Self-Evaluation Phrases for Your Next Performance Review

Evaluation Phrases for Performance review
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Am I too harsh or too lenient on myself? Am I arrogant to listen to reviews about me? What if I didn’t analyze my performance accurately? Self-evaluation of performance could be a cumbersome and unfruitful process without employing the proper methods. Sometimes, you may not know your weaknesses or strengths due to blind spots. You may be too lenient on your performance which may accommodate profligacy. 

For instance, you employ an online vendor to write your essay and make your assignment without mistakes. Improper evaluation would not allow you to determine whether such an essay should be outsourced or done by you.

This article helps examine why self-performance reviews are important and numerous self-evaluation phrases you can use for performance reviews. 

Why Do You Need Self Evaluation?

Self-evaluation involves studying yourself. It could be your office performance, general behavior, health condition, tendencies, or any other thing you could notice about yourself. Evaluating yourself has numerous benefits that could affect your performance directly. Here are the few benefits of self-evaluation


Self-evaluation makes you aware of yourself without probing from other people. You become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. As a result, you can act accordingly.


It can also build your confidence level. Therefore, you prepare better for situations, attack tasks more confidently, build strong relationships, and make better life decisions. 


Self-evaluation leads to self-awareness, while better awareness gives you the ability to make better decisions. As a result, performance would increase. 

Self evaluation

Evaluating Your Performance 

People often perceive our performances as good or bad. Self-evaluation aims to help you see your and critics’ insight on your performance and whether they are right or wrong. This way, you can establish a balanced point of view on yourself. This point of view would neither be critical nor too harsh but reflect your performance adequately. 

To receive performance-based reviews, all you need is feedback from other people and self-evaluation phrases. Feedback helps you know what others see about you and reveal your blindspot. Meanwhile, self-evaluation phrases help you determine whether you have achieved a particular milestone, or your performance has increased. 

How Do You Craft Good Self Evaluation Phrases for Performance Review

Analyze Your Past performances

This includes analyzing your performances to determine whether they have been a success or failure. You have to analyze your past accomplishments, areas of improvement, total failures, and the importance of your accomplishments towards the main goal. 

Receive and Reflect on Feedbacks

Listen to what critics say about you. Observe people’s words and reactions towards your actions. Feedback may include an appraisal or chastening from your boss.

Alternatively, you can seek feedback from everyone around you. Ask for their honest opinions on situations.

Use Quantifiable Analytics

When writing performance-based reviews, using quantifiable analytics makes you better understand your performance. For instance, “I am a better salesman compared to last month” is not as explicit as “I raised my company sales 10x over the last month”. Moreover, use Quantifiable Analytics when writing your self-evaluation phrases. It would give a better idea of the performance level you aim for. 

After analyzing your performance through self-evaluation, it is not enough to write self-evaluation phrases for better performance. You must be ready to do the following:

● Be ready to improve 

● Set clear goals and achievable goals

● Start action immediately. 

Examples Of Self Evaluation Phrases for Performance Review

Students in college can write self-evaluation essays to improve their assignment quality and class activities. Tutors and company managers can also use it to examine their performances. Here are the different types of self-evaluation essays you can use in various facets of life.

This section would use the company manager as a self-evaluation phrases sample.

Personal Relationship

● I will engineer a good relationship with my family by using x means

● I will develop a long-lasting relationship with my employees by doing x

● I will employ x means to solve my anger problem

● I will maintain effective communication with everyone around me by using x means

● I will network more with moguls in my field by using x and means

Office Performance

● I will work better and more diligently. I will be more confident in my activities at work.

● I will lay good examples to employees by employing x means

● I will increase my performance level and productivity by x% in a year

● I will increase company sales 10x in 6 months

● I will engage in weekly re-evaluation to monitor my performances and do better

● I will decrease the cost of production by x% in x time

● I will capture x% of the market by an x years’ time

● I will lead and promote teamwork collaboration among my employees

● I will increase the company’s revenue by x% in the next x years

● I will serve as guidance for my employees. That is, I will always be accessible and require proactive feedback from them.

Team Collaboration

● I will share insightful ideas and techniques with my team

● I will build good cooperation with team members through x means 

● I will share my knowledge and expertise with team members to achieve a harmonious relationship

Customer Relationship

● I will use x means to attract customers and handle hostile ones

● I will provide a good customer feedback system by using x means

● I will increase customer satisfaction by continuous surveys and reviews on what they want and what they don’t want

● I will act accordingly based on the reviews I get from customers 

Personal Growth

● To be abreast of information and knowledge in my field, I will read x and x

● I will take active steps towards personal growth by taking x training and acquiring x skills to upscale my dexterity

● I am on the lookout for opportunities provided by new trends by doing x 

● I will improve my learning curve by paying to learn and learning quickly

● I work towards and review my long-term vision to understand whether I am acting accordingly to them

The Wrap Up

The aforementioned samples of self-evaluation phrases are just examples. You are the person that knows your activities and performances. Thus, you will be able to judge them better. Whichever place you want to improve, endeavor to study your past accomplishments and failures, receive and examine feedback in good stead, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and set goals that can actively improve your performance. If not, your self-evaluation phrases may end up being useless. 

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