Victoria has been curious about finance and its management. She loved to organize her own and some of her family’s financial stuff to make intelligent decisions while trading in crypto from the very young age of 17 years. Her interest in smart investment strategies and making wise monetary decisions made her a confident writer. You will feel the joy of an accomplishment after her every post through her agile approaches to making your finds more safe and worthwhile.


She has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Michigan. She used to create drafts since college and shared her trading experiences. After she completed her degree, she did an internship as a finance writer. With more real-market exposure and consistent efforts to improve her skills, she is now working as a full-time finance writer for the past 3 years.


  • Finance management
  • Crypto trading & tutorials
  • Smart investment strategies
  • Accounts management
  • Banking solutions for entrepreneurs


Managing finance is always troublesome, especially when you are unsure about the real market. Her strategies and efficacious tips and tricks always promise to bring a smile by making well-informed monetary decisions. Every day, many readers interact with her posts, and it is worth the praise.

Victoria Steur Victoria Steur
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