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Watch Free Online Olympics
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Free online stream viewers

With the advent of 2019 Covid havoc world was dreaming a scenario of no meetings, zero travelling, haunting homestay and freezing lifestyle. With the same threat a huge group of sports lovers were keen to know about the free streaming websites and channels broadcasting their favourite sports.

A huge sum of people take great interest in the Olympics and within the lockdown circumstances mere look at the stadium, various countries athletes performance was possible.

Watching the Olympics through virtual connect was the only option left. With the news of shifting dates on various occasions, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 were postponed too.

If you faced the same issue of watching free Olympics in the Covid times and struggled hugely in paving way for a free streaming service then you have got a shoulder to lay your worries on. We will be future ready this time.

Below we will be wandering on various options of free online streaming services that can help us in the next coming Olympics. A ramble towards the paid olympic streaming services has also been made.

Do you know that more than 200 countries participate in the Olympics every 4 years?

Olympics and Streaming Website

Olympics and its sports

We can’t deny the fact that the Olympics have been held since the year 1896. its era will continue till the infinite years of the earth’s living. 

Olympics represents both summer and winter featured sports through gallons of athletes and plenty of countries. It is like a festival for the host countries, athletes and their fan following.

Quick fact: an Olympics that is held every 4 years allows the host company to showcase itself to the world. With hundreds of visiting companies players, millions of fan followers too visit the stadium thus the country.

Lockdown bondage with social distancing rules altered the Olympics to be held openly with its fans’ cheers, invigilators’ inspection,and leaders motivating slang. The whole shift to virtual olympic streaming made the sport lovers to tally the best free olympics broadcasting website.

Hindered economic status of various households also made shifts from the local cable viewers to the online one.

Let’s look into some of the places where you can watch Olympics Streaming in your leisure. 

With no further ado let’s begin.

How to Watch Olympics Streaming?

There are plenty of olympic streaming services that render the needs of its sports lovers and save many of them from boredom. 

Well watching courageous athletes and their performance in the stadium is another vibe but online streaming options also provide various incentives to the audience.

From various offered tokens to the low cost streaming service various online platforms took the audience to its way.

Moving forward we will be meeting these services one by one and will try to know them from length to breadth.

Free & Paid Ways to Streaming Olympics Games

Watching free services with the same aura is a firecracker path to enjoy the sports without being in the stadium itself. 

Here are some channels, websites and applications providing the same to us. 

  • NBC (National Broadcasting Company) 
free online olympic streaming service

NBC being the major broadcaster of the Olympics has accomplished in making the fans available with the best streaming. One can enter the NBC home website and avail the fruits of free streaming their

Website Streaming Services & Apps with Free Trials 

Free trial services for olympics streaming

Have you ever enjoyed a service for free in its trial period? Well, various platforms allow the audience to take the trial before paying for the subscription.

Watching maximum in the trial period and logging out of the service before receiving the mail from the platform itself saves some amount of money and time.

Below are these free streaming websites. Streaming sitesIncentives
1.Youtube85 channels offered to watch during 14 day trial period
2.Peacock7 days trial period
3.Hulu live plusFor students -$1.99/month Add supported
4.Apple TV Plus7 day free trial
5.RokuCharges fee only when content from Amazon and Disney premium content is added

Olympic Channels and Television Services  

Next 2024 Olympics is going to be held in Paris, France so, let’s tighten our seat belts to know the ways through which we can have the best online streaming view next time.

Same as any other cable channels, there are few which can provide the olympic live streaming.

  1. CNBC 

Either one can go to the home website of CNBC, the application of the CNBC channel to avail the fruits of their live streaming of Olympics or the cable connection itself.

CNBC website-  Address

Free live streaming channel for Olympics
  1. NBCSN

One can also enjoy the access of NBCSN, a american based sports television channel for the free Olympics streaming. The sports lovers can easily access through the website.

NBCSN application – Address


Paid Olympic Streaming Service

Spendthrifts might be looking for paid Olympic streaming options too. So, In addition to the list of the free online olympic  streaming options we also have the paid olympic streaming services which are present with the best price options.  

Let’s spin into these services and sprint to get the best one.

