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Tamil Rockers
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Disclaimer: We do not support the distribution of copyrighted content illegally. The information offered on this blog is just to educate the audience about websites like this, and we strongly suggest you avoid visiting such websites and steer clear of such illegal activities, as they can get you in some serious legal trouble.

Torrenting was considered a simple peer-to-peer file sharing up until people started using it for the distribution of copyrighted content illegally, which stained the reputation of torrenting among users. 

While talking about top torrent websites, there are so many free movie streaming sites & platforms available on the internet. But one name that comes up first in mind is the Tamil Rockers website. Millions of users from around the globe access the site to download movies of their choice.

Tamil Rockers

It is an Indian torrent website that offers the option of illegal streaming and downloading of tons of top trending TV shows and movies. And other video graphic content from several major industries like Tamil, Malayalam, Bollywood, and others for free. The website provides links to the most recently released movies in no time for the users who access this website.

Tamil Rockers: History and Actions Taken Against It

One of the major highlights of Tamil Rockers is that it offers a wide range of genres and content categorized based on the region. The pattern in which the website works reminds a lot of users of The Pirate Bay, also known as one of the best torrent websites around the globe. It offers instant download torrent links for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

 Tamil Rockers User Interface

This amazing website goes way back to 2011 when the first There was a total of three members who developed this website, and they were eventually arrested in 2018 for promoting piracy and the distribution of copyrighted content.

Along with Tamil Rockers, tons of other websites had to face a ban, and legal action was taken by several government agencies against such websites that were similar and were promoting breaches of this type.

As per some rumors, Amazon International filed a complaint against the Tamil Rockers website under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This led to the removal of the website from the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers registry, commonly known as ICANN.

Part of the reason websites like the Tamil Rockers are on the rise is that almost 20% of the population in India resorts to quality torrent search engine sites instead of paying for the premier. This is helpful for the platform to gain such immense popularity in a short period.

Worried filmmakers and producers even protested against this and claimed it was a threat to their source of income and requested the GOI to ban this website. Nothing good came out of it, as the website always came back under different domains and names.

Given below are some of the most popular domain names of Tamil Rockers.

Major Domains Of TamilRockers

As per some sources, the site generated a revenue of more than Rs. 5 crore through advertisements on their platform. Even after several bans by the government, the site managed to survive with different domains. Some of them are given below: 

  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil rockers. Gs
  • Tamil rockers HD
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil
  • Tamil rockers. ph
  • Tamil rockers.too
  • Tamil
  • Tamil rockers co
  • Tamil

These are some commonly known domains of the infamous website of Tamil Rockers. The platform has been at the center of many great leaks, some major ones are mentioned further.

Major Leaks by Tamilrockers

Movies on Tamil Rockers

The website has played a huge role in leaking several big-budget movies and has become trouble for producers. Some popular leaks include:

Tons of other hits have also been leaked by this website that went the distance regarding first-day collections and popularity.

How do Tamilrockers source the Films and Shows?

Most of the films have a premier before their release in the theater. As per the reports, Tamil Rockerz deals with the studio employees to get a decent print of the movies before their theatrical release so that they can be leaked on the website. For this work, the company provides a payment ranging from Rs. 50,000 to 10,00,000 to the film staff as per the popularity and cast of the film. 

Apart from that, it is also said the platform frequently receives financial help from the makers of rival movies to reduce its audience in the theater and grab the demand to earn more during a clash.

How is Digital Piracy Jeopardizing the Entertainment Industry?

Digital Piracy in Entertainment Industry

Piracy is rampant, and it is badly affecting the production and distribution mechanism of films and television shows. Not just Hindi cinema, but other regional as well as international films and production houses are also dealing with the same issue. This has forced the entertainment industries to increase their budget prices to secure their content from piracy. 

On average, illegal streaming and downloading costs a loss of $2.8 billion of annual revenue to the Indian entertainment industry and if we talk about the US economy, this figure reaches $29 billion.

Using such sites, sometimes, install malware and cookies that not just affect their device but can cause harm to the users’ privacy. Apart from this, it has also been seen that the revenue generated by these sites is also used to fund illegal activities like organized crime. 


Tamil Rockers and such pirate sites are causing a huge loss to the entertainment industries. However, this official site has been blocked by the government but still, there are two other clone websites called TamilMV and Tamil Blasters delivering the pirated content. 

In order to highlight the business of these illegal platforms, a web series named Tamil Rockerz was also released on SonyLIV on 2nd July 2022. 

It is suggested to always use a trusted and authorized platform to enjoy movies and shows and avoid such pirated sites to avoid any kind of legal trouble.

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