TikTok is the Ultimate App for Digital Nomads, and Here’s Why

Jan 10, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

Being on the go is the choice of living freely and independently of any consequences. All around the world, digital nomading has become extra popular. When COVID-19 started punishing us, people all around the world decided to work from home… And who cares where the home is exactly? 

To remind, somewhere around the global quarantine party, TikTok has become a powerhouse of social media. Everybody relocated from other platforms to this app to create videos. 

Digital nomads are used to classic blogs, Instagram, and other conservative sites that may not bring so much value anymore. But why ignore TikTok

We believe that TikTok is the ultimate choice for all digital nomads out there. If you’re wondering why, join us on this journey! 

The Only Social Media Where You Can Go on Budget

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on target, website hosting, strategy, etc., you can go wild and instantly get free TikTok likes. Nobody will stop you in the end! 

The greatest fact of all time about TikTok is that promotion is absolutely free. If you have content that brings something to the platform (more people, more views, and more engagement), and the desired number of followers on it, you’ll be in favor without your only money spent on this advert that doesn’t work. 

We all know that digital nomads prefer to go on a budget since life on a road has limitations. Show me at least one digital pilgrim that would spend their money on the Facebook Ads Manager by choice, considering today’s prices on gas! 

Easy to Film & Edit & Post

Simplicity is what brings beauty on the road. When you travel a lot, honestly, you have no time to spend on heavy video editing. 

To think about it, only issues with audio caused by high winds can take 5 hours of fixing! When you record a lot of videos, it becomes a big issue. 

With TikTok, things are much easier. 

You can not only edit the content inside the platform but also choose from hundreds of trendy sounds that will do all the work for you. And we didn’t even mention yet how fast videos get uploaded (however bad connection you have)! 

TikTok is Surrounded by Like-Minded People and Other Digital Nomads

The last but not least point is the community. We all know these stereotypes that TikTok is for kids only or is toxic. Any social media has its downs, and this one is no exception. 

But screw the masses! We are talking about digital nomads here. 

You can download TikTok right now and go to any relevant digital nomading hashtag. You’ll see how friendly and wholesome those audiences are. Many travelers mention that the community is so kind that they don’t want to quit TikTok ever! 

For us, this point is the chief. What brings more value to the life of a digital nomad than the connection we feel with people all around the world?

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