Best Places to Find Peranakan Restaurant in Singapore

Places to Find Peranakan Restaurant
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When you talk about Peranakan food, there’s no need for much introduction. Amongst Singaporeans, those born from Hokkien to Cantonese descent especially love this set of cuisines. It is a marriage between Chinese and Malay dishes that use mainly South East Asian ingredients. It’s a unique combination that not many have tried before but has become a hit amongst the people here. That being said, where can you find authentic Peranakan restaurants in Singapore? Here is where you can find peranakan restaurants in Singapore:

1. Katong

Finally, your search for places where to find Peranakans restaurants in Singapore ends here. If you are looking for a place to find a Peranakan restaurant in Singapore, no wonder the first one will be Katong. This area is famous for having a lot of good food, especially Peranakan restaurants. Some locals refer to it as the “food paradise” or “food heaven” because if you are passionate about good food, this place will be heaven for you. And not only that, there are so many varieties of Peranakan cuisine to choose from. ABC stands for air batu campur, black grass jelly with syrup, and gula Melaka.

2. Bedok

Another place where to find Peranakan restaurants in Singapore is Bedok. This area has a good variety of food choices, including many delicious dishes from different styles and cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and Indonesian, along with Peranakan cuisine. So don’t worry about not deciding what you should eat because it will be difficult to decide. You will be spoilt for choice because all those cuisines are represented here!

3. Sengkang

If you are looking for places to find Peranakans restaurants in Singapore, another place will be Hougang. Many shops here carry different types of food which is suitable for the whole family. Not only good for families but it’s also suitable for students who have no idea yet what cuisine they want to try or students who are too busy with their study and have no time to cook at home. So if you’re a student, this is a must-try among the places to find Peranakans restaurants in Singapore. The best thing about Sengkang is that you can travel there easily. You can taste any type of food without having cooking fatigue. No wonder so many people go to Hougang of their own free will.

4. Bedok North

Another place where to find Peranakans restaurants in Singapore is Yio Chu Kang. Here, if you love seafood or seafood, this place will be heaven for you because it’s served with many different types of broth that perfectly match the rich taste of the seafood they serve here. The most famous one is tulang Merah which means redbone in English. A good combination with this dish is rice. If you’re looking for places to find Peranakan restaurants in Singapore around the Yio Chu Kang area, advice would be- do not to miss out on tulang Merah.

5. Woodlands

Another place where to find Peranakans restaurants in Singapore is Woodlands. If you are a seafood lover, this place can be a good choice for you, especially if your family members also love seafood. This is because different kinds of seafood which are fresh from the sea will be served here! It’s not just one or two because there are so many that they have to list them on the menu. Not only that, cultures around Asia and even Europe absorb this type of cuisine because it’s delicious. So really, no wonder so many people come here repeatedly just to taste this dish. It feels like heaven when you eat it with noodles.


There are many places to find peranakan restaurants in Singapore if you know where to look. One of the most popular places is Newton Circus, home to several food stalls that serve up some delicious dishes for people looking for traditional Indonesian flavors.

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