What Does the Future Hold for Slot Gamers?

future of slot games
Apr 29, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

If you have ever visited a land-based or online casino and thought there were a lot of slot machines, you would be absolutely right. The reason there are so many of these games at casinos is because a lot of people like playing slot machines.

The number of people who enjoy them is going up with every passing year. This growth in slot gaming truly exploded with the arrival of widespread internet access and online casino, but they have always been popular games.

In the pre-internet days they could be found everywhere from casinos to gaming arcades and bars. Now in the digital era, the best ones like the Starburst slot come with amazing features like Win Both Ways and are played by millions of people across the globe.

What does the future hold in store for slot games and their fans though? That is what this article will explore.

Virtual Reality

Some aspects of what the future holds for slot games are up for debate, but the role that virtual reality technology will play in it is really not. This tech is one that is seen as being central to every genre of game over the next few years.

What it amounts to is digital worlds that can simulate the real one in total immersion, three-dimensional fashion. This illusion is achieved through the use of headsets.

There can be no doubt that VR is going to be a part of the next stage in slot gaming and it will have impacts for the market and for players. The ability to bring the themes to life in three-dimensional ways is certain to further boost the number of people who want to play them, as it will clearly make the experience more fun for the players.

Artificial Intelligence

The fact that there are hundreds of slot games at every casino site can mean players have to spend a lot of time filtering through the lists to find ones that appeal. But what if the sites were able to offer personalized recommendations based on hard data about each player?

That is how the sites intend to use artificial intelligence to improve the user experience. Its machine learning will harvest data regarding what slot games each player at a casino site plays and enjoys before using it to create those customized promotions. 

This will help players get to the best slots for them more quickly each time they log into their favorite site. Most slot fans will welcome that.

Incorporating Skill

Slot machines are one of the casino games that owe more to luck than skill, similar to roulette or craps. That marks them out from the poker and blackjack card games where ability and strategy have more of a say in whether a player wins or loses.

The simple luck-based play of slots has helped to make them popular, but paradoxically it also limits their appeal. People who want to have greater control over their fate when gaming are drawn more to games that involve strategic play and skill.

There are indications that the future for slot games could see elements added that require more skill. It is likely that they will take the form of bonus games where players have to use sharp reflexes, close control or problem-solving to win payouts. 

The issue for the creators of the games will be to make these challenging enough to attract people who like strategic and skill games without making them so hard that they alienate existing slot fans. It will be fascinating to see if they succeed in that task.

Embrace of NFTs and Tokens

As slot games start to incorporate more features that require skill from the player, they may also adopt other elements from video games. One of the possibilities is the inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as in-game features to be traded for other assets or claimed as prizes.

If this does turn out to be part of the future for slot gamers it will be because the casino sites have become more open to blockchain tech. That is a decentralized ledger recording online transactions and it is used for both cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

There are certainly observers predicting that this will be one of the big trends in slot gaming before the end of 2024. Blockchain has definite advantages in terms of security and the use of NFTs could attract more crypto fans to start playing slot games. 

It would add some real complexity and depth to the gaming too, which can only enhance slot play for everyone.

It will be interesting to see where things stand with online slots by the end of this year and whether any of these possible future trends have become part of them.