The Unknown Truth About Tamil Rockers

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Tamil Rockers

Torrenting was considered as a simple peer-to-peer file sharing up until people started using it for the distribution of copyrighted content illegally which stained the reputation of torrenting among the users. 

While talking about torrent websites, one name comes up in particular, that is the Tamil rockers website. Millions of users from around the globe access Tamil rockers to download movies of their choice.

It is an Indian torrent website that offers the option of illegal streaming and downloading of tons of great movies and other video graphic content from several major industries like Tamil, Malayalam, Bollywood, and many other major TV shows for free. 

Disclaimer: We do not in any way support the distribution of copyrighted content illegally. The information offered on this blog is just to educate the audience about websites like this and we strongly suggest you avoid visiting such websites and steer clear of such illegal activities as that can get you in some serious legal trouble.

The website provides the links to the most recently released movies in no time for the users who access this website.

One of the major highlights of this website is that it offers a wide range of genres and content that is categorized based on the region. The pattern in which the Tamil rockers works reminds a lot of users of the Pirate bay which is also known as one of the best torrent websites around the globe that offers instant download torrent links for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

This amazing website goes way back in 2011 when the first Tamilrockers. in. There was a total of three members who developed this website and they were eventually arrested in 2018 for promoting piracy and the distribution of copyrighted content.

Along with Tamil rockers, tons of other websites had to face a ban and legal action was taken by several government agencies against such websites that were similar and were promoting breaches of this type.

Rumor has it that Amazon international filed a complaint against the Tamil rockers website under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which led to the removal of the website from the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers registry, which commonly is known by the abbreviation (ICANN).

Part of the reason why websites like the Tamil rockers are on the rise is that almost 20% of the population in India resorts to websites that offer quality torrents instead of paying for the premier. This is also one of the main reasons why Tamil rockers gained such immense popularity in a short period.

Worried filmmakers and producers even protested against this as this was a threat to their source of income and requested the GOI to ban this website but nothing good came out of it as the website always came back under different domains and names.

Given below are some of the most popular domain names of Tamil rockers.

Major Domains Of TamilRockers

  • Tamil rockers.liTamil
  • Tamil rockers. Gs
  • Tamil rockers HD
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil rockers. ph
  • Tamil rockers.too
  • Tamil
  • Tamil rockers co
  • Tamil

These are some of the commonly known domains of the infamous website of Tamil rockers. The Tamil rockers have been at the center of many great leaks, some of the major ones are mentioned below.

Major Leaks by Tamilrockers

The website has played a major part in leaking several big-budget movies. Some of the popular leaks include; 

  • Gunjan Saxena
  • Dark
  • Rasbhari
  • Paatal lok
  • Betaal
  • Illegal
  • Money heist
  • The Lion King
  • Frozen
  • Article 15
  • Choked
  • Penguin

Tons of other hits have also been leaked by this website that went the distance in terms of first-day collections and popularity.

You can use some of these websites to get your hands on the latest movies and TV shows with relative ease.

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