so that you may download the content quicker than your competitors and be able to enjoy the game without any stuttering or buffering. A fiber Internet connection enables the gamer to play smoothly with no lags. 

If you believe that your current internet connection is causing high latency, it is vital to test the “ping” of your internet. This works by assessing the speed at which data is sent and returned from a testing server. 

The lower the ping, the more responsive your experience will be. If your ping is rated as high, it makes sense to upgrade the internet to a fiber optic connection, and you should then see improvement in your gaming performance. 

Stay Hydrated

It is pertinent to consider that competitive gaming will involve the need to sit at your console or PC for extended periods. Whilst playing does not put demands on the body’s muscles (unless you are playing a competitive and physically demanding VR title), it will still require intense levels of focus and concentration.

Your mind will perform at its best when it is adequately hydrated; conversely, playing for hours without consuming liquids will likely result in lower levels of performance as you succumb to fatigue. 

Dehydration can often result in decreased focus, slow reaction times, and bad decision abilities. Remember to avoid consuming caffeine as it can lead to dehydration. 

Drink water or an isotonic sports drink when playing for extended periods to ensure that your performance remains high.

Take Regular Breaks

Never underestimate the significance of taking regular screen breaks when enjoying extended sessions of competitive gaming. Whilst it can be easy to lose track of time during a fiercely contested set of online matches, taking a short five or ten-minute break can keep your performance levels constant throughout a session. 

The intense focus for an extended period can cause fatigue and result in slower reaction rates. Taking a brief pause will give your mind a moment to recharge.

Aim to take a break every hour and have a walk around the house. This will help you with the blood flow that has accumulated in your legs. Stretch out your shoulders and neck muscles by gently rotating them and ensure you do not feel stiff or sore in your back and upper body. 

Do You Know?
On average, 76 % of Americans spent more than 16.5 hours a week playing online games.

You can even do breathing exercises or easy eye massages. Don’t forget to munch on some healthy snacks such as berries, nuts, dark chocolate, and green tea, while walking. These will provide you with nutrients that are beneficial to both the mind and the heart. 

This short break will allow you to return to the matches with increased focus and help you play more consistently during extended playing periods.


Considering all this, it is paramount to have a balance between physical and mental strategies that will give an edge. Taking regular games, staying hydrated, and maintaining a good internet connection can enhance your gaming performance.