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Hotstar login and subscription

Hotstar, an Indian brand OTT service that has almost everything to serve you from romance to thriller, once you enter its entertainment world. You can’t get disappointed here once you log in to your Hotstar account on smart TV because it is literally a space that carries a zeal of fun through streamed content. 

Here a sports lover can watch premier leagues, on a concurrent device others can enter the fictional world of Marvels, the culinary world of master chefs, and the new trendy anime stuff, all through the same subscription. 

Let’s start with the process to activate Hotstar on our tv.hotstar.com login in tv.

Requirements for Easy www.hostar.com /activate Login on Smart TVs

essential item lists before logging IN in Hotstar

Before you go for Hotstar Smart TV login you must consider the following list which awaits below. 

  • Smart Gadget

You can activate the OTT services on tv.hotstar.com by login in tv

through mere clicks on your smart gadgets. Hotstar can be easily connected to any of your smart devices from PC to tablets. 

  • Internet Connection
weak internet connections

Hey! If you are in dire need to get the Hotstar on your Smart TV, then keep a vigilant eye on your internet connection. A healthy internet connection can save you time with fast-track activation of the streaming service Hotstar.

  • Browser

Browser is particularly required for activating Hotstar service on tv.hotstar.com login in tv or to get a subscription to Hotstar. An active browser can fulfill your purpose of connecting with Hotstar a lot easier. One can freely use browsers like Google, Yahoo, Safari, and many others.

  • Login Id & Password

During the process of activation don’t forget to keep your Login Id and your Password in your active memory if you already have an account in Hotstar. You may stumble to enter the Hotstar services if you don’t have a Login ID and Password.

Log IN to Hotstar on LG TV.

The Steps to tv. hotstar. com account login on the Hotstar OTT streaming service of LG TV is very easy and brief. Let’s begin with the process.

  1. Open the Disney Hotstar application on your LG TV.
  1. A Disney Hotstar code will appear on your LG TV. Keep it noted.
Disney Hotstar code
  1. Sign in to your lg-tv.hotstar.com Disney Hotstar account or  www.hostar.com /activate through any other smart gadget like iPhone, Android, Tablet, etc. 
Sign IN into Disney Hotstar
  1. After signing IN, fill in the Disney Hotstar code
Filling Disney Hotstar code on TV

Your LG TV will simultaneously open the Disney Hotstar application if you have filled in the right code. 

Login to www.hostar.com /activate Hotstar on Firestick

Login to Hotstar on Firestick
  1. Go to the search bar of your Smart TV and type Disney Hotstar for tv.hotstar.com login in tv.
  1. Among the suggestions below click on the right Hotstar icon.
  1. Install the application and it will show a www.hotstar.com/activate code.
  1. Now through any of the other smart gadgets or browsers visit tv.hotstar.com log in and sign in there. For creating a new account tap on Hotstar.com/newaccount
  1. After signing IN or creating a new account it will ask you for a Hotstar activation code. Fill in the code displayed on the TV.
  1. Tap on start watching

Now easily you will be able to stream on Firestick.

Crispy Fact: Xiaomi had a strategic partnership with Disney Hotstar. Mi TV users were receiving the latest blockbusters 2 hours earlier than other users in the year 2020.

Path to Login/Activate to Hotstar on Apple TV

Activating Hotstar on Apple TV

A pleasant path to tv.hotstar.com login on Apple TV has been made below. Let’s get into it.

  1. Go to the app store of your Apple TV.
  1. Search Disney Hotstar and download the application for tv.hotstar.com login in tv. 
  1. Open the Hotstar app for www.hostar.com /activate.

 and click on Continue.

  1. The next screen will show you a Hotstar verification code. Note it.
  1. Through any other device enter the Hotstar login page hotstar.com/activate

You can also create a Hotstar account through your active mobile number.

  1. After signing IN to Hotstar, fill in the Hotstar verification code displayed on your Apple TV and tap on continue.

In mere seconds Hotstar will be activated on your Apple TV.

Way to Activate Hotstar on an Android TV through tv.hotstar.com login

Activating Hotstar on Android TV

An Android TV has become a close member of many households and activating the Hotstar application in it has become a need.

  1. Through your smartphone browser search hotstar.com/activate
  1. After signing IN or entering the service Hotstar you will be asked for a 4-digit code on tv.hotstar.com login or www.hostar.com /activate.
  1. On your Android TV search Hotstar & Install the application.

The current model of Android TV has remotes with the Hotstar button. You can directly press it instead of searching for it.

