How to Write Effective AI