How to Test for Good Quality Hair Bundles?

Jan 30, 2023 Reading time : 5 min

There is no doubt that hair bundles are one of the most expensive but worthwhile investments you can make. So, naturally, you’d want to get your money’s worth. But with every hair vendor claiming that their products have good quality, it’s difficult to spot the fakes. The only way to find out is by conducting some tests.

This article provides you with a guide for that, as you get to explore various ways to test for good quality hair bundles.

Tests for Good Quality Hair Bundles

At first glance, it can be quite difficult to differentiate fake hair bundles from human hair bundles, such as UNice hair bundles. Most times, you only get to know you’ve gotten a fake one when you’ve used the hair for a while. However, you can avoid this devastating incident by conducting these tests:

The Temperature Test

One of the quickest and easiest tests you can do is the temperature test. This test involves determining the quality of your hair bundle by how it feels in your hands. To conduct this test, grab a piece of the hair bundle to check whether it feels cold. Wig bundles with good quality retain moisture which removes the heat from your hands. This results in the cold temperature you feel whenever you touch wig bundles. This test is the best in situations where you can’t conduct more extensive tests.

The Shedding Test

Hair bundles are similar to natural hair in that they are likely to shed. However, the problem lies in the amount of shedding your experience. If your hair bundle is shedding a lot, it means that it is of low quality. You can determine the shedding level by combing your fingers through the hair bundle. If it’s difficult for your hands to run through the hair easily or if it packs a lot of loose strands, then the hair is of low quality. The same applies when you’re using a comb or brush. 

The Length Percentage Test

This test is another good way to determine the quality of hair bundles. It involves checking the percentage of the number of hair strands that are the same length. To achieve this, hold your hair bundles together at the roots and keep one hand at the bottom. Lightly shake the hair and twist it around to see if you’ll experience loss of any freed hair strands. If a large amount of the hair comes loose, it means that a great percentage of the strands in your hair bundle are not the same in length. In the end, this will affect the thickness of the hair bundles from the roots to the tip. On the other hand, if you experience little to no hair loss it means that the hair bundle has a higher quality and the manufacturers have ensured that the length percentage is higher than usual.

The Tapered Test

This is similar to the length percentage test. However, it’s a more effective way to see how much of your hair bundles are the same length. Tapering occurs when manufacturers fail to pull out short strands during the wig-making process. To determine this, check if your hair bundle is thick from root to tip. You can do this by laying down your wig bundle on a flat surface and ensuring that all the hair is aligned on a flat surface. If you notice a v shape at the tip, then the hair is tapered and has low quality. 

The Burn Test

Despite the name of this test, it doesn’t require you to burn your entire hair bundle. You only need a little piece to conduct this test. This test is suitable for determining whether your hair bundle is human hair or synthetic. If it’s synthetic, it will either light up and char or become molten at the ends almost immediately after you light it up. In any of these instances, the hair will smell like burnt plastic. On the other hand, heat on human hair doesn’t go out as fast as synthetic. In most cases, you might have to blow out the flame and it smells worse than synthetic hair. 

The Wet Tangle Test

This is a water-based test that involves swishing your hair bundles in shampooed water. After doing this for a while, rinse off with clean cool water. If the hair has low quality, it will create a tangled knot near the root that can’t be removed with either brush or conditioner. 


As expensive as hair bundles can be, it’ll be a waste not to get your money’s worth. Fortunately, you no longer have to deal with the unreliable words of hair vendors. Instead, you can determine if your hair bundles have good quality by conducting simple and effective tests. These include the burn test, temperature test, length percentage test, etc. With these tests, you’re well on your way to making the best hair investments ever.

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