How to Become a Gamer: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Guide to Become a Gamer
Oct 26, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

Online video games are molding the way we live, with technology developing, skills being learned, and esports competitions being won for money. Whether you enjoy playing table games online or big battleground-style shooters, there’s something for everyone in the gaming industry.

Video games are often considered a waste of time and playing them, a way to waste your time, but scientific research points the opposite way. Just as hitting the gym puts your body in motion, some games are stimulants for the brain in the same way as heavy exercises. A study found that playing video games gives a great rush of adrenaline in our blood while providing the following cognitive benefits:

Better Memory

Dota 2 and League of Legends feature over 100 different playable characters with a minimum of four spells each. Combined with the millions of items we can purchase, these games provide millions of possible combinations. And keeping all of this in mind while playing the game is something to boast about.

Playing video games increases memory power

Since these games require good knowledge and a great memory to become a decent player, most players accustomed to them end up knowing it all by heart. This is not because they have a good memory since the start, it is because they have developed their memory while playing the game.

Better Multitasking

A video game has a variety of components in the gameplay. Playing a game, especially a shooter game like Valorant, requires deep concentration on various factors to win.  A typical example is paying attention to several things simultaneously and reacting to each of them appropriately during a predetermined time frame. One needs to jump, shoot, dodge, and move around at the same time. 

It helps in improving multitasking skills

With these many stimulants in video games, players have to be very attentive while playing them. This can only be possible when the players have the ability to multitask. Thus, gaming plays an important role in developing the multitasking skills of gamers. 

Improved Coordination

The precise movements required by games, like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, are proven to enhance hand-eye coordination. Whether it’s shooting an enemy while dodging one or staying in the safe zone while hiding from danger, everything requires great attention to the screen and hand movements simultaneously.

Enhances hand eye coordination of the player

The ability to physically comprehend and react to your visual senses is enhanced by playing these games. Furthermore, games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft are jam-packed with spatial indicators. Navigating terrain in-game directly corresponds to spatial awareness in real life.

More Creativity

If none of the other reasons convince you, then you should at least know that video games are an excellent storytelling medium. Characters created for video games are known for having a deep historical background to get the players immersed. And these have always been among the most popular and loved. 

Characters have deep story lines that give boost to creativity

However, the other way around is also true. Characters are only one aspect shaping the gaming universes, as specials and time indicators are also important. Moreover, games like Google Doodle games include a variety of games that give a rush to creativity in the player’s mind. Just as with books, a game can be said to increase creativity and broaden the perspective of the players, allowing them to look at the world in a new light.

Better Problem-Solving Skills

There are numerous obstacles in games that prevent you from achieving the goals you set for yourself. Being constantly challenged by figuring out the best way to accomplish the game objectives requires great skills.  

Playing video games develops problem solving skills

Whether it be fighting monsters, solving puzzles, gathering resources, or coordinating with a team, it enhances the brain’s capacity of the players. Playing video games improves one’s ability to solve problems in the same way solving math exercises does. 

Improving Teamwork and Social Skills

Almost all games nowadays have some form of online grouping capabilities. With this, players of different platforms and locations are able to play the game together. By using chat and voice, gamers from around the world can communicate with one another. In today’s world, millions of people have formed connections with people they have met online. 

Playing games in groups enhances team working skills

A number of esports’ most popular video game titles require their players to team up to achieve their goals and defeat their rivals. If the individual level of the players is below average, it is often the team with the best communication and team play that wins. While achieving this goal, players develop their teamwork skills as well as their social skills.

So Why Get Better at Gaming?

In most cases, you will just want mobile games to play in free time and enjoy your recreational time a little more. If you find yourself losing for the majority of the time, then don’t give up just then. If you love to play video games, then that is a good enough reason to try to become a better player.

You gain greater purpose beyond enjoyment from playing a game when you become a good player regardless of the game. Playing against better players at a higher level will boost your online gaming performance and make you enjoy games more if you’re gaming competitively. Why not try to do something as well as you can when you are still going to spend a considerable amount of time doing it?

Casino games offer the benefit of play and earn

Some games such as online casino even provide the facility to earn while you play, which has proven to be a plus point for all. It’s definitely a win-win situation as you get to enjoy it while making some bucks for yourself. 

Many will tell you that esports would be a better hobby than anything else because the most successful esports athletes earn so much money nowadays. Do not be fooled by a tiny minority of successful esports players. Our eyes are drawn to their success, but we don’t notice the millions of others who put in just as much effort, if not more, even if they don’t succeed.

There’s something magical about setting goals for yourself, working towards them, and achieving them. In the end, playing video games can be just as entertaining as anything else in life, but you have to make sure to play at a limit to not get addicted to gaming.