BigTime Software is a Wonderful Tool; Here’s Why

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

BigTime Software

Bigtime software is very popular software in the project planning world. This software has made a name for itself over the years for being incredibly easy to work with and whatnot. The software is used by professionals all over the world and has reported hundreds of thousands of users across the world. The software is so popular globally that the developers have programmed it to support multiple languages including Cantonese, Polish, Finnish, and many more! 

The software is popular for a reason; it increases your margins big time! A lot of users have reported that their margins have increased by 25% on average. This really allows you to see how successful the software is not just with project planning but also in taking care of your finances as a company.

In this piece, we will be going over everything you need to know about BigTime software before you decide on getting the software or not.

So if you are struggling to make a decision about this software then keep reading and we will help you out!  

Key BigTime Software Features 

Automatic Tracking

The first feature we want to tell you about in BigTime software is the automatic tracking feature. This feature allows you to simplify your work. The software tracks your finances for you professionally so that you can essentially not worry about money because the software is taking care of everything for you. This feature allows you and your company to weed out any extra expenses you can cut and overall allows for more accountability in terms of finances and much healthier finances as well! 

Efficient Customer Service 

Customer service is something we want to stress for BigTime project tracking software. You might be wondering why we are including this in our list but it is very important and should be added. This is because a lot of software does not come with a guarantee in terms of customer service. However, with BigTime, you are able to get access to top-tier customer service even after the sale. This helps you mitigate any issues you might run into while using the software. This feature really does help you to make things smoother in case you are transitioning to BigTime software from another one in terms of giving you all the tools and help you can possibly get with this software. 

Client Invoicing 

The client invoicing feature in BigTime software is another one we want to tell you about. This feature allows you to look at various templates of invoices and choose the one you think suits the needs and tone of your business the best. Once you choose this template, making and sending invoices to customers has never been easier. You are able to use the software to send clients invoices for your work immediately which helps you get reimbursed for your invoice much quicker too. This is because the feature allows you to construct an invoice much more quickly and then send it to your client who can then pay it back sooner since they would have gotten it earlier than they would have otherwise! 

Project Planning

As the name BigTime project management suggests, the software has a robust project planning feature for you to enjoy. This feature essentially allows you to plan a project perfectly. This is because the feature helps you to make a visual map of your project as you go along. The project map allows you to get an idea of where in the pipeline the project currently is which helps you to figure out how much time it should take for the project to be completed. All in all, this project planning feature really allows you to ensure that you plan a project perfectly every time because it makes it so much easier to plan everything! 

Pre-Made Templates

Another great thing about BigTime software is the fact that the software already comes with a few templates that you can browse through. This means you are able to choose a template that you think would best fit your needs. Other than that, you are able to then even customize the template further to make sure it is to your requirements. A template can essentially save you hours of your time because now you do not need to construct one from scratch but can just add details of your project to one that is already available on the software and save yourself a lot of time! 

BigTime Pricing 

Now we come to the next part of BigTime software and determine whether this software is right for you; BigTime pricing. The cheapest version of this software is $10, then there are also $20 and $30 versions as well. The version you get depends on what your needs are as a business. This is because each version gives you access to a certain number of features and you can only access all the features unencumbered with the most expensive version. This really helps you to get an idea about what the right software is for you. 

Is BigTime Software the Right Call for you?

Just because a BigTime software has wonderful reviews online does not mean that the software is right for you. In this part, we will be talking to you about whether or not the software is right for you in particular. 

We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare them to see whether they are available in BigTime software. We also suggest asking for a BigTime demo or trial to see whether the software is right for you. This is because a trial will show you firsthand the features in the software and whether they work for you and your needs! 

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