Avoid These Mistakes While Making a Tik Tok

Avoid These Mistakes
Jan 16, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

As 2023 prepares us for a new decade of social media fun, TikTok is getting more and more attention. It is thought to have more than one billion users as of February this year. TikTok may seem like the best marketing platform for companies, but one of the most significant errors brands and companies make is jumping on this new platform too quickly. If you need help figuring out where to begin, take help from websites like https://create.vista.com/create/tiktok-video/ to create a video that sells. 

Long-term success depends on entering a channel strategically while not overcommitting resources. To yield good results, you must pay close attention to each element in the video-making process, from creation to editing. 

But before you jump directly into making a brand name on TikTok, you should avoid the following list of mistakes.

Avoid While Making a Tik Tok

When you think of TikTok, popular sounds and problems immediately come to mind. After all, that’s why the place is famous. Many people see TikTok as the carefree, unrestricted partner to Instagram, which is more formal and polished. Because of this, you need to use special effects, record popular sounds over them, add popular music, and take part in challenges and dances to be successful on the site.

It would help if you established brand boundaries to avoid engaging in activities that can damage your credibility. Additionally, only some trends will complement your messaging; in that case, avoid them.

Ignoring Comment Section

The purpose of social media is to bring people together. The same applies to TikTok.

Since the site only presently offers a few community-building capabilities, one of the few ways to interact with your audience is through the comment section.

Your comment section will, therefore, likely be where your audience asks questions, expresses opinions about your films, and tags friends. Take advantage of the chance to interact with them, initiate a conversation, and motivate them to perform the required action.

ignoring comment section

Your Content 

One of the biggest things people need to correct while making Tik Tok videos is posting aesthetically unpleasing videos. Videos need to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Otherwise, they won’t work well for you. 

Suppose you want your videos to get people’s attention on Tik Tok and go viral. You must opt for an online editing tool where you can find vibrant and colorful filters and numerous editing options for your video. Vista Create is a reliable editing software with a user-friendly interface and several unique features. You can use it to create the best transition videos for your TikTok page.

Landscape Videos

TikTok is a vertical-first app, like Instagram. For videos to appear correct, they need 1080 by 1920 pixels. If it is in landscape mode, your movie will be cut down and have thick, black borders that don’t look good. This hurts the video’s quality and makes it less interesting to watch.

You Are Not in the Tik Tok World

How can you do well in a place you don’t know well? Take your time before going into the TikTok world because it has a different energy. Once you know what works well on the platform, you can try new things with your content. Try out different topics and styles of writing to find out what your audience likes best.

Longer Videos

You all can agree when I say nothing is worse than viewing a film in anticipation of the hook, only to have it never materialize. Your video on TikTok can only be three minutes long. However, you only have a little time to persuade people to put down their screens and focus on your material.

Here are some ideas for making the most of your video:

  • Start speaking right away. Don’t let the first few seconds pass without making a sound or moving something.
  • Have an interesting caption.
  • Use a trending sound: If a sound is becoming popular, it will be easier for you to keep your audience’s attention.

You’re Inconsistent

You must stick to a regular publishing schedule to gain traction on any social media network. This is crucial for several reasons:

  • Viewers may explore your content and get a clear understanding of your brand when they land on your profile.
  • The more posts you make, the more feedback you’ll get from your audience.
  • A consistent posting schedule can grow your fan base because your followers will know what to expect from you and the information you’ll provide.


Gaining a sizable following on TikTok is a challenging endeavor, as everyone who has attempted to do so knows. There is a lot to think about for getting user-engagement comments, from the kind of information you share to the hashtags you use. So, if you want to improve your TikTok game, you should avoid these common mistakes.

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