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A short time ago, spying on someone had only professional or governmental purposes. People had to hire some experts to hack someone’s information. But with the rapid growth of technological advancements, things have changed now. Monitoring someone is no longer an issue now. You can view the activities on your target device by using different methods. And the best among them is through a mobile tracker app. 

TheWiSpy, is a top-ranked Android monitoring app. It entails genuine features along with high compatibility and affordable price plans. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion on the features that TheWiSpy offers. TWS is a feature-rich cell phone tracker.

It can serve you for many purposes like; concerned parents can use TheWiSpy to ensure a secure environment for their kids. The worried employers can use it to take business upwards by tracking the actions and activities of their employees during working hours. Finally, a person can catch a deceiving spouse by using TheWiSpy. For these noble purposes, TheWiSpy offers you guaranteed advanced features with affordable pricing. 

TheWiSpy – Android Spy App:

TWS is an outstanding Android monitoring app that is used to monitor target devices through remote access. Thousands of users trust this app for its quality features. It conveys useful, and quality tracked data or information. TWS works in stealth mode. You can enjoy 20+ advanced features with real-time results. So, you would control the target device through a spy microphone, spy camera, remote commands & many more.

Let’s now find how we can install TheWiSpy app for noble spying purposes from TheWiSpy Official Website.

Installation Process:

Not any spy app permits you to download the application on your end device remotely. You must take a physical approach to your target device. Installing TheWiSpy is not a prolonged process. It offers simple and easy methods for installing. This section will let you know the installation process of the cell phone tracker – TWS.

To install TWS, follow these steps:

  1. Registration: 

Reach the authentic website of TheWiSpy; you will notice price plans on one tab. By clicking on it, you will find three bundles according to different requirements; choose one that suits you more and subscribe to TWS. In addition, the app will provide you a pass to download the excellent employee monitoring app with infinite features.

  1.  Installation:

Install the spy app on your end device physically. Then, you can download/install TheWiSpy parental control app through the link in an email. In a few minutes, the app will start working on your cell phone.

  1. Monitoring:

Now get your account ready to track. First, open your TWS account on the web browser and add personal information. Once you’re done with it, you’ll be able to use all TheWiSpy features. Then, start getting information on recent activities.

After installing the app on your target phone or tab, you can fetch information through TheWiSpy. It wholly works in stealth mode, and you will stay undetectable.

Excellent Features – TheWiSpy: 

1. Monitor call logs:

Calling is undoubtedly the simplest way to talk. People use this medium globally. Unfortunately, hackers threaten their prey through calls, and kids would not talk about it to their parents. TheWiSpy parental control app assists you in tracking the call logs of your loved ones through this feature. It further allows you to find the caller names, numbers, and call durations. 

2. Call Recording:

Suppose you wanna know more about your child or employee what they are discussing on calls for hours. In that case, TWS awards a spy call recorder where you can record the calls through microphone access. 

3. Track Text Messages:

If you doubt that your worker is cheating, you should monitor the text messages with others. It will support you in recognizing the cheater and save your company. In addition, TheWiSpy will assemble early and new chats of the target device for you. 

4. Monitor Photos in Gallery:

Teenage is an age of making wrong decisions. But, as a parent of adults, you should track their cell phones, and monitoring the gallery is the most logical step. 

They might have sensitive or sexual content on their phones, badly affecting their fitness and future. TheWiSpy encourages you to view and remove such images or videos from smart devices. As a result, you can take immediate actions to preserve kids from future threats.

5. Spy Camera:

TheWiSpy permits you to command your target device’s camera. So you can take images and record clips of the surroundings. This feature helps you see all the photos and videos taken by the end device.

6. Spy Microphone:

Suppose you’re doubtful that your employee has secret meetings with your competitors & can share personal information with them. In that case, you must be concerned because this can cause strange consequences. TheWiSpy enables you to listen to the enclosed sounds and record their conversations through remote access to the microphone.

7. Memos alerts:

Look after your company’s distant employees through reminder alerts. Whenever your worker transfers or stores a memo, you will get a copy of it. 

8. Spy Phone Contact:

This mobile tracker app allows you to trace the contacts your child is in touch with by spying on the contact book. You can view, delete or block the connections with remote access. 

9. Calendar Monitoring:

TheWiSpy, a spy app for Android grants full access to the calendar to track stored events; you will get notifications on every significant event. 

10. Monitor Social Media:

TheWiSpy Android monitoring app lets you monitor all social applications installed on the target devices.

11. Trace Social Media Call Logs & History.

Social media is being used widely across the globe. You can track the social media call logs and view their histories with TWS parental control app.

12. Track Social Media Messages:

Tracking social media apps is as simple as other messages. Messages from the social apps can be viewed, deleted, or saved through TWS employee monitoring app.

13. GPS Location Tracking:

TWS Location tracing permits you to track the locations and have a keen eye on your kid or employee.

14. Track Web Browsing Routine & History:

You can view and track the web browsing routines & history by using the TWS tracker app that is used across the globe.

15. Data Import & Export:

You can trace the data sent & received through various mediums on the target device.

16. Wifi Logger:

Locating wifi connections allows you to discover the nearby places of the target devices.

17. Remote Screenshot and Screen View:

You can control the screen timings and can take screenshots with remote access.

18. Activity Logs:

Activity logs can assist you in monitoring mobile devices. Parents can reduce or restrict the various app usage through it.

19. Remote Access:

You need physical access once to download the mobile tracker app on the target phone. After that, you remotely view and control your end device. Furthermore, it helps you obtain the activity logs with remote access. 

20. Geofencing:

Along with GPS locators, geofencing is determined to be the most required feature among TWS users. Using geofencing, you can mark geographical restrictions on the map of your teen’s device. 

21. 24/7 Immediate Alerts: 

TWS is a spy app for Android that permits you to receive prompt activity alerts. Thus, you can receive every significant update about the end-user.


TWS is highly compatible with all smartphones that operate on Android 4 and following. 

How costly is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy spy app for android phones has three unique supporting price plans for Android devices. You can pick anyone that best suits your requirements to start cell phone tracking. 

Basic Price Plan:

You can get all fundamental and superior features according to your demand from the Basic plan. 

  • Available for $19.99 only per month.

Premium Price Plan:

You can enjoy limitless advanced features of TheWiSpy employee monitoring app with a Premium plan. 

  • Available for just $29.99 per month. 

Platinum Price Plan:

The app offers the latest and more advanced features such as spy camera, microphone access, calendar and memos spy, etc., with the platinum plan.

  • Available for $49.99 only per month 


You can never get a spy app for Android with 20+ exceptional features at an affordable rate. You can control your kids or your remote functioning employees with the assistance of TheWiSpy. So don’t consume your time on viewing costly and complex spy apps, and Give TWS a try!

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