Best Web Conferencing Software Tools for Online Meetings in 2024

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In this modern world, the business environment is making web conferencing an essential tool. One may even get a virtual phone number for the business to succeed in video conferencing. Whether you lead a distributed workforce or want to generate leads in your new market, web conferencing software tools are your best option. Today, video conferencing, unlike other business software, has grown exceedingly popular with dozens if not thousands of options. Some of the best software include; this is a great agenda meeting software designed to better run your meetings by encouraging engagement and taking real action among participants. 

Moreover, other best web conferencing software tools for online meetings in 2021 include:


If you’re looking for an –all-in-one professional online meeting tool, Zoom conference meeting is your best shot. The software is perfect for anyone regardless of your organization’s size, type of business, and demands. Some critical features Zoom meetings beat others with include break-out rooms that allow you to split into as many options for dedicated and private discussions.

video web conferencing

You’ll also enjoy HD voice and audio coming with a more comprehensive range of options such as toll-based dial-in, reliable dial-in numbers, and VOIP {Voice over Internet protocol}. Additionally, you’ll benefit from screen sharing and group messaging publicly and privately. With Zoom meeting’s voice over the internet protocol, some of the benefits you get include making and receiving calls on any internet-compatible and connected device, utilizing affordable end-user devices such as headsets, and quick and easy-to-add extensions and users. There are also extensive and super resourceful features, including call routing, call forwarding, and call queuing.

  • Great options for free and premium plans
  • Effortless to change meeting hosts and presenters
  • Ease integration with many tools, including Redbooth, Google Workspace, and Slack
  • Allows sharing and uploading of DOC files, PDF, and PPT
  • Excellent performance without lagging on screen sharing
  • Hard to join meetings via different browsers
  • Low cloud storage


Webex is essential, especially if you run small to mid-sized businesses. It might be among the top video conferencing software. It’s also exciting considering the software has an excellent collection of tools such as polling and whiteboard. Polling allows you to ask questions or set questions for attendees. You can save queries and answers to view later; hence best for engaging with employees and students based on your company’s services. With Webex whiteboard, you can share, select, add, and edit content during meetings. 

Moreover, Webex allows you to detect background distractions and manage them during meetings, thus offering clear communication. There is also an option for recording and a Call Me option, enabling you to call participants unable to join discussions. Lastly, Webex lets you enjoy privacy through the tool’s outstanding encryption and security features.

  • Sharable recordings via emails
  • Excellent security features, including personal room locking and meeting encryption
  • No sharing of files on free plans
  • Limited space for cloud storage


SamePage is a good option for you, especially when interested in an affordable, flexible, multi-option conferencing tool. You can set calendar reminders for your meetings with built-in Apps, multi-chart with participants, and create groups, team charts, or page charts. Still, Samepage allows you to manage your files, support images, videos, share diagrams, and assignments. Additionally, you can comment, repeat, and reorder tasks and edit documents and files from others.

  • Exceptional for small teams
  • Allows creation of many pages with different information
  • Highly compatible with many software platforms including Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, GitHub, and Hootsuite
  • Flexible to use slideshows
  • Best for project-based tasks
  • Unable to share files during meetings
  • Unable to record meetings without third-party tools

Zoho Meeting

Zoho is a perfect option if you’ve got a small team or are looking for a private conferencing tool. It’s cheap, affordable, and highly reliable for small task-based meetings.  The software embeds links for your sessions; thus, it is easy to schedule and share links for others to join on time and during the meeting progress. 

web conference software

Zoho also offers you options for branding, hence being able to customize your business logos. There is also mouse, screen, and keyboard sharing. Still, you can effortlessly join meetings from different browsers. Additionally, there are perfect phone audio and iOS meeting hosting options.

  • Security meeting locks
  • It comes with embedded meeting code options
  • Perfectly operates on old devices, including computers and phones
  • Participants reporting hence able to notice strangers, especially those who hack into links
  • Unable to share files
  • Inability to customize invitee information
  • No social media integrations


Because personal–based and small team organizations work best with lightweight and low-cost solutions, Join.Me is an excellent option for you if you’re under these categories of businesses. It’s even better than the Skype conference call, or Google voice conference calls. The software comes with quick set-up options plus simple interfaces anyone can manage. There are local conference number options able to reach out to over 50 countries around the globe with free-toll options.  You’ll also benefit from infinite Whiteboarding and Canvas, thus easily sharing and editing docs, screens, and files.

  • Easy to set -up meeting options
  • Able to snapshot screens
  • Toll-free calls
  • Setting up meetings with codes and URLs
  • No Free plans
  • Inability to change settings on the App
  • Visible background images
  • Failure to share files with multiple users once

Types of Video Conferencing

Two types of video conferencing are being done in the organizations:

  • Group Video Conferencing: Group video conferencing or multipoint conferencing involves 3 or more employees at multiple locations, for group meetings or webinars.
  • Point-to-point: It involves 2 participants, whether employees or an employee with a client. 

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Platform

There are factors to choose the best video conferencing software:

best video conferencing platform
  • Size of the audience: The larger the audience size, the more advanced services and features will be required. 
  • Budget of the organization: The more the budget, the better software and features could be chosen. 
  • Available conference devices: Compatibility of the platform with the available devices must also be checked. 

Things Required for Video Conferencing

Some equipment might be required for video conferencing:

  • Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone
  • Microphone
  • Web Camera
  • High-speed internet
  • Headphones/Earphones
  • Video conferencing platform

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