The First-Time Traveller’s Guide in Cappadocia

travellers guide in cappadocia
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If you are seeking a location for vacation, how about making a trip to Cappadocia, which is situated in Central Anatolia?

The idea of the caves, fairy chimneys, history, and mystique are so fascinating. Many people believe that the name Cappadocia came from a Hittite word meaning “land of the beautiful horses”.

Nonetheless, you can best explore it when the climate is moderate, which is during the autumn and spring. This region in Turkey is known for being a top wine producer, and at one point in time, it was the base of the Hittite Empire.

Explore the Unique Natural Wonders of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is now a tourist spot owing to its natural wonders. The volcanic eruptions that occurred millions of years ago have transformed it into a place with stone formations in the most stunning shapes.

Take a Turkish Airlines UAE flight and arrive in Ankara for a tour that takes you across the landscape of Cappadocia, where you are transported back in time when people lived with nature.

Everywhere you go, you will find greenery mixed with rock formations, rivers, gorges, and valleys for exploring like no other location.

Key Places to Explore

Those who are rock climbing enthusiasts should be aware of the fact that the rocks here are abundant; they are not meant for climbing. All the stones that you see here are porous because they contain minerals and volcanic ash, so they are easy to carve into but not climb.

Do You Know?:   The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) issued statistics in September 2022 which reveal that Cappadocia has hosted a record-breaking 2.5 million tourists in the first eight months in the year 2022.

If its formations fascinate you, then visit Uchisar Castle, which is a rock formation that is at the highest point of this site.

Check out its rooms and passageway, which takes you back into the medieval period. The panoramic view of the surroundings is lovely, so take plenty of photos from up here.

panoramic view

As you walk through the streets here, you will see that many are constructed properly. As a result, there is just too much dust in the air, which is actually kept out by trick drivers who pass through them spraying water.

There are two places that are a must-visit for people who love trekking and hiking. One is the Love Valley, where you can see giant rock formations called fairy chimneys and where you can see sunrises and sunsets.


You Should Know?: Most people searched When is the best time to visit Cappadocia? According to a survey, the shoulder months of March-May (spring) and October-November (autumn) are the most ideal time. It is because the temperatures are comfortable yet managed by the crowd.

The other is the monk’s valley, which consists of caves carved out by Christian monks who tried to hide in them. Both spots offer chances to take striking and unusual photos.You must visit the Goreme Open Air Museum, where you can see the caves that belonged to the ancient Cappadocian people.

Inside these caves, you can find homes and also monasteries. This location also has churches, and it has been quite well-preserved for many centuries. Check out the frescoes on the walls and ceilings.

monk’s valley

Make a visit to the picturesque Ihlara Valley, where you can go hiking and discover its natural wonders. A river passes right through it, which is perfect for taking photos. You can also find man-cave churches in this place, carved into the rocks.

Quite similar to this valley is the Pasabag Valley, where you can find unusual stone formations that happened thousands of years ago. It’s also an establishment with caves and ancient monk churches.

As you explore the Pigeon Valley, you can find interesting pigeon houses that were made from the existing rocks and cliffs. This is a beautiful, four-kilometer-long valley that is both beautiful and quite scenic for photographing.

Interesting Fact:   Three to four million years ago a series of volcanic eruptions shook the Central Anatolian area forming Cappadocia’s landscape or ‘Cotton Castles’.

Tour through the maze of the Ozkonak Underground City which is an abandoned site now but still offers insight into how people lived in it in those days.

Tunnels are connected with rooms that are cut out of the rock where Christian monks once lived. It also has communal areas, storage spaces, and a winery, which are fabulous for taking photos.

Ozkonak Underground City

The name Cappadocia means land of horses, and in ancient times, it was known for being a place where beautiful horses roamed in abundance. Book a Turkish Airlines UAE flight right away so that you can arrive in Turkey for a unique Cappadocia experience. Such a tour will take you to spots where natural wonders look stunning and where you can also get insight into ancient life.

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