5 Effective Ways to Learn About How to Promote A Webinar

Updated On January 6, 2023 | by Kamal

Promote a Webinar

As you probably know, a webinar is an online event that is hosted by a company or an organization of any type, and it is broadcast to a group of people through their computers online.  

For the webinar to be practical, you will need an effective webinar promotion. Otherwise, not only will you not have success, but you will also have a problem organizing your B2B webinars at all. 

So, whether you are promoting demand generation strategies, top-rated services, and products, or any other valuable parts of your business to attract people or companies, it is of high importance to promote your webinar. That is why here we will see 5 effective ways to do so:

Use Social Media

One of the most effective ways to promote an online event as a webinar, of course, is to use the maximum of your social media channels. 

One of the most accessible parts of social media promotion is creating event pages on Linkedin or Facebook and inviting people to come and also share the event on your online platforms. Still, it is valuable to target the right audience on social media and find people you know will be interested in attending your webinar event. 

In essence, people with profiles that clearly show that is part of the world your business is, and you know they will be interested in your topic.  

Email Your Customers and Prospects

It is well known that email marketing is a powerful tool, and why not use it to your advantage when it comes to promoting your webinar online. You will know which customers and prospects may be interested in the webinar based on the topic. Here you can see what is essential to have in the email:

  • You should have clear and concise subject lines
  • Of course, relevant info like the topic, time, date, benefits, etc.
  • Bio of the presenter with a headshot
  • Motivate employees to make a banner invite to the email signatures
  • Use many CTAs redirecting to the same page

A quick tip about webinar attendees taking action would be that CTAs are also important after the webinar to make them buy some of your services and products.  

Also, it is valuable to mention that you should send multiple emails, and their core should not change a lot. To remind the target audience, you can send the first email 2 weeks before the webinar, the second one 1 week before, the third email 2 days before the event, and the last one on the day of the webinar. 

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Use Your Homepage

The homepage of your website is likely the most visited page on your site, so why not use that to your advantage by promoting your upcoming webinar event. 

This move will not only promote your webinar but will also show visitors that your entire site team stands behind the event and thinks it is important and beneficial. The goal is simple: get your upcoming webinar out to the public and show visitors that you believe in the benefits of attending your event.

If you want people to be part of it, you have to show that you definitely think it is beneficial. Also, the best thing about it is that you are promoting the webinar for free in the sense that you are using your own website.  

Write a Blog About Your Webinar

It can be highly beneficial to use blog topics and write about things that are similar to what the webinar is about. Of course, you mustn’t reveal everything that will happen at the event since no one will want to participate.

That is why a blog post is a perfect tool for getting people interested enough in the topic but not revealing everything so that they decide to take part in the webinar. Let your event be the answer to the issues and challenges that are hanging in the air after someone reads your blog post. Also, you can write guest posts if you want to and promote the webinar on other collaborating sites.  

Use Your Current Webinar to Promote Your Next Webinar 

Last but not least, the cheapest, easiest, and sometimes most effective way to promote your webinar is to use the current webinar for the promotion of the next one. Especially if most of the attendees are happy, they will not only come to the next webinar but also spread the word and talk about it to their colleagues and friends as well. 

Also, by promoting the webinar this way, you are showing how serious you are about organizing such events and that you are ready in advance. This attitude can make a huge difference when it comes to someone that is participating for the first time.  

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