How to Make Time Pass Quickly During a Long Airport Layover

Ways to Pass the Time During a Layover
Jan 8, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

Traveling by plane allows you to get to virtually any country in the world in a matter of hours, but an indirect route can increase your journey time. If your flight includes a layover, you could spend hours (or days!) waiting to depart again. However, you needn’t worry about getting bored partway through your journey. To make the time fly, take a look at these five ways to keep yourself busy during a long airport layover:

1. Play Online Games

Now that wireless internet is available at most airports, it’s super-easy to keep yourself entertained with online games while you wait for your flight to be called. You can even try your luck at an online casino and boost your vacation spending money if you make a profit! With this Borgata casino bonus code evaluation by Bonusfinder US, you can find out how much of a bonus you can obtain simply by signing up and decide there and then whether it’s the right online casino for you. 

Playing games online can be a great way to distract yourself from the waiting time and you can even connect with other players from around the world. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right device if you want to make the most of online entertainment opportunities. For inspiration, take a look at the top five smartphones for 2021 and see how yours stacks up. 

2. Explore the City

Depending on how long your layover is, you might have time to explore your temporary destination. If your layover happens to be a city or large town, for example, there will be plenty to do right on your doorstep. From grabbing some local delicacies in nearby cafes and restaurants to seeing the sights and visiting major tourist attractions, a long airport layover can be a blessing in disguise when you take the opportunity to see more of the world. 

3. Get Some Rest

If you don’t tend to fall asleep easily on planes, getting some rest at the airport could be a good idea. While a bustling airport may not seem like the perfect environment for sleep, many airports now have snooze lounges and spas, which can be the ideal place to relax and unwind. Store your valuables safely and take the chance to get some shuteye before you continue on with your journey. Alternatively, book a room in a transfer hotel and enjoy your own private surroundings. 

If you’re traveling for business, this can be particularly beneficial as lack of sleep can affect your productivity. By catching up on some rest now, you can ensure that you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and energized. 

4. Plan Your Itinerary

Wherever you’re traveling, you’ll want to make the most of your time. Researching your destination and planning your itinerary is a great way to keep yourself busy during a layover but it will also ensure that you get to really enjoy your time upon your arrival. 

While visiting well-known tourist attractions can be fun, take the time to dive a little deeper with your research and plan activities or excursions that few tourists get to experience. As well as keeping yourself occupied during your time at the airport, your newly created itinerary will help you to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

5. Get Some Exercise

Sitting on a cramped airplane for hours can leave you feeling uncomfortable, so use your airport break to get some exercise. Many airports have on-site gyms, so you can even enjoy a workout before you continue with your journey. If not, you’ll find that nearby transfer hotels often have gyms, and visitor passes may be available. 

Alternatively, use your time at the airport to get some extra steps into your day. Walking is a great form of exercise and larger airports cover a vast amount of space. In fact, the Central Terminal Area of JFK Airport in New York covers a staggering 880 acres, so there’s plenty of room to take a walk! 

From lifting weights at a nearby gym to hitting your 10,000 steps a day with regular strolls around the passenger lounges, exercising at the airport can be an innovative way to replenish your energy and make the time pass quickly. 

Planning Your Airport Layover

Sometimes, you’ll know that you have an airport layover when you book your flight but, on other occasions, an unplanned adjustment to your route can mean an unexpected layover. However, there’s no need for a layover to negatively affect your vacation or business trip. By being well-equipped and having a variety of activities on hand to keep yourself entertained, you can ensure that any type of airport layover becomes a fun and memorable part of your journey.

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