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Nowadays, there are numerous websites on the internet where you can watch live sports. Unfortunately, the majority of them are paid websites. Irrespective of the sport, watching free sports on the internet is definitely not an easy task.

There are websites like Buffstreams, but unfortunately, these websites are not safe to use as they might be exposed to malware. To tackle this problem, you can go for Buffstreams alternatives. 

There are numerous websites that we can use to stream sports, but the majority of these websites fail to benefit us in the long run; one example is the MLB website. The site has been unavailable for several months, prompting users to seek MLB66 alternatives.

NBA Player Picture

In this article, we are going to explain how you can watch your favorite sports live streams for free. Out of tons of websites on the internet, we prepared a list of the best 25 free sports streaming websites, including Buffstream.

25 Best Alternatives for Buffstreams

Let’s have a glimpse at the 25 best websites that can be good alternatives for Buffstreams.

Volokit is a well-known website for the live-streaming of sporting events.  You can easily create an account on this website and enjoy uninterrupted sports.

There are free NFL, NBA, UFC, and NHL streams available on the website.

VoloKit Website Homepage

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of Volokit:

  • Free to use
  • Good video quality
  • Login required

The layout of this website is a bit chaotic, which may derail its usability. One has to be careful while searching for this website, as there are numerous other spam websites with similar names.

Bosscast is another good alternative to Buffstreams. Its simple UI design makes it the first choice for sports lovers. Just like other websites, sports streams are free to watch.

In addition, they add a new sports league every week!

Bosscast Website Homepage

Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of Bosscast:

  • Easy to access
  • Have different types of sports
  • Contains advertisements 

Although there are some technical challenges, if you are seeking a website where you can watch many forms of sports for free, you can give Bosscast a try.

Another masterpiece for sports enthusiasts is Stream2Watch. Here, you can find different types of sporting events with other inbuilt options to enhance your experience. However, if you don’t find it reliable, there are several alternatives to Stream2Watch worth your attention.                                               

Stream2Watch Website Homepage

Take a look at some ups and downs of Stream2Watch:

                          Ups                              Downs
Recorded live streams are availableContains links to other websites
Less number of advertisements 

This website has no original content; instead, it contains links to other streaming websites. Its interactive user interface makes it one of the best Buffstreams alternatives. 

Most of the free streaming websites contain malware. To tackle this problem, we added SportSurge to the list, which is well known for its security measures. Not only is this website safe, but it also has Free UFC and NHL streams.

Sportsurge Website Homepage

Here’s some pros and cons of SportSurge:

  • Safe to use
  • Sports articles are available
  • Hard to find the original website

On this website, one can find updated live streams and articles about famous leagues like the NFL and NBA. It could be a great choice for you if you want to enjoy free streaming with safety. However, if you are not satisfied with SportsSurge, you can go for some SportSurge alternatives.

Batmanstream Sports is one of the replacements for Buff Stream. Users can enjoy a variety of sports on this website. However, the multiple ad pop-ups make it difficult for a user to concentrate on the game.

Batmanstream Sports Website Homepage

Here are some ups and downs of Batmanstream Sports:

                        Ups                          Downs
Easy to useHigh risk of malware
Variety of sports are available

It may contain some external links that may not be virus-free, so one has to stay alert while using third-party links on this website.

Yes! It’s none other than Reddit. The social media platform is not limited to sharing opinions anymore. In the vast depths of Reddit, there is immense scope for live-streaming sports.                                

Reddit logo

Now, let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of this buff stream alternative:

  • Safe to use
  • Good streaming quality
  • Contains Third-party links

Due to the strict privacy policy, it might not be a piece of cake to discover free sports streams on Reddit. Additionally, Reddit takes down such Subreddits from their side too, which makes things worse for sports lovers.

Fubo TV is a well-known soccer streaming website. Now they have expanded their reach to other sports as well. With more than 100 stations through which they provide different types of content on their website, like news, sports, and movies, this website is a great BuffStreams alternative.                                 

Fubo TV Homepage

Have taken a look at some positives and negatives of Fubo TV:

                    Positives                      Negatives
Completely safe to useNot completely free to use
HD quality available

Their layouts and system UI are top-notch. However, all these facilities are included in their premium version, but don’t worry, you can also take a 7-day free trial.

Jokerlivestream Sports is one of the reliable sources for online sports streaming. On this website, you can explore a variety of sports. The advertisements may tease you a bit while watching streams.

Jokerlivestream Sports Homepage

Checkout some ups and downs of Jokerlivestream Sports:

                        Ups                             Downs
A variety of sports are availableContain advertisements 
Easy to access 

Similar to other sites, this one may expose you to various types of software and bugs. The overall user experience of this site is decent, which makes it worthy of being on the list of Buffstream alternatives.       

BBC iPlayer is exclusively available to people in the United Kingdom. The layout of this website is phenomenal, followed by a quick-adapting user interface. Live score tracking is also enabled on the website to enhance the user experience.                              

