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Feb 7, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

A portable document format or pdf files are becoming essential nowadays. This type of file can be of use in many ways. Well, pdf files are pretty much versatile as they can be split, converted, merged, and compressed. So if you’re working with pdfs most of your time, then you would probably know they can be hard to handle. 

Pdfs can sometimes overwhelm the memory of your computer as they come in large files. There are people who want to compress multiple pdf files to work with ease. This type of file isn’t just used by office workers but for students as well. As mentioned earlier, there is so much you can do on a single pdf file. One of the most common conversions today is from excel to pdf. So if you want to know more about pdf files, check out this guide.  

Online PDF Tool

When working with pdf files, the first thing you need to look for is a reliable online pdf tool like pdf file compressor. There are a lot of tools you can find online. But, there’s one that sits on the top list of online pdf tools, and that is PDFbear. This tool has excellent service, not to mention they are pretty much accessible and trusted. 

Unlike many other tools that require payment and installation, PDFbear is free to access and doesn’t require installation. So you could say that PDFbear would be the most suitable tool to use when working with pdfs. Converting files has never been this easy, especially converting from Excel to PDF

PDFbear Supports XSL and XLSX Files

An XSL format is Microsoft Excel’s standard workbook files that were used before. But currently, they are using the latest format, which is the XLSX. Thankfully, PDFbear supports both file formats. So no matter what file extension you have, they will be converted in the same process and the same speed. 

PDFbear Keeps the Files Safe and Secured

One of the best features of PDFbear is its security. It’s considered as their best feature by many. So if you’re wondering if it’s safe to use a free to access the online tool, then don’t. PDFbear has respect when it comes to the privacy and confidentiality of its users’ files. This is one of the primary reasons they sit on the top list of reliable online pdf tools. 

So, no matter how many pdf files you intend to download, all of them will be safe and secured. In addition to that, once you’re done using the services of PDFbear, your files will be deleted permanently from their system. 

How to Convert Excel to PDF?

PDFbear is one of the most efficient online pdf tools when it comes to converting pdf files. The process is pretty quick and easy. There are four simple steps you need to keep in mind. One, you need to choose or select the files you want to convert. Once you’re done choosing, you need to upload them to the website. 

Before you start the conversion process, you will be given the option to modify your files. So, if your files don’t need any modification, you can just click convert and wait for PDFbear to analyze and start the process. Once the conversion is complete, your newly converted files will be ready for download and sharing. 


It can sometimes be overwhelming working with pdf files. But, with the right and suitable tool, everything will turn out to be pretty easy. So, if you find yourself in need of an online pdf tool, check out PDFbear.

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