An all-round and proficient writer whose writings are well-researched, authentic, and engaging. He provides guides for niches such as technical, finance, green energy, technology, automation, and many more. His comprehensive approach to every draft and his unique writing styles always succeed in making the readers happy.


  • Bachelor of Arts from The University of New Mexico.
  • Diploma in creative writing from Brown University.


  • Technical writing to draft user guides, RFPS and proposals, SDK documentation, white papers, API documentation, project plans, and much more.
  • Technical blogging.
  • Writing for internet, Social media, and finance domains.


  • Worked as a freelancer for 2 years.
  • Digital marketing writer for one year, in a fintech organization.
  • Created white papers, API documentation, SDK documentation, and onboarding guides as a technical writer.

Words from Luca

If I claim I can write on any topic, It means I possess fantastic research skills to find out the information and incorporate authentic data. Investment, insurance, cryptocurrency, personal finance, technology, etc., are some of the major niches that I cover. During my initial writing days as a novice writer, I learned the skills to skim out the necessary information and create comprehensive drafts.

Luca Thorpe

Luca Thorpe

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