Top 9 Free Movie Streaming Platforms

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Movies have always been a major source of entertainment and awareness. It is said; Movies reflect the true face of society, and therefore watching movies can never go out of trend. But not all of us are very big theatre fans. Some of us just want to watch their favorite movie with the comfort of their home or favorite spot. So, for such people there are various online options that enable you to find and watch movies right at your place. 

With online movie streaming sites, all you need is Internet and a device to play movies on.  Be it mobile, computer or laptop, you can stream your favorite movie on all. So, if you are ready with the ingredients, let’s see which all sites you can use to play movies online. 

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Our pick AdsOffline Download Multi device support Original programsParental Control 
Sony Crackle:YesYesYesYesYes
Youtube YesYesYesYesYes
The Roku ChannelYesYesYesYesYes
Big Five gloriesYesNoYesNoNo
  1. Sony Crackle:

sony Crackle

The website offers free movie steaming and an interactive interface. You can watch the “n” number of movies of your choice. You can sort the movies on the basis of genre, length or alphabetical order. Under the eminent banner of Sony, this website is a crush of movie lovers as the latest movie collection which is nowhere to be found, can be watched here. 

No matter what device you are using to access the Sony cracker website, it offers the best quality and smooth streaming experience. You get hundreds of full-length movies that can be watched anytime. Nonetheless, you are going to have few short advertisements in between the movie. 


  • Impeccable movies collection
  • Superb quality
  • Choose any video player option
  • Perfect to use on mobile


  • It shows numerous ads 
  • Sorting options lacks “By popularity”
  1. Yidio:


Yidio is your guide to TV shows and Movies. Get plenty of options from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Showtime with many other services. The interface is easy to navigate and all you need is using the search bar for finding the show or movie you are willing to watch. Though it is not compulsory, yet signing in can improve your user experience to a great extent. Even, you can create your own Watch-list for the same. 

Nonetheless, you are not going to get everything for free. Some of the movies and shows may cost you minimal charges, but it is worth spending a little money on this ultimate entertainment destination. Filtering options are amazing, so beginners won’t find it complex at all.


  • It is best to get content from multiple sites under one roof
  • The collection can be sorted with genre and ratings
  • Popularity and recently added feature make it best to use
  • You can rent or buy a movie
  • Get scores of rotten tomatoes for each listing


  • For some movies you need to pay
  • It may redirect you for movie streaming
  • Videos include advertisements
  • The only DVD quality is available.
  1. YouTube:


YouTube doesn’t need any introduction as we all are very well aware of this video streaming platform. It is most easy to access video streaming site that has endless videos to watch from different genres. You can find movies and shows from the heap, but all you need is good searching skills. YouTube is totally free to use and has different options for Quality. Just type the movie or topic of your choice and get a list of matching results.

The best thing is, it is accessible to every corner of the world and can be accessed through any device or operating system. Even, it comes as the in-built app in most of the devices so compatibility and world-wide accessibility are the major highlights. You can get videos of each language and region without any limitations.


  1. Many Free movies are available
  2. Get genuine reviews
  3. You can easily comment


  1. You need heavy-duty search skills
  2. HD movies are not available
  3. The listing changes every time.
  1. IndieFlix:

IndieFlix is a website that provides mostly documentary and independent films. There are various TV shows and online movies available. But you are going to get multiple advertisements during the watch. The genre includes: Award-Winning, Crime, Comedy, Sports, social impact, Documentary, Biography, Classic movies, foreign Movies, cult, Animation, Drama, Kids & Family, Politics, Romance, Thrillers, and several others are available.

IndieFlix includes a wide variety of movies in very great quality. Once you start watching the movies, you will get multiple recommendations that will help you enhance the viewing experience.


  • You get a huge variety
  • There will be a never-seen collection
  • It is compatible with multiple devices
  • App is available on PlayStore and App Store 


  • It doesn’t show subtitles
  • No option to comment or rate the videos
  • You have to pay to access advanced features
  • Registration is mandatory
  1. Tubi:


Tubi is a video streaming website that is way better than Netflix and Hulu if we talk about charges they cost. It is a video streaming app that can be accessed on phone, smart TV and streaming devices. It includes the 7500 movies and TV shows and this collection is a mixture of all genres and categories.

