How Tech Can Aid Your Day at the Races

Technology Can Help at Races
Dec 18, 2023 Reading time : 3 min

A day at the races is a pastime that millions of people from around the world enjoy every year. One of the best parts of a day at the races is that you don’t need to be a horse racing expert to enjoy yourself. From wagering on names, colors, and more, you can have fun without diving too deep.

However, thanks to different technological advances, people can now get more out of their day at the races, and potentially give themselves a chance of winning something.

Betting Ahead of Your Day Out

The biggest way that tech can help you out is by allowing you to place your wagers before you go to the track. Placing online bets on horse racing means you can enjoy the day ahead and know that your money is down. You don’t need to worry about the time of each race starting, getting a bet on, and missing out on any of the fun you are having, as most big meets will be covered by ante-post markets.

Whether it is time to eat, drink, or do just be social with your group, if your bets are placed, you can continue your fun and not have to worry about coming away to wager. There’s even the possibility that you could give yourself more chance of winning thanks to online offers that are in place or increase your winnings by taking a bigger price on your wager ahead of time, rather than shorter prices at the track.

Use Technology to Study the Cards Beforehand

One of the most frustrating elements of being at a race meeting and placing your bets on each race is the time between them. Usually, this is around 30 minutes, which sounds like enough time, but often it isn’t.

For example, during these 30 minutes, you may need to collect winnings from a previous race, go and buy a drink or food and then have them, while also needing to find time to look at the next race. You no longer need to do this, and it is thanks to technology.

Racecards can be studied beforehand if you would like to save time by picking out your selections in advance. If you are placing your bets before you go, then you certainly need to do this. We have all seen the Apple v Android battle that has been taking place and this has really helped mobile phones improve at a rapid rate.

This means that things like race cards for the day after are all available to view in your leisure. This could be in your break time at work, on the commute home, or just while you are on the sofa. Whenever this is, you are likely to have more time than you will at the racecourse, during those 30-minute intervals between races.

With so much to do on the day, finding things that can be done beforehand will really help you manage your time and have a great day. Both studying the runners and placing your bets can be done ahead of arrival if you want to, and they will certainly give you time to focus on other things.

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