BBC iPlayer Homepages

Look at some advantages and disadvantages of this website:

  • A variety of sports available
  • Completely safe and legal 
  • Limited to the United Kingdom

The only problem is its availability in countries other than the UK. Even though all the sporting events are not free to watch on this website, it is a good Buffstreams alternative.

Bilasport is very famous in Middle Eastern countries and is known for football and GTA streams. This website is also free to use, with some integrated advertisements in between the livestreams.                      

Bilasport Homepage

However, Bilasport has some pros and cons:

  • No login required
  • GTA streams available
  • VPN required for some streams

The layout of the website is not very impressive, but the easy-to-use interface makes it good enough to enjoy free sports live streams. It may contain some external links that can fill your device with malware.

Ace stream is a peer-to-peer multimedia tool that is usually used for streaming videos. On this website, one can find tons of live streams of different sporting events. It has a variety of sports, and different streaming formats are available for a smooth user experience.                 

AceStreams Homepage

Checkout some positives and negatives of this decentralized media platform,

                      Positives                            Negatives
Easy-to-use interfaceVPN is required for some countries
Protected from malware

Although Ace stream is completely legal, all the content circulated on this platform is not. In some cases, a VPN connection might be necessary to watch your favorite sports stream. 

Social442 is a great platform for all sports lovers where you can find different football matches and live streams. The user interface and layout are exceptional. All the streams can be enjoyed in HD. Moreover, a few in-app purchases may limit you from watching some content available to users.                          

Social 442 Homepage

Look at some ups and downs of Social442:

                        Ups                            Downs
HD streaming availableNot completely free to watch
Legal to use and watch                                        

Unfortunately, this wonderful website is limited to the United States only. Foreign users have to use a VPN, which may cause connectivity and buffering issues.

A world-famous social media site and former youth sensation can be used to watch your favorite sport. The moment you login to Facebook, you can see several channels which stream free sports. 

Facebook Watchh

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Watch:

                      Advantages                      Disadvantages
Protected from malwareContains advertisements 
Easy user interface                               

FB is well known for its easy-to-understand user interface, so watching live streams is a piece of cake.

Footybite is giving tough competition to Buffstreams; its straightforward UI attracts football lovers towards it. As the name suggests, this website is mainly focused on football, so it covers a smaller variety of sports.                 

Footybite Homepage

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Footybite:

                      Advantages                      Disadvantages
Attractive system UIVPN is required for some users 
No pop-up advertisements                                  

There are some third-party websites available on this website that may not be safe to access. One has to use a VPN, as this website is banned in some countries.

Crackstreams is a good alternative to Buffstreams, it covers various leagues of boxing, followed by football and other sports. The options that you can get on their live streams are pretty satisfying. 

Crackstreams Homepage

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Crackstreams.

  • Variety of sports are available  
  • High-quality streams
  • May expose to malware 

However, you must be careful while using this site, as it might be exposed to malware. By any chance, if this website is not available in your country, you can go for CrackStream alternatives.

Bosscast is another secure website where you can watch your favorite sports without worrying about your safety. It provides live streams of a variety of sports and may be ideal for you if you want to watch a variety of sports for free.                                             

Bossast Website Homepage

Take a look at some positives and negatives of Bosscast:  

                        Postives                        Negatives
Easy to accessContains advertisements 
Different streams available

Furthermore, this website is more secure than Buffstreams, so you can watch your favorite sport without being concerned about your privacy.

The majority of people confuse CBS Sports with Canada’s CBC; they are not the same! CBC Sports offers free access to a variety of sports. 

This website contains advertisements, so be prepared for some unexpected pop-ups.

CBS Sports Homepage

Given below are some ups and downs of CBS Sports:

                        Ups                            Downs
Interactive website layoutContains advertisements 
Mobile application available                                      

CBS Sports, despite having an easy-to-use website, has also released a mobile application for remote locations. Overall, this website meets all the criteria for being a viable alternative to Buffstreams.

Another work of art! SportLemon is a website that offers free sports streaming. This website primarily features live basketball, baseball, and soccer streams. 

SportLemon Homepage

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of SportLemon:

                    Advantages                      Disadvantages
HD streams availableIt may need a VPN connection  
Easy-to-use website layout                                    

Furthermore, there is no need to download the stream before viewing, so you can avoid all those annoying polls and malicious links. 

Furthermore, the website’s layout is smooth, making it a viable alternative to Buffstreams. While watching HD streams on SportLemon, a VPN connection is recommended to increase your security.

Hesgoal, which was founded in 2020, is now one of the most well-known websites for football live-streaming. Their official website claims that they have the most organic traffic among football fans.

Hesgoal Website Homepage

Look at some pros and cons of Hesgoal:

  • Live chats during streams
  • Easy-to-use website layout
  • Contains advertisements

Their layout and user interface are quite pleasing, making this website deserving of a spot on the list of the best Buffstreams alternatives.