You can use this platform any way you like as it is available in the form of an app and website. The most –accessed categories are including regular ones for romance, drama, documentary, kids, comedy, and horror films, as well as unique genres like Wild Things (Nature), Best of British, Women First, After Hours, and Grindhouse

The movie categories consist of Dark Blue, Tales of Halloween, Traded, Megamind, Let Go, Rage, Bear, The Nut Job, Escape Plan, Coneheads, and 10 Cloverfield Lane.


  1. Includes a number of high-quality movies
  2. It has very popular and renowned movies
  3. There are various sorting options available
  4. Users can buy or rent movies


  1. You may need to pay some amount for many movies
  2. Every movie has display ads
  1. Vudu:


There can be multiple reasons to choose Vudu over any other movie or video streaming app, but top of all is the collection and quality of content. It is perfect for free as well as paid movies and shows. 

The latest collection includes Happy Feet, Con Air, Cats and Dogs, Shaun the Sheep Movie, Maggie, Ali, Pearl Harbor, While You Were Sleeping, Free Willy, and 30 Days of Night

You get option of 1080p quality for free movies. The range of categories includes faith & inspirational, action, family & kids, comedy, romance, crime & suspense, etc. It is not necessary to create an account for watching movies on Vudu. 


  1. Numerous high-quality movies
  2. Movies include a very popular and well-known movies
  3. There are multiple filters to sort the movies
  4. Buy and rent movies


  1. For some movies, you need to pay fees
  2. Every movie includes advertisements 
  1. The Roku Channel:

roku channel

Roku Channel includes the smartest movie streaming play and allows you to regulate it using the TV remote. If you want to have content from YouTube, Netflix, Plex, Amazon Prime or Google Play Movies and TV, in one place, you can rely upon Roku Channel. 

Roku can easily stream videos on the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, so get your streaming needs sorted with this Holy Grail. Roku Media Streamers has a huge variety of streamers devices that vary in price. 

You may find ads in the movies, but the best thing is, almost every movie of Roku is free of cost. Some of the famous movies available are Memento, Highlander: The Source, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hugo, Triangle, and Bewitched.


  1. Quality of steaming is quite good
  2. Has latest movies collection
  3. Platform-wide compatibility
  4. It includes captions 
  5. Text for captions are customizable
  6. Has a huge collection of TV shows


  1. Doesn’t provide all popular movies
  2. No mobile app is available.
  1. RetroVision:

RetroVision is the best place to find free movies from the genres like horror, comedy, crime, drama science fiction, Western, war, and film noir movies. The intuitive interface is perfect for beginners and movie-freaks. The best thing is, there is no redirection. The movies stream right through the website and this ensures the secure steaming.

Browsing filters are high in number and thus RetroVision ensures proper user-convenience. The alphabetical order makes it quite easy for new users to find movies, show or videos of their choices. If wanted, you can use the search bar to find a particular movie.

The major highlight of this streaming platform is its “Retro” concept due to which the site has the maximum number of movies from 1950’s to the 1960s.


  1. A fine collection of classic movies
  2. Content is easy to filter
  3. Every movie has its own page


  1. Very few of the latest movies
  2. Movies are splited in parts
  3. Old movies are not available in high quality
  4. No subtitles
  5. No iOS application is available.
  1. Big Five glories:

Fan of classic Hollywood movies? You got a dream place to watch free online movies on Big Five glories. You get options to sort movies named as; all movies, 10’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Surprisingly, this is a rare platform that has a good number of silent movies. Apart from this, you can find movies categorized as color films, year, and genres such as sci-fi, romance, war, western, thriller, and other movies. 

This is a public domain site titled as “A place to watch free classic movies”. Even the look of this website is classic black with very limited options, and this makes it a neat and sorted site to use. Use the search button to make a specific search or explore different genres and find out some hidden classic gems.


  1. Plenty of classic movies
  2. Wide range of genres
  3. Special attention to Silent films
  4. YouTube video player is available


  1. No latest movie collection
  2. Many links are broken

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