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Jan 4, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

Tracking phones has been in place for years now, with several new features being added constantly to help users enjoy most of the services offered. Several phone tracker brands have added features like text monitoring, social media alerts, media files extraction, and even GPS tracking.

What Can a Phone Tracker Do?

Therefore, to get the most out of the above-listed features, the user must know how this phone tracking app works and how to use them seamlessly.

One of the best mobile phone tracker software is the Hoverwatch phone tracker, as it helps parents monitor their kids’ activities and prevent them from being influenced by the internet. Like WiSpy, this app is practically undetectable on the monitored devices, and the children will never know that their parents are aware of all their mobile activities.

Why Choose the Hoverwatch Phone Tracker?

Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

The Hoverwatch phone tracker software would help you monitor and protect your children from internet crimes. It is an invisible digital bodyguard that helps keep families safe.

The App can give you access to: –

  1. Records of phone calls made and received
  2. Access to contact lists and address books
  3. Complete access to every form of SMS and messages, including messages from social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others
  4. All photos and videos are downloaded and taken on the device.
  5. Instant GPS location tracking
  6. Information about mobile browser even when private/incognito mode is activated
  7. The device’s front camera can be configured to snap a photo upon unlocking the device. The photo obtained will be sent directly to the server to view on your Hoverwatch account.
  8. Notification alert if and when the phone user has replaced the SIM card.

These tools can help avoid dangerous situations, and you’ll always know the whereabouts of your kids, spouse, employee, and even your phone, In case you lose it.

How Hard is It To Install The Hoverwatch on Your Phone?

The Hoverwatch app is straightforward to install and takes a few minutes to set up. The user will find it easy by just following the steps below: –

  • Go to your web browser and search for; tap on the “Sign up free” button.
  • Fill in your email address and create a password on the bars provided.
  • Select your device type from the ones listed on the page, either Android, Windows, or Mac OS, then scroll down to tap the “download” button.
  • After downloading, proceed to “install” the app on your device (the entire installation process is explained below), then log in to the web panel to control the tracker from anywhere.

Where Can I View the Data from the Hoverwatch Hidden Spy App

Hidden Spy App

To view the data from the hidden spy app, you’ll need to have completed all installation processes required on the device you are monitoring.

Then go to on your device’s browser and sign in to your account to view all information from the device being monitored.

What do You need To Know To Install The Hoverwatch On Your Phone?

Installing the Hoverwatch on your mobile phone is relatively easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to complete the installation of the software on the phone being spied on.

Setting up the software on the device you wish to monitor, you will have to;

Go to the devices Google Play Store App, tap the “Menu” button, proceed to “Play Protect,” and press the “Settings” button. “Turn OFF” the “Scan apps with Play Protect” and proceed to the next step.

Download the Application

(Use the same process listed above in the “How hard is it to install the Hoverwatch on your phone?” section to download the App)

Install the Application

To install the App on your device, tap on the “Download App” link and click “OK,” then proceed to Tap ” Open.” You’ll be taken to your device’s settings, then “Permit” installation on your device. Proceed to install by tapping the “Install” button.

To Make the Device Monitorable

To make the device monitorable, tap on the “Open” button, proceed to click on the “Next” button, and “Confirm” user consent (You can choose to hide the Hoverwatch icon at the end of the installation). Tap on the “Next” button and accept all the legal terms.

Application Set-Up Requirement

To start the Setup, you’ll need to “Turn ON” the Basic Permission and tap “Allow” to confirm it. Then proceed to “Turn ON” the Accessibility Service and tap “Ok.” Next, you’ll tap on the ” Installed/Downloaded Services” and click on “Sync Service,” proceed to ” Turn ON” the “Allow” switch and then click on your device Back button to return to the App. 

Proceed to “Turn ON” Access to usage and tap “OK,” then scroll down to ” Sync Service App” and turn “ON” the switch. (Click on your device Back button to return to the App). “Turn ON” the Overlay Permission and tap “OK.” Proceed to ” Turn OFF” the Show notifications. (Click on your device Back button to return to the App). “Turn ON” the Disable Battery Optimization and tap the “Allow” button, then press “Next” to continue.

Activate the App

Put in your Hoverwatch account details, which constitutes your email address and password, then tap “Activate” to proceed.

Choose Activities to Track

You’ll need to “Turn ON” each activity you want to track, then tap on the “Allow” button to confirm permissions, then tap on the “Next” button to continue.

Additional Activities to Track

To do this, you’ll need to “Select” all additional activities that you want to track, then proceed by tapping on the “Next” button.

Select Screenshots to Record

Select each screenshot type that you want to be recorded, click on the “Start Now” button, and tap the “Next” button.

Set Up Your Pin

You’ll need to choose a four-digit unique pin and make sure you don’t forget it, then tap on the “Next” button and press “Finish” to complete the installation process.

Congratulations, the setup has been completed. Go to on your device and log in your account details to begin monitoring the device of your kids, spouse, or employees.

Pricing Policy

There are different payment plans on the Hoverwatch software they include:

We offer three subscription plans after the trial: 

  •  Personal
  •  Professional
  •  Business

Choose any of the plans as per your needs. 


After you purchase any subscription plan, there is no refund policy. 

But, you can choose not to upgrade to a paid plan after the trial ends.


Phone trackers are like another set of eyes 24/7, even while asleep. It is a highly indispensable tool that is very necessary with the whole world being more and more immersed in the internet and its uses. Phone trackers will help you keep track of your device.

If you end up losing it, it also helps you monitor every movement of your kids on the internet. I hope the article has helped you understand what a phone tracker is and how easy it is to use. 

Make up your mind to get the Hoverwatch phone tracker and know you can sleep better with everything in control.

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