How to Monitor Kids Phone Remotely with Parental Control

Monitor Kids Phone Remotely
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The young generation of this age starts using smartphones during their early teen years. According to a recent study, about 50% of American kids from 13-15 years start using smartphones. Parents allow them to use these devices because technology and the internet have become important for today’s educational curriculum for kids. 

But that isn’t the only purpose; teens use social media apps and watch entertainment. If they spend an average amount of time using basic phones for teens or even digital phones, then you have everything under control, but if not, then you should worry. The reason to stress is that cybercrimes are increasing with time and resulting in life-threatening problems for kids. 

The main target of cybercriminals is teenagers, and it’s horrifying for parents. Crimes like sexual assault, kidnapping, bullying, identity theft, etc., are rising in our society. The parental monitoring controls help control these crimes from affecting children. p

What is a Parental Control App?

Parental control app or tool allows parents to control their children’s internet and digital usage. As a result, you can prevent kids from harmful people on the internet and keep them away from unethical content. 

It provides you control to put restrictions on particular app usage or monitor their daily digital activities. In addition, you can have control over the whole child’s phone remotely and bring any information stored on it through this app. 

Is It Secure for Children to Use Phones Without Parental Controls?

Smartphones offer a way of communication and a source of internet to kids. It means kids can talk to their friends and family anytime to know where they are and use it for educational purposes. But this independence may result in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Smartphones are fragile in terms of online safety because they don’t provide any precautions. So it’s up to the user’s end how they want to use the device and avoid the dangers that come with it. 

Kids are innocent and are unable to protect themselves. That’s why parents should use parental control app to ensure their security. The question was whether it’s safe to use without the controls then the answer is “NO.” Only you can protect your kids from predators online. 

Why is Parental Control App Essential for Kids’ Security?

Before learning how to monitor your kids, you must know the reasons why it is essential in the first place. You must know the risks in advance to fight and deal with them appropriately. 

Prevent Kidnapping:

Parents’ biggest fear is losing a child in kidnapping; that’s why they nag kids about informing them where they’re all the time. However, it is possible to prevent that from the beginning by using kids monitoring apps. It has features like GPS tracking and geofencing that help track down your child’s real-time location. You can activate alerts when your kid leaves the house or enters a restricted area, and you get notifications. In addition, it helps you view the location history so you can identify your child’s daily activity.

Prevent Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault is a horrifying thing that is pretty common among children, unfortunately.  If your children are using excessive time on social media sites, then they would have experienced cyberbullying. You can use the app to monitor kids and ensure they’re not a target of an assault. 

There are features available to help you prevent, such as social app monitoring, web history controls, etc. For example, you can restrict app usage or block strangers from their accounts. You can also monitor their calls and texts to make sure they aren’t in any harmful situations.  

Prevent Bullying:

Bullying is prevalent among teenagers; kids from schools or strangers on the internet might be targeting your little kid. You may not notice, but your kid might suffer from mental health or struggle to adjust to social life. You can use a tracking app to monitor your child’s social media life and communication with people. If you find someone bullying them, you can stop them by talking to them personally or blocking them remotely. 

Prevention of Suicide:

Children suffer from depression or lack of interest in life, which leads them to suicidal thoughts. No matter how hard you try as a parent but sometimes you can’t get your kids to tell what’s bothering them. So please don’t give up on them and be involved in their lives as much as you can. 

If they’re letting you in, you can use an android monitoring app to follow their every move. Then, you can check their web history to find out whether they’re searching for any suicidal material. Then, you can get them to help immediately and save your kid’s life, and secure their future. 

How to Monitor Kids’ Phones Remotely?

You don’t have to access your kid’s phones every time you want to monitor them because you’ll be exhausted. That’s why you should adopt the remote approach by using the kids monitoring app. It isn’t a difficult thing to do because advanced technology now offers user-friendly monitoring apps. However, you can’t just install these apps from the play store; you’ll have to follow the following procedure to start monitoring.  

Subscribe to the Parental Control Software:

If you want a quality parental control app, you’ll need to purchase its software or subscribe to it. For that, choose a worthy parental control and open their website. Most monitoring apps have to follow these steps. 

purchase its software or subscribe

  • Access the website and create an account
  • Purchase the respective software plan from their website
  • Make sure to verify the account through the information sent by the provider via an email

You’re now legally able to install a monitoring app on your kid’s phone. 

Install the App:

The installation part will be difficult for you if you don’t want to alarm your children. And there is no harm in that. Kids can turn off monitoring or uninstall it the minute they’ll find out. Lucky for you, most kids monitoring app has a stealth mode that makes it impossible to detect. One precaution from your side is that you should be careful during the installation of the spyware.

  • Access your child’s smartphone
  • Paste the provided URL in the web browser of the phone
  • The installation will be finished in few minutes 
  • Enable the stealth mode

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The application is now installed on the target phone that means the hard part is over. You can now monitor all the apps and stored data remotely. You can put controls and manage their online activities while being miles away from them. You don’t have to worry about if you’re missing out and be able to protect them without them asking you. 

Login to Your Dashboard:

The remote app to monitor kids offers web-based dashboards for parents. For example, you can log in to that dashboard after installing the software on your kid’s phone. The dashboard contains the offered features on your screen where you can use them and fetch information. When you activate a feature, then the app starts monitoring and sends back the results. Those results are then shown on your screens through the dashboard. But before all this, you need to log in to your dashboard.

  • Open your phone’s web browser.
  • Use the link to open the login page
  • Insert required information
  • And you’re now into your dashboard

Start Monitoring Your Child:

You are all set now; you have the app on your kid’s phone and a dashboard on your device. In addition, you have access to monitoring features that allow you to fetch information and monitor live activity. For example, you can start monitoring their social media accounts, track their live locations, and more. All these functions work remotely so you can relax and ensure your kid is on the right path.  

Final Verdict:

If you have young kids, then managing them must be exhausting. First, they never tell you their problems, and secondly, you’re busy in your own life. So the best solution is to use an app to monitor kids remotely and ensure their safety.  

Living up to the world’s hopes is tiring for children, so kids choose the wrong path instead of trying hard. They might harm themselves in the process, so you must put an effort to avoid harmful events. You can learn how to monitor your kids and live stress-free.

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