NFLbite, as the name suggests, is primarily concerned with the National Football League. If you are an NFL fan, you must visit this website. All NFL games are available in HD on the website, with few advertisements. 

NFLbite Website Homepage

Here’s some positives and negatives of NFLbite:

                      Positives                       Negatives
Interactive UIMay contain external links
HD streams are available

The only drawback is the limited number of sports available, as it only includes the NFL. If you want to watch a different sport, you may need to return to Buffstreams.

6Streams is a dependable alternative to Buffstreams, which is free. Boxing and MMA streams are available on this website. Other sports, such as cycling, handball, and darts, are also available on 6Streams, which is hard to come by for free.                                             

6Streams Website Homepage

Checkout some positives and negatives of 6Streams:

                        Ups                          Downs
Free of cost Contains advertisements
MMA streams available

While watching free streams, you may be distracted by some long-lasting advertisements. Keep an eye out for malicious links.

VIPRow Sports is one of the best Buffstreams alternatives. You can watch a variety of sports here. The layout is simple, so anyone can watch streams without difficulty.

VIPRow Sports Website Homepage

Have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of VIPRow Sports:

                    Advantages                    Disadvantages
Easy to useIt may need a VPN connection
Streams, a variety of sports

Overall, this website has all the necessary features to be a viable alternative to Buffstreams. In case, if this website is unavailable in your country, use can use some VIPRow Sports alternatives.

Wiziwig is a popular sports streaming website that offers a wide range of sports. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic website that can be used as a substitute for Buffstreams.                                            

Wiziwig Website Homepage

Look at some pros and cons of Wiziwig:

  • Free of cost 
  • MMA streams available
  • Contains advertisements

This website’s layout is well-designed and simple to understand. Almost all streams are free, but some third-party links may require payment.

You can also watch other sports on FirstRowSports, and all the content is completely free. This website features some uncommon sports streams, such as Ice Hockey Streams. 

FirstRowSports Website Homepage

Let’s take a look at some positives and negatives of FirstRowSports:

                      Positives                         Negatives
Supports fire stickMay contain malicious links
Streams Cricket and Ice Hockey

It also works with the Fire Stick, making it a viable alternative to Buffstreams. Furthermore, advertisements are included in the stream, so be prepared to sit through some lengthy breaks.

This is a popular sports streaming platform where fans can watch their

favorite sports, such as MMA or boxing. This platform provides free access to live streams of NFL, UFC, and other sporting events. Users find it simple to become involved in events of interest thanks to its user-friendly interface.

MethStreams Website Homepage

Given below are some ups and downs of MethStreams :

                          Ups                           Downs
Boxing leagues availableHard to find the original website
Contains UFC streams

Just in case this website is banned in your country, you can go for some MethStreams alternatives.

If you are wondering whether watching your favorite sports stream on BuffStreams is legal or not, the answer may upset you. It is illegal! 

All the sports content that you watch online is legally purchased by billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Sony, ESPN, etc. Each league sold its broadcasting rights to one or more companies.                                   

USA Banned Website

However, broadcasting their live streams without their permission obviously does not fall under legal terms. That’s why Buffstreams is not legal to use, and it has been banned in some countries.

How to Watch Your Favorite Sport for Free Without Being Hacked?

Now as you know BuffStreams is not legal to use; the main problem comes after that; Hacking! Throughout this article, most of the alternatives, or even BuffStreams itself, are filled with third-party links that may redirect you to a malicious site. In just a fraction of a second, a group of trained hackers may steal your data.

The worst part is that you can’t even complain about it to the police because you were using an illegal website. This is why maintaining online safety standards is a must on such websites. 

Using Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software on your device is a straightforward way to tackle hackers. It enhances your device security to an extent where it is not likely to be hacked.

There are plenty of antivirus programs that you can use, and the procedures for installing them are almost the same.

Using a VPN Connection

VPN stands for virtual private network. In simple words, it makes you invisible on the Internet, making it difficult for a hacker to trace your exact details. It is more of a security layer that can’t be easily penetrated. 

Nowadays, installing a VPN is a piece of cake. There are tons of VPNs available on the Internet, and out of them, you can install one of the top free VPN software programs to protect yourself from hackers.

Closing Thoughts

BuffStreams is a great website for free sports streaming. Nevertheless, there are a few drawbacks to this online platform, which can be addressed by employing other methods. In this article, we listed the best 15 websites that have all the qualities to replace BufferStreams. It is important to note that Buffstreams and its alternatives are not safe to use, and we suggest using a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I watch sports for free?

There are many websites on the Internet where you can watch sports for free. Some of them are BuffStreams, Stream2Watch, and Fubo TV.

Is Stream2Watch a safe site?

You can put Stream2Watch in the safe category. As long as you don’t click on some unnecessary third-party links, it is safe. Use a VPN to enhance your safety and avoid any trouble.

Is Buffstreams safe?

Certainly Not! They contain some malicious stuff or scripts that may not be good for your device.


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