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It’s not a big secret that despite all the attempts of fashion designers, jewelers, the advertisement industry, and celebs’ influence the popularity of men’s jewelry is still lower than that of women’s. Some men are still too conservative for ‘trinkets’, others simply don’t know how to style their jewelry right. The good thing is that we know how to fix that and hopefully engage more men into wearing jewelry.

One of the most appealing types of men’s jewelry is a bracelet. A stylish and edgy item that is rather easy to implement into every look, creating extraordinary combinations with outfits and other jewelry. There are a great number of bracelet styles. “That’s great”, you may think, but for some men, it makes things even more complicated. As it gets so much harder to choose and combine the jewelry, it’s only easier just not to wear it, right? Of course, not! There’s nothing way too tricky about styling your bracelet with other jewelry, at least nothing you won’t be able to handle. Read on, and you’ll learn how to match your bracelet with other accessories like a pro.

The men’s gold bracelets are widely represented by chain link items. The diversity of patterns allows finding a chain bracelet for every taste and style of outfit. The most famous designs of chain bracelets for men are Cuban, Franco, Figaro, Gucci, Box, Rope, and many others. They all have distinctive ornaments and are valued for their specific features. For example, the Cuban link bracelet is an extremely strong and somewhat massive statement jewelry with well-known patterns. The Franco chain bracelet is loved for its laconic geometrical design displaying its famous V-shaped links. The Figaro style is known as a simple yet catchy sequence of links, showing one oval-long link that is followed by several smaller ones. The Gucci chain bracelet is another massive jewelry piece made to show your status along with an extraordinary sense of style. The Box chain bracelet is jewelry for men who prefer straight lines and strict angles, and love items with geometric ornaments. The chain bracelet style known as the Rope is shiny jewelry for creative men who love intricate and extravagant designs. Those are just a few famous chain bracelet styles approved by men, and they demonstrate how versatile they can possibly be.

Style a chain bracelet is really easy. They go well with other chain bracelets and create a stunning textured layered look. You can match a chain bracelet with a chain necklace of the same pattern, creating a harmonious ensemble. A pendant is also a great idea for a chain link bracelet. You may opt for several rings on the same hand as one chain bracelet, or if you’ve decided upon a layered look, consider wearing your rings on the opposite hand. 


Remember to match your jewelry to the metals they’re made of. If your chain bracelet is made of gold, pick other jewelry to be gold as well. Silver chain bracelets can be mixed with other jewelry made of silver. This prevents you from dissonant cheap looks. For the same reason, it’s better not to mix jewelry of different colors of gold, not to add chaos to your image.

Another great way to elevate your style is the beaded bracelet. What can be more simple than to complete your look with a plain string of beads? It really is easy, but you may ponder if there’s a point in it. Just think about it, you’re not a kid to wear such jewelry. And now look at a stylish bracelet where the black beads are combined with exquisite gold ones; or the full glamor diamond disco ball bracelet; have you ever seen the union of black, silver, and deep blue beads decorating the bracelet? Such jewelry doesn’t look like a bracelet for kids, does it? The diversity of combinations is almost infinite, and everyone can find something that suits him. The structure of beads also adds to the charm of a bracelet design. The intricately carved beads and the ones with unique textures are able to provide essential accents to the image.

The beaded bracelets for men can easily be styled with other bracelets and are able to pull off the trendy layered look. They can also be combined with a luxury wristwatch and create an effortlessly casual but expensive-looking image. Structural laconic rings make a perfect match with a beaded bracelet. Not very thick chain necklaces will also be a nice option to try with a beaded bracelet.

Men who value high-end jewelry with diamonds have a great choice of bracelets as well. They can opt for delicate but sophisticated items, or select chunky iced-out bracelets to accentuate their status. The common choices among diamond bracelets for men are tennis bracelets. The single line of diamonds, as the bracelet initially has been, now can be turned into several rows to make the bracelet thicker. The simplicity of the diamond bracelet only adds to its elegance and grace. It’s the piece to combine with absolutely any outfit, from sportswear to a business suit. 

The men preferring flashy jewelry may consider the mentioned Cuban link chain bracelet or the Gucci bracelet. Those two massive chain bracelet styles are the perfect items to be covered with diamonds. If you want to show off your success and are looking for jewelry to help you with the task, those iced-out bracelets are just what you need. The experiments with mixing diamonds of different colors will only lead to the bracelets becoming even more unique and bright, which will result in more attention and jealous glances. 

The most important thing in styling the diamond bracelet with other jewelry is to remember that diamonds go only with diamonds. Don’t try to match it with jewelry that contains other precious stones, as it will make the look cheap.

For your bracelet to fit perfectly, you should know one significant detail, your bracelet wrist size. To get it right all you require is the flexible measuring tape. If you have none, use a string or a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist and mark the place where the wrapping ends on it with a pen. Measure the distance with the ruler and add an inch to your result for the comfortable fit of your bracelet.

To sum it up, here are some more useful tips for styling jewelry:

– consider no more than three jewelry types at once, and try to place at least one of them further from the face (for example, bracelet+ring+necklace; earring+necklace+bracelet);

– match the materials the jewelry items are made of and their colors;

– pick the jewelry pieces of the same style or the ones that resonate with each other;

– match the size of the jewelry to create a harmonious ensemble (a little notice for example a thick necklace and a delicate bracelet most probably won’t).

To tell the truth, the best impression is the jewelry you’re comfortable with. Try wearing some simple-looking bracelets for the start to get used to them on your wrist. When you’re comfortable to the point you don’t even notice the bracelet is on your arm, you may begin experimenting with styles and combinations with other jewelry. Don’t be afraid, there’s actually no right and wrong, and in the end, you may always say it’s your specific vision of fashion. Who knows, maybe you’re the new trendsetter?

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