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Movies and shows streaming platforms have become a new way of life these days. OTT platforms are being preferred as one of the best mediums to watch or release a movie, not only for the viewers, but makers also consider OTT platforms prior to launching their series or movies. 

As OTT platforms provide not only a range of movies but also thousands of shows, documentaries, etc., in many languages, viewers also have a variety of OTT platforms to choose from. The best part about OTT platforms is that they are available everywhere, you can easily get platforms like Eros Now, SonyLiv, Kayo, and Binge on your Smart TVs and enjoy amazing content. 

In this article, we will talk about Eros Now, one of the famous streaming platforms in India, with the largest movie collection in India, along with Eros Now original shows and music. Also, learn how to activate Eros Now on Smart TV with eros and more. 

The Indian OTT Eros Now

Like OTT streaming platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., Eros Now is also a popular subscription-based, video-on-demand entertainment and media platform. 

Eros Now Web Page

Established in the year 1977, Eros Now is maintained by Eros Digital, the Indian digital media management associate of the Indian-American multinational media company Eros Media World/ Eros International. 

Getting access to Eros Now is as easy as activating Netflix on your Smart TV. This streaming platform has more than 12,000 TV series, movies, and music videos and over 2.5 lakh music tracks. Eros International has partnered with more than 20 streaming alliances, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xiaomi India, Micromax, etc. It also has partnerships with 7 eminent telecom companies like Idea Cellular, BSNL, Reliance Jio, etc. 

The premium subscriptions for Eros Now are divided monthly, quarterly, and annually. The monthly pack costs around INR 99, the quarterly plan costs INR 374, and the annual subscription rate is INR 950. You can also sign up for a free trial of Eros Now premium service. 

How to Create an Eros Now Account?

The Eros Now app is available for all streaming devices from Android to iPhones, laptops, tablets, and all smart TV devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc. 

The process of signing up for an Eros Now account is the same. You can either Install the Eros Now app or browse

  • On the Homepage of Eros Now, click on Let’s Start in the top-right corner.
    Click on Let’s Start
  • Now, Sign up with any of the options given below.
    Choose any one option to sign up
  • After choosing your preferred option, fill down your user ID and Password
  • Eros Now will send an OTP on your opted account, Copy and Paste the code on the app.
  • Set up a new Password for your Eros Now account.
  • Choose a Premium Plan suitable for you. 

Now, you can stream the Eros Now app on any of your devices easily. 

Activation Guide for Eros Now

If you already have a membership of an Eros Now account, you can try these methods to activate Eros Now on your TV devices:

Erosnow/Activate on Android TV

To activate Eros Now on your Android TV, follow the steps to complete the process – 

  1. Turn on your Android TV and go to Google Play Store
  1. On the search bar, type Eros Now and select the Eros Now App from the results. 
  1. Tap the Install button. 
  1. Once installed, open the Eros Now App.
  1. A code will appear on your TV screen. Now, open eros on another device (phone or computer).
  1. Enter your login credentials.
     Eros Login Page
  1. Subscribe to your preferred plan if you haven’t already. 
    Eros Subscribe Page
  1. Now enter the Eros Now TV Activation Code given on your Android TV. 
    Eros Activation Page

In a few moments, your Android TV will be ready to stream Eros Now. 

Erosnow/Activate on Samsung TV

To log in to Eros Now from your Samsung TV, here are some steps to make your work quicker and easier

  1. Open the Samsung Hub Store on your TV.
  1. Search for Eros Now App and open it. 
  1. Choose the sign-in option. 
  1. Now, a code will appear on your TV screen. Note it down.
  1. Then open the eros app and activate it on another device. 
  1. Subscribe to a Plan. If you already subscribed, click on the Skip button. 
  1. Enter the code, and wait for a few seconds.

Now, you are ready to watch Eros Now on your Samsung TV.

Erosnow/Activate on Roku TV

Here are some steps to activate Eros now on your Roku TV –

  1. Install the Eros Now App from Roku App Store. 
  1. Open the App, and select the sign-in option. 
  1. Note down the Code generated on your TV screen. 
  1. Operate the eros app on another mobile or laptop device. 
  1. Enter the Code on the Activate page. 

Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies on your Roku TV. 

Erosnow/Activate on LG TV

Follow the steps to activate Eros Now on your LG TV – 

  1. Download the Eros Now App from LG Content Store. 
  1. Open the App, and sign in to it. 
  1. Get the Code from the TV. 
  1. Operate eros on another mobile or computer device.
  1. Paste the Code on the Activate page copied from the TV.  

The activation process is completed, and you can now enjoy your Eros Now app on your LG TV. 

Erosnow/Activate on Amazon Fire TV

Activating, the Eros Now app on Amazon Fire TV is also effortless. Here are some quick steps to make it happen in a few minutes – 

  1. Install the eros on Fire TV. 
  1. Open the App and choose your sign-in option. 
  1. Write down the Code from the TV. 
  1. Operate eros on another mobile or computer device.
  1. Paste the Code on the Activate page copied from the TV. 

Now you can start watching Eros Now content on your Amazon Fire TV.

Erosnow/Activate on Apple TV

Listed down are the steps to set up your Eros Now account on your Apple TV in a few steps – 

  1. Download the eros from Apple Store.
  1. Open the App, and get the Code
  1. Operate eros on another web or mobile app. 
  1. Paste the Code on the Activation page. 

Your Apple TV is ready to play Eros Now. Activating the Eros Now App on any TV or device is uncomplicated. However, the Eros Now TV activation code-getting process can be a bit knotty sometimes. 

How to Use Chromecast to Watch Eros Now?

Chromecast is a hardware device you can use to send content from one device to another. Chromecast now comes with built-in technology, too, that lets you stream content and apps from your phone or laptop right to your TV or speakers. This is similar to screen mirroring PC/Laptop to your TV; no need to panic if you don’t know anything about it, as we have mentioned the process below. 

Google Chromecast DeviceS

Now, let’s have a look at the steps for how you can watch Eros Now on your TV using your phone with Chromecast.

Watch Eros Now from your Phone on Your TV using Chromecast

To connect your TV with your phone using Chromecast, first, your streaming device and your Chromecast device need to have connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure to secure your internet connection to reduce any issues and follow the steps for the process that are given below: 

  • At the top of the screen, select the Chromecast icon in the navigation bar. 
  • From the list of devices, select Your Device

Find your favorite movie and show, and enjoy streaming it on your TV.

Watch Eros Now from your Laptop on your TV using Chromecast

To connect Chromecast on a PC or laptop, you will need to install Chrome browser on your laptop. After that, follow the steps given below to move ahead- 

  • At the top right, click on More and then Cast.
  • Choose the Chromecast device you wish to use.
  • Be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast device.

You can now watch Eros Now content from your laptop to your TV. 

How to Activate Eros Now on Jio Fiber?

Jio Fibernet is a broadband Company tied up to Eros International Company, so the users of Jio Fiber are now eligible to watch Eros Now premium content for free. Here are a few steps to activate your services on Jio Fiber. 

  1. Install the eros  from Jio Store. 
  1. On the Home screen, go to Eros Now. 

Once you log in, the offer will automatically be activated on your device, and you can watch the content. 

Eros Now subscription is also available for different cellular company users under different packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I pay for Eros?

You can pay for Eros Now using the Eros Now webpage or the Eros Now app. Eros premium amount can be paid through debit or card or UPI method as well.

Is Eros Now free with Jio fiber?

On buying the Jio Fiber plan, you can get a free subscription to Eros Now, Amazon Prime, and more.

Is Eros Now available in India?

Yes, Eros, Now is available in India and the U.S. as well. 


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