How to Choose the Perfect Metal Band for Your Apple Watch?

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From Rolex’s elegant timepieces to Gucci’s uniquely styled ones, the world of watches has always been filled with epic models. But when it comes to buying the best smartwatch for yourself or your loved ones, an Apple watch is what comes to your mind. With a lot of awesome features combined with the tint of Apple’s legacy, it is one of the most successful watches in the market.

When you purchase an Apple Watch, one of your first decisions is choosing which band to buy. There may be dozens of options on the market, and picking the perfect one can be tricky. You will have to keep track of multiple factors such as color, material, strength, water resistance, and skin effects if any. 

After analyzing all these will you find a band suitable for you. This article will help you decide the best metal Apple Watch band by narrowing down your options. By the end, you’ll find a way to the band which is right for you.

Which Apple Watch Band is Right For You?

Below we have mentioned the right bands that will perfectly suit your Apple watch.

Metal Bands!

There are different types of metal bands that you can select from for your Apple Watch. The two most popular types are the link bracelet and the Milanese loop.

Link Bracelet

Link bracelet band for Apple Watch

The link bracelet is the classic option. It’s made up of tiny metal links connected with a clasp. This band is solid and durable and looks great with any outfit. The band comes in several lengths with 38 mm and 40 mm being the most common ones.

A great benefit of buying a link bracelet band is its fit. Apple allows you to easily add or remove links from your band with the help of the Link bracelet kit, to adjust them onto your wrist the right way. You can do it at any time of the day, whenever the watch starts feeling either a little constricted or loose.

Milanese Loop

Milanese loop band for Apple Watch

The Milanese loop is a newer style of belt. It’s made from a single piece of metal mesh that’s wrapped around your wrist. This particular type of belt has a unique look and is more comfortable to wear.

What makes it stand out among every band is the way it feels soft and snug on your skin, even while being a metal band. Thus, if you are one of those people who love the metallic look of your watches but want them to be comfortable, Milanese Loop is for you.

More Metal Bands For Apple Watches

There are a few more kinds of metal bands that Apple offers. Here are some breakdowns of the different types of metal bands available so that you can make the best and most accurate choice as per your needs:

Stainless steel band for Apple Watch

Stainless Steel Bands: These belts are made from high-quality stainless steel and are designed to provide a classic look. It is also durable, making it a good option for everyday wear. The plus point of this band is that it comes in a variety of attractive colors. From rose gold to silver and metallic black, every color suits perfectly with your daily outfits.

Aluminum band for Apple Watch

Aluminum belts: They are usually lighter than stainless steel and offer a more contemporary look. They are also more affordable than stainless steel belts. This means you can get that classic metal finish on your watch without paying a lot. You will also be relieved of the burden that comes to your wrists with a heavy metal band.

Titanium band for Apple Watch

Titanium Bands: Titanium belts are incredibly lightweight, making them a good choice for those who want a durable band but don’t want the weight of stainless steel. However, they can be more expensive than other options as they are made up of pure titanium.

Gold band for Apple Watch

Gold Bands: Gold ones offer a luxurious look and feel, adding that extra tint of richness and elegance to your look. But, obviously, it reigns the ground of being the most expensive band for Apple Watch. If you’re looking for an affordable gold band, consider one plated with another metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum.

How to Choose the Perfect Metal Band for Your Apple Watch?

A few things should be considered when choosing a metal Apple Watch band. Mentioned below may be a few tips on how to select the perfect metal band for your Apple Watch:

1. Reck the style of your Apple Watch.

The band you buy should match the theme and style of your Apple watch, to create an overall aesthetic. You wouldn’t want a vintage watch with a pop-style band, right? Thus, if you have a more formal watch, select a metal band that is also formal. On the other hand, if you have one that’s more on the casual side you can decide on a less traditional band. This would help you maintain your whole look throughout the day.

2. Think about the color of your metal band.

There are various colors available, so make sure to pick one that goes well with the color of your watch. You’ll want your band to compliment the color of your watch, not to criticize it. For example, if you have a silver watch, you might prefer a silver or white metal belt. You could select gold or rose gold metal bands to go with your gold-finished dial. 

3. Consider the size of your wrist.

You’ll want to ensure that the metal strap you choose is comfortable. Thus, it is important to measure your wrists accurately. You can download the printable sizing tool from Apple or opt to get your size measured at a nearby Apple Store. After that, you can find the right length of your preferred band.


Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant band to complement your Apple Watch or something more flashy to show off your style, there’s a metal band that’s perfect for you. With so many types and materials, it can be tough to know where to start. But with this helpful guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect metal band for your Apple Watch in no time.

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