Smart Remotes
  1. Once the application is opened, a four-digit Hotstar activation code must appear on your Android TV for tv.hotstar.com login in tv. Enter the code on your smartphone.
  1. After filling in the right code your Android TV will directly enter into the Hotstar application.

Enjoy one of the best streaming service’s unlimited entertainment packages on your Android TV.

www.hostar.com /activate Hotstar Activating Steps on Samsung TV

Brief steps to activate the streaming services in our Samsung TV are placed below. Let’s get to know them one by one.

  1. On your Samsung TV launch App Store.
  1. Search for the Hotstar application and once you find it, tap on it.
  1. Install the Hotstar application.

After installing you can enjoy the free version of the Hotstar application through a mere login or have the subscription version of Hotstar.

Exciting Features of Hotstar Services

features of Hotstar

Hotstar has appealing features which makes it currently one of the best OTT services. Some of its features are listed below so, let’s meet them one by one.

  • Unlimited Content
unlimited content in Hotstar

One can fall short with the dressing ideas in festivals and marriages but can never fall short of entertainment in the Hotstar application. It is blessed with content that covers every genre from multiple hours of drama to a plethora of language options. One can always explore its subscription-based original content from the latest blockbuster movies to live sports events.

  • Kids Special
Kid’s special content in Hotstar

If you want to color your kids’ minds with creative thoughts and an intuitive mind, then Hostar can accompany them in this case. From light year’s mission impossible to Alladdin’s every wisdom move, a child truly enters into the moral world with adorable imagination.

  • Prize & Coupons
Prizes and coupons in Hotstar

Being a friendly and long-term user of Hotstar can earn you points, prizes, and coupons and get you a % off on various brands and stuff. The prizes and coupons offered by Hotstar are appreciable and encourage users towards the online world.

  • Downloading Option

If you are a subscription plan holder then you can watch Hotstar content without an internet connection. Shocked! Well, this is true as subscription holders have the incentive of downloading the content they desire and watching it whenever they want.

Subscriptions and Plans of Hotstar

subscriptions and plans of Hotstar

Subscriptions and plans of Hotstar vary with the price and service that it provides. Let’s meet all of their subscription plans with their connected services.

  1. Mobile Supported Plans
  • Cost: 149 / 3 month
  • Only 1 device will stay connected.
  • Paid mobile 3-month plans cannot be opened on other devices other than mobile.
  • It’s an Ad-supported plan.
  • Rs 499 / year mobile plan is Ad-supported and mobile restricted. 

All the plans provided by Hotstar are non-refundable.

  1. Super Plan
  • Rs 899/year charges.
  • Two devices can be concurrently used.
  • The Super plan supports platforms like mobile, web, and living room devices. There are no restrictions in this case.
  1. Premium Plan
  • Premium charges are Rs. 1499/year.
  • Ad-free plan except in the live content like sports.
  • 4 devices can be concurrently connected.
  • Can be enjoyed on any of the supporting platforms.

Customer Support for Resolving Queries

Customer support is an essential part of any service. It signifies the importance of users and their queries. Good customer service always pays pivotal steps towards making its platform a user-friendly one. 

Let’s ramble into the customer services of Hotstar one by one.

  • Help Desk

If you want to contact Hotstar customer support through easy means then Help Desk options are there to help.

One only has to provide the Email/phone detail and describe the queries in the help.hotstar.com using at least 5 images that are not blurry.


Total file size must not exceed the 20MB limit.

  • WhatsApp Query Registration

If you want to have a conversation with Hotstar through a much easier method, this option can help you. All you need to do is click on the browser link below and tap on continue to chat

Link: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918104803351&text=hey%20there

Disney Hotstar customer support through Whatsapp
  • Email for Feedback 

If you are not pleased by the content that has been displayed on Hotstar, you can address your grievance to the Hotstar services through hello@hotstar.com.

  • Hotstar Registered Queries and Solution
Different queries solution in Hotstar help desk

Hotstar provides you a support system through a list of queries with their solution in help.hotstar.com. In its Help support system queries have been categorized from content-related stuff to billing issues. You can scroll in the categories to find the solution to the issue that you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible for someone to delete their Hotstar account?

Users themselves cannot delete their Hotstar account whenever they want. It is deleted by Hotstar itself when an account deletion request is addressed by them. Click here to send the delete account request.

How can someone reset their Hotstar account password?

It is not required to reset your Hotstar account password as Hotstar login people through mobile No. and OTP. The security of your subscription plan is taken care of.

Being a free user, I am not able to watch the next episode of my favorite show on the next day of its appearance?

To avail the episode fun story you can subscribe to the plans of Hotstar. Hotstar will be available to you after 72 hours of TV streaming if you are a free user.

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