Did you know earlier world wars led to the cancellation of Olympics in the year 1916,1940,1944.

online streaming free and paid services

Hassle free television services which are known for zero fees in live streams. So, if you are looking for the Olympic free streaming versions then Hulu should be your first thought.

If you are unable to stay connected through live streaming then pay for Hulu services i.e. $49.99/ 3month ( Ad supported).

Free live options in Hulu platform
  • Live from 75+ shows
  • Unlimited access to streaming library
  • No cable required
  • No hidden fees
  • No equipment rentals fee
  • No installation appointment
  • Regional restrictions
  • Blackout
  • additional conditions apply
  • Blackout
  • Ads
Apple TV

Currently Apple provides a three month free Apple Tv package to the new apple gadget holders. One can pluck the favourite plans for watching their live Olympics streaming here. 

 With a 7 day trial the audience can bloom with the free services of Apple TV.

Paid services for watching live streams
  • Curated and personalised content- content may vary regional wise
  • Apple TV Plus live is super affordable – $4.99/month
  • Presence of Ads
  • Higher per month charges.
  • Unimpressive reviews of users
Youtube TV for streaming Olympics

Youtube, though providing a huge amount of free content on its original youtube site brings the paid version too. Incentives of affordable yearly and monthly charges, and no charges for the users subscribing to its Youtube allies is provided by this social media service.

One can also watch live Olympic sessions from other channels streaming in Youtube live.

YouTube TV free live channels
  • Offers more channel streaming options
  • Major broadcasts streamed.
  • 6 Youtube TV accounts per household
  • Available nationwide
  • Three devices from the same Youtube TV account can be used at the same time
  • Only parental control options available
online free Olympics streaming

Peacock, Subdivision of the NCB broadcasting services, which provide over-the-top live and video content for the audience. Surprisingly founded in the year 2020 its free trial and charges flatters numerous users.


The US user’s device must be physically available in the US to avail the streaming part of their services.

  • With free subscription avail a lot of content
  • From Mac to Smart TVs it can be easily used in multiple gadgets.
  • US users require gadget presence in the US only.
  • Not spreaded worldwide.
  • Three concurrent connections through the same account.
fubo tv

If you are a resident of the USA, Canada and Spain then your query of watching an olympic stream can be completely fulfilled by Fubo.

Its television service was founded in the year 2015 and provides the 

  • Offers more channel streaming options
  • Major broadcasts streamed.
  • 6 Youtube TV accounts per household
  • Available nationwide
  • Three devices from the same Youtube TV account can be used at the same time
  • Only parental control options available

 Comparing Various Streaming Services 

comparison of various Olympic streaming services

Let’s have a close look towards the various online Olympics streaming sites and map their performance. 

Table with comparison of various streaming options has been given below for your convenience. Go through them and carve out the best for you.

Paid streamersChargesRatingsGoogle App Installing address
YouTube TV$54.99 first three month$64.99/month4.2YouTube TV
Peacock$4.99/month + tax$49.99/year + tax3.8Peacock
Hulu Live PlusAd supported $6.99/month
Live tv only $68.99/month
4.5Hulu Live Plus
Apple TV plusRs. 99/month 2Apple TV plus
RokuNo monthly fee for free channels4.7Roku
Fubo TV$32.99/month to $99.99/month3.9Fubo TV

Wrap Up

We saw a lot of platforms, websites, brands and channels promoting virtual streaming for sports people. Astonishing fact is users  became the priority of various OTT platforms, broadcasting sites and news channels and this added the prerogative of free sports streaming for the audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is NCB a free live streaming platform?

Yes, NCB provides free live streaming where the user or audience doesn’t require any subscription for.

Can I enjoy the free Youtube Olympic streaming through any Youtube channel?

“Olympic” channel on Youtube provides updated videos related to the Olympics. For live streaming you need to join Youtube TV. You can subscribe to it for enjoying the future olympic videos too.

Were there any dip in the Olympics viewers in the year 2022 in comparison to the earlier years?

Yes, This year’s Tokyo Olympics marked a huge dip in viewers from 19.8M last year to 11.4M this year.

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