Fidelity is Still Among the Leading Online Brokers: A Detailed Review

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Mar 7, 2022 Reading time : 3 min

When it comes to investing, Fidelity simplifies your endeavor as it features commission-free pricing and an easy-to-use trading platform. Accessing the latest educational reinforcement could not be easier without the extensive stock research that Fidelity makes available right at your fingertips.

Having led the investing industry for a long time, many young and experienced investors trust their name, which has become synonymous with providing excellent services, affordability in stock market trading, and simplicity.

This insightful piece highlights everything you need to know about Fidelity, from their 0.00% expense ratio mutual funds to commission-free pricing. So keep reading.

What Fidelity offers

For the longest time, Fidelity has been a full-service broker that helps virtually every trader or investor meet their needs. Here is what you should expect Fidelity to offer you;

Easy-to-Use Platforms

Fidelity platforms are easy to operate and also powerful. The trading platform offers trading options through the company’s apps, website, and Active Trader Pro. Many investors have cited that it is a seriously user-friendly service with a range of comprehensive offerings and simplicity in navigation.

The platform offers the Active Trader Pro service to qualified customers who trade at not less than thirty-six times within twelve months. Fidelity’s platform can help you trade securities like options, bonds, ETFs, Forex, mutual funds, and stocks.

Fidelity also comes with benefits like providing multi-leg options trading, real-time quotes, and a research sector through their mobile app platform.

Low Costs

You will receive commission-free stock pricing, ETF trades, and options at Fidelity. And currently, Fidelity is the only brokerage offering zero percent expense ratio mutual funds. This integration has immensely helped Fidelity be slightly ahead of their primary competitors in the space like Schwab and Vanguard.

Besides that, Fidelity also provides their customers with over 3,400 NFT mutual funds, which might be among the most significant NTF funds collections that you can find anywhere. Like an education savings account or IRA, many of Fidelity’s accounts need $0 minimum to open, which is the platform’s additional perk.

Fractional Shares

Fidelity also boasts the frictional share investing that they offer their clients. With these shares, it means that you will not have to purchase a whole stock/share of a firm for investment. This feature best suits individuals who intend to begin investing with some small amount of money. For example, Stocks by the SliceSM allows you to invest with as little as $1 in more than 7000 ETFs and stocks.

Helpful Resources and Tools

Fidelity features extensive and highly-detailed investment research. A group of more than 20 different and independent third-party research firms conducts this research and then reports on more than 4500 stocks. The brokerage offers screen strategies for researching options, ETFs, and stocks which can also be applicable in creating your custom screens with the obtainable 140 exclusive filters. That’s not all. Fidelity also offers real-time monitoring lists that let you track the stocks of interest.

Robo-Advisor Portfolios

Fidelity has a robo-advisor service that is highly competitive. This service features no account minimums, while customers with balances less than $10,000 don’t need to pay fees. Additionally, accounts with less than $50,000 pay $3 monthly, while clients with an excess of $50,000 in assets pay 0.35 percent annually.

Final Word

Well, you might now be wondering if Fidelity is safe and secure. An honest answer is that the brokerage uses modern security measures, like SSL encryption to protect customers’ data. The trading platform also provides voice recognition technology and two-factor authentication. Also, a third-party provider facilitates complimentary identity theft protection to Wealth Management clients.

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