Brewing Potion of Weakness Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Potion of Weakness

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A big reason why minecraft is the most popular game in the world is because it offers players a unique environment to survive in and allows them to create tools, weapons and potions to survive on their own. All this is the reason why Minecraft has sold more than 300 million copies and is counted as the No. 1 unblocked game for school in the USA.

These tools also include magical elixirs or potions, which help players boost their performance while gaming competitively by providing them with various effects and buffs. 

One such potion is the potion of weakness Minecraft, which reduces a player’s melee attack damage by 4. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make a weak potion and why there is a need for such a potion in the game. 

What is the Use of Potion of Weakness Minecraft?

The potion of weakness in Minecraft reduces the melee attack damage by 4, lasting for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Not only that, but the potion affects the drinker’s enemies as well. 

The weakness potion is a kind of elixir that does not require extremely rare ingredients and can be brewed with a brewing stand. This potion is used to weaken the hostile moderators and other players in player-versus-player situations in the game. 

Given that it also impacts the potion’s host, you could argue that the potion of weakness has very little benefit on its own. However, the scale of advantage depends on how you use this weapon. You can also turn this potion into a splash potion of weakness, which can be used to throw at others and weaken them momentarily. 

Quick Tip — Witches can sometimes drop the weakness potion when defeated. 

How to Make Potion of Weakness Minecraft? 

Since the Minecraft weakness potion is not such an effective and advanced elixir, the process of brewing it is also relatively simple. Additionally, anyone with sufficient game knowledge can easily obtain the ingredients needed for the potion. 

Quick Tip — The exact duration of the weakness potion may vary depending on your version of Minecraft.

Ingredients to Make a Minecraft Potion of Weakness 

To craft a potion of weakness in Minecraft, you need 5 simple things: 

  1. Brewing Stand — Craft it with 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones.
    Brewing Stand
  2. Blaze Powder — To craft the blaze powder, place 1 blaze rod in the crafting bench, and you’ll have two Blaze powders in return.
    Blazing Powder Minecraft
  3. Water Bottle To craft a water bottle from scratch, you’ll need three glass blocks to make three bottles. Place one in each of the crafting grids to make it.
    Water Bottle
  1. Fermented Spider Eye — You can craft this ingredient by combining the Spider Eye you obtain from killing spiders with
  2. sugar and brown mushrooms. You will find the mushrooms in caves or other dark areas and sugar from sugarcane or honey bottles in the crafting bench. 
    Fermented spider eye

If you want to make the other powerful version of the potion you need the following additional Ingredients — 

  • Redstone
  • Gunpowder
  • Dragon’s Breath
Minecraft Ingredients

Once you have all the ingredients in stock, you can start brewing the potion. 

How to Make a Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

Gather all the ingredients and follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft:  

  1. Go to the brewing stand and bring up the crafting menu.
    Brewing stand of Minecraft
  1. Fuel the brewing stand with Blaze powder placed in the leftmost slot, and activate it.  
    Making a weakness potion Minecraft
  1. Add water bottles in the lower slot and add the fermented Spider eye to the brewing stand’s ingredient slot.
    Creating Awkward Potions
  1. After the brewing of the fermented Spider eyes is complete, collect the potion and store it in your inventory. 
    Minecraft weakness potion

Here, you have the weakness potion in your inventory, you can use it as an attack damage debuff for 1:30 minutes. 

It is also critical to understand how the potion works in different editions. In Java Edition (JE), the debuff reduces attack damage by 4 or 20%, with an additional 0.5 in Bedrock Edition.  

How to Make a Long-Lasting Potion of Weakness?

The ingredients you’ll need to create a potion of weakness that will last much longer are Redstone, weakness potion, and blaze powder

Here is how to make a long-lasting weakness potion:

  1. Go to the crafting menu and fuel the brewing stand with the blaze powder. 
    Brewing Stands
  1. Now, just place the Redstone in the main ingredient slot and the regular weakness potion in the bottom slot. 
    Longer lasting potion of weakness

This is how you can make a long-lasting potion of weakness. This version of the potion has a duration of 4 minutes. 

What is Splash Potion of Weakness and How to Create it? 

Players can turn their potion of weakness into a splash potion of weakness, and throw it onto their enemies, resulting in reducing their attack damage. 

To clear up any confusion, you are not required to use this potion on your character. Instead of that, you can modify it into the splash potion of weakness with just one extra ingredient. 

The fact that the tooltip presents information incorrectly to players may be the sole explanation for why fewer players utilize this potion. 

Here’s how to make splash potion of weakness:

  1. Go to your brewing stand and add blaze powder to fuel the stand.
    Making splash potion of weakness
  1. Place gunpowder in the brewing stand’s main ingredient slot. 
  1. Add potion of weakness in the bottom slot. 
    Making splash potion of weaknesss
  1. Now, just remove the potion once it’s completed. 

And now that you know how to make a splash potion of weakness, you can throw it at your enemies. It is going to weaken your enemies for 1 minute, 30 seconds. You can even enhance the potion and increase its effect time to 4 minutes. 

Quick Tip — You can’t craft gunpowder; instead, you need to gather it by looting the mob, chests, and wandering traders. 

How to Create a Lingering Potion of Weakness? 

A lingering weakness potion is quite different from a long-lasting potion. This potion produces a cloud that lingers on the affected player and weakens anyone who comes into contact with it. 

Here’s how to make a lingering weakness potion:

  1. Go to the crafting menu and fuel the brewing stand with the blaze powder. 
    Brewing Stands
  1. Add Dragon’s breath on the top ingredient slot and a splash potion of weakness in the bottom slot to create the lingering potion.
    Lingering potion of weakness

Quick Tip — The weakness potion’s attack radius is quite large, and it can affect multiple mobs. 


The potion of weakness Minecraft reduces the attack damage by 0.5 for 1 minute, 30 seconds. Knowing how to make weakness potion can prove to be beneficial for you in defeating the mobs and saving the zombie village. 

The potion may not appear to do much, but once you have figured out how to make a splash potion of weakness, you can use it to your advantage.  

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you get a witch to throw a weakness potion?

If the player is within a three-block radius, witches have a 25% chance of throwing a splash potion of weakness; this will also happen if the player has more than eight hearts.

Does the potion of weakness work on mobs?

Using the potion on your opponent’s player or mobs is one of the best uses for it, but you must remember that it does not affect bosses or passive mobs.

How to make a fermented Spider eye?

Fermented Spider eye is an important ingredient if you are making the weakness potion. To make this ingredient, you’ll need 1 sugar, 1 mushroom, and 1 spider eye. Place them in the 3×3 crafting grid and you’ll have the fermented Spider eye.

How to make the Dragon’s breath?

You have to scoop up the Ender Dragon’s breath attack in an empty bottle. 


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