Understanding the New Paradigms of B2B Lead Generation Channels

Updated On November 11, 2022 | by Kamal

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Lead generation in the B2B arena is often complex to achieve efficiently. If you aren’t up to speed with the latest strategies and solutions, connecting with the right prospects is a struggle.


To bridge this gap, let’s discuss the channels and solutions which make a meaningful difference to the effectiveness of your B2B lead generation efforts.

Webinar Programs

Providers like ActualTech Media are spearheading a new movement to encourage businesses to host webinars that generate leads and allow for multiple organizations to benefit from their involvement in a single, virtual event.

Simply attaching your brand to a webinar that focuses on a topic that’s relevant to your target audience can result in everything from improved levels of recognition to proactive follow-ups and conversions from prospects that were not previously on your radar.

As you’d expect, it’s also a breeze to gather data from webinars and use analytics to generate after-action reports that can inform how you handle similar events in the future to optimize their impact.

Content Syndication

Another channel that allows businesses to connect with a fresh glut of leads is content syndication, and of course, it’s the targeted approach provided by modern platforms which improves the outcome of this strategy.

While written content is still a major part of this process, it’s also possible for multimedia content to take center stage today. And it’s not just lead generation that’s the result, but also the opportunity to nurture fledgling relationships with prospects and steer them toward becoming full-blown clients.

If you’re looking for a high-volume approach to lead generation, content syndication is certainly able to deliver on this promise. You can focus on a variety of niches, whether you’re looking to link up with clients of a particular size, or pinpoint individuals in specific roles within other organizations.

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Social Media

Modern social platforms have long been a rich source of leads for B2C and B2B brands alike. The trick is to avoid being overshadowed in this crowded marketplace, and instead stand out while also engaging the right types of users, rather than having your campaigns diluted because they are spread too thinly.

Paid ads on popular sites have a lot to offer, especially in terms of generating a large number of leads in a short timeframe, even if conversion rates are not necessarily stellar.

Straightforward audience engagement is also important in this context since you can directly make contact with people who are already talking about your business or discussing the market you operate within.

Building a following through content marketing on social media lets you take the reins more directly and means you don’t have to be passive about getting your creations in front of the right people.

Original Research

B2B leads are usually looking for value out of any relationship they strike up with another business, and the aforementioned options like content syndication and webinar hosting definitely deliver something worth having.

Another example of this is the funding and publishing of original research into an area that’s of interest to your audience. This can itself be spun off into all sorts of content, re-used across many platforms, and perpetuated elsewhere through organic shares.

Wrapping Up

B2B lead generation is a necessarily multilayered process, and not one which you can expect to result in an immediate conversion when the first point of contact occurs.

Instead, it takes time to win over customers, but getting them in at the top of the funnel with the right tools and tactics will make the rest of the journey much easier to manage.

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