How to Win Real Money Playing eSports 

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eSports is a popular form of competition where players compete using video games. It’s widely available in different parts of the world, with Mobile Legends, Starcraft, and Counter-Strike as the most popular video games in tournaments. Thanks to its popularity, it’s now available to punters and sports betting fans. Bookies now feature betting markets on different eSports where punters can follow scores and bet on outcomes. It does not only entertain, but it promises lucrative real money payouts to players. But there’s more to eSports betting than simply following a team and betting on an outcome. Like in other betting markets, there are risks and it’s important to become a gamer to follow a few tips and strategies.

What is eSports Betting?

Electronic sports or eSports are virtual competitions carried out through video games. It may involve the individual or a team of players who play video games and win by completing objectives.  These games are available in different categories like multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and real-time strategy (RTS) games like Mobile Legends and Counter-Strike. Other popular competitive eSports are sports simulators like NBA 2K and Rocket League. Initially, these are traditionally hosted in tournaments and other gaming events. 

But with the rise of online gambling and betting, popular bookies and casinos like PNXBET eSports have embraced these markets. On these websites, fans and bettors can follow and bet on popular games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter, and Dota.  As a registered punter, you can bet on live matches and upcoming events and tournaments. More importantly, these bookies let you enjoy traditional betting options such as Moneyline, Over/Under, and Outright among others.

Although sportsbooks now simplify the process, earning real money payouts takes time and requires due diligence. If you’re planning to play and win, you can follow the steps and tips indicated below.

Find a Reputable Sportsbook 

The first thing to do is find a reliable sportsbook to bet on eSports. PNXBET eSports is one of the most reputable sites offering live betting for eSports, virtual sports, and traditional sports. When choosing a sportsbook, consider the sports coverage, betting markets, and user-friendliness. Also, check the quality of bonuses and their support for mobile betting.

Use Generous Betting Bonuses to Your Advantage 

Creating an account with a sportsbook like PNXBET is fast and easy. Players can register an account for free with a sportsbook. After completing the sign-up process, you can now deposit and bet on games. Here’s one tip when registering an account- look for a sportsbook that offers generous bonuses like free bets and a bigger welcome offer. With free bets, you can bet on a team risk-free. A lucrative sign-up offer, on the other hand, lets you cover more games and bets.

For example, in PNNXBET, you can enjoy 30% Risk-Free Bets. Play eSports during the weekend and get the chance to receive 30% cashback of your losses. If you just compare all offers, you can collect generous bonuses while enjoying the competition.

Understand the Different eSports Betting Markets

In eSports betting, you can bet on different markets with varied payouts offered.  Among the most popular eSports betting markets are Match Winner, Outright bet, System bet, and props bets. You can take a simple match-winner bet or mix up other betting strategies as you play. Match Winner bet allows you to bet on the winner of a match. In Outright bet, you place a wager on which player or team will win a specific eSports tournament.

Other Tips to Remember to Win More 

When it comes to betting, you need to consider the odds of every betting match. These odds are presented in decimal, American, and fractional forms. It is key to understanding how these odds affect your winnings. These odds represent the likelihood of the outcome. Bets with lower odds offer lower payouts but wins are more likely to occur. For bets with higher odds, wins are less likely to happen. When it happens, you can expect higher payouts.  

Before you bet, compare the odds of the site, but with other bookies, too. Also, make sure to maximize the tools and resources offered by sportsbooks. For example, learn to read the statistics, past scores, and picks. And when you’re enjoying in-play betting, always use its Live Streaming, updated scores, and odds in real-time to your advantage.

If you want a competitive play, eSports betting is a great choice. You can wind a wide range of betting markets that can suit your needs. But before you dive into real money betting, make sure to read, learn and follow a few betting tips and strategies. Betting on sports has risks but the upside is better, so it’s best to bet on eSports responsibly.

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