How to Maximize Your Sales by Unlocking Cell Phones

By Kamal
Maximize Sales Through Mobile
Oct 18, 2021 Reading time : 5 min

When looking to buy wholesale unlocked cell phones that are not tied into a contract with anyone carrier, finding your way around different providers and models can be overwhelming. 

Unlocking your cell phone is something that you should consider when buying new and used mobile phones in bulk quantities. This will allow you to maximize your sales and reach more customers who may want to unlock their mobile devices themselves or purchase an unlocked device directly from you!

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Additional Benefits of Unlocking Cell Phones:

There may be some legal issues if you choose to sell factory unlocked smartphones without an agreement directly through your business. Even though it is not considered illegal, there could be disputes regarding the warranty on the phone if it were to be considered stolen (if it’s “locked” with an AT&T account, for example), and the buyer would not want to purchase it.

You can sell unlocked cell phones anywhere you choose. There is no need to worry about where a phone will be used. It will work on any GSM network around the world. For example, if you sell in Los Angeles but your customer is in Paris, they won’t have a problem using their new phone once you receive payment.

If the device is locked to a specific service provider, unlocking allows its user to use SIM cards from competing carriers that operate on different networks. For example, users who own an iPhone 3G, which AT&T locks, can switch SIM cards to T-Mobile and vice versa.

If someone buys new phones, unlocked cell phone models will allow them to use them on any local carrier that uses SIM cards (GSM) for prepaid or postpaid plans. This is especially practical if your business operates both locally and globally.

What Do You Need To Unlock Cellphones?

You can unlock cellphones in different ways depending on what type of phone you have: Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows mobile phones, Palm Pre/Pixi, or Blackberry. Although each device has a different way to be unlocked, they all require a few things, to begin with. 

When unlocking your cell phone, some services will help you do this for a fee, or you can do it yourself, but there’s always a risk that your phone may get locked again if done incorrectly.

Unlock Online

Unlock your cellphone online but be careful when selecting an unlocking service because not all services are legitimate and reliable. 

In most cases, the people who want unlocked cellphones want them because they want to switch from one provider to another without having a new phone in their hand. It means that they might have to pay a termination fee first. This is where you step in and help unlock the phone for a small fee/commission through your business as an added service to your customers who may be locked into another provider but want to continue using their older devices.

Beware of Free Unlocking

In some cases, unlocking cell phones can be free. However, these methods may be illegal. Those phones may have been stolen from other people, so those services need to make a profit by making you pay a recurring subscription-based fee or a one-time low cost that you will need to pay before unlocking your cell phone software. 

For this reason, you must research online thoroughly about the best places to unlock cellphones. There should not be any contracts involved if it is done correctly.

How to Unlock Apple iPhones

You can unlock your Apple iPhone through a local provider or online through a trustworthy supplier. The latter can provide you with all the needed unlock code and instructions for doing this correctly and in the safest possible way, but be careful when selecting an unlocking service because not all of them are created equally! 

These service providers need to make money somehow, so they may charge you monthly fees for them to help you out with unlocking your Apple iPhones, whether it’s done by software or hardware, whichever works best for your phones type.

Bypassing iTunes Activation Screen on Any iOS Device 

If you have purchased an Apple iPhone from someone else before, but the previous owner forgot to remove the iPhone’s activation screen and you had to enter your Apple ID and password before using it for the first time, then they have most likely tied it with their own Apple ID account. 

When this happens, they will most likely want you to pay them a small fee so that they can ‘assist’ you by removing these barriers so that you may use your iPhone without any problems.

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