How to Celebrate Star Wars Day in Fortnight

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Star Wars Day in Fortnight

May 4th is always the D-Day for the Star Wars community, and that’s why it’s always indicated as “may the 4th be with you.”

It’s the custom of Epic Games to celebrate Star Wars Day in Fortnite on May 4th every year. But the question is, how can one celebrate this?

The event is always composed of back skins, cosmetics, and great items that have some repeat from the previous season. But this slightly changed during season 5, with the return of Mandalorian skin among other exclusive cosmetics.

That’s why fans are excited every time to see the recent updates on Fortnite Star Wars cosmetics.

Epic Games seems interested in a great connection between the Star Wars franchise and the Forte. And this has been made clear by the celebration of Star Wars Day, and it has been popular all through.

The Right Way to Celebrate Star Wars Day

It is possible to celebrate Star Wars in Fortnite by playing Fortnite on Star Wars Day.

It has never been easy to press play and get to watch all the Star Wars movies. If you watch the Star Wars Series in the order of release date, you would have the flow, which George Lucas intended. The order gives you a perfect flow of the overarching narrative – that’s a great experience!

This year’s Star Wars celebration was graced with lightsabers and the Kylo Ren skin, among other best skins. If you recall Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian, the celebration was worth it all. The introduction of lightsabers was also fine, but that didn’t fare well with the players.

Fortunately, the Wake Rider skin was available.

Star Wars 2021 was fair enough to have the Wake Rider in the Item Shop, and the game was a great hit as every fan marveled but without the presence of the lightsabers. But do you think this was fair compensation?

Not at all.

The community was not happy. And the Epic Games decided to cover up with the Forte Creative Mayhem Tournament free sign-up, for anyone who had it.

On 4th May 2020, Epic Games had a gigantic celebration, having brought back the lightsabers together with the First Order villains, there was also the Resistance fighter and the likes who came from the far-off galaxy.

Days leading to Fortnite Star Wars are always filled with celebrations.

There were three weapons discovered; they correspond to those used by The Mandalorian in Season 5, but only for a limited time.

Finally, you cannot forget the connection in the game course, Finns skins, Kylo Ren, cosmetics, and great backpacks that appeared in the event. The Fortnite 16:30 update was in before the 4th May 2021 celebration; this was interesting. The speculation for the skins and other cosmetics was too high.

With The Mandalorian skins resurfacing, among other great cosmetics, some Star Wars addicts feared that it could be the last time they could get the items. Who knows? The kit could become unavailable for good.

Could there be new Star Wars skins items again? This, again, is a paradox and there are no proofs.

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Leaked Fortnite v16.30 Update

As per the celebration on 4th May 2021, the Fornite Chapter 2 season 6 was yet at its peak with the developer’s keen attention not forgetting the introduction of Neymar Jr. They were expecting to release the update, and the players were keen on the new item to be released.

In 2020, the player was to find Mace Windu(Purple), Luke Skywalker(Green), and Kylo Ren(Red). Rey, (Blue)

Star Wars Cosmetics and Lightsabers in Season 6

The long-awaited Season 2 Chapter 2 finally hit the mark. The file is so big; if you get issues while downloading, you can choose to play through the culmination of Agent Jones. Here you can get how things were in the season.

In Fortnite Season 6, Lightsabers and Star Wars had it all for the fans. The gamers were never disappointed with the collaboration of Neymar Jr.

Do you also remember the Mando Bounty Beskar Umbrella glider and the E-11 Blaster Rifle that were also available in Chapter 2, Season 6?

Fans were all excited to see whether The Mandalorian would come back with anyone else.

A post on the Fortnite socials stated that Boba Fett’s skin would be available on 25th Dec 2021 on the Fortnite island. However, there are not enough words yet to describe the features in the promotions. Nevertheless, you cannot miss back bling, skin, and pickaxe; those are a sure bet. Especially with Boba Fett, Flamethrower, Jetpack, and Blaster.

But there is a chance that things may change. The sci-fi franchise may have a few characters that may be back on the screens in Fortnite. It only makes sense for the Epic Online Games to take advantage of these celebrations.

Any starter who wants to play Fortnite and could have missed the chance to get the tie-in content has another chance for the shot.

Not forgetting about the new unleased for the Star War cosmetic, which might be available in the next item shop update. Fortnite has some of the best skins known to be seen once in a blue moon. An example would be the Aerial Assault Trooper skin.

Some of them can be found in the games’ Item Shop, while others are unlocked in the event of Battle Pass, not forgetting the new surprises in the latest Chapter 2 Season 8 that was announced in September 2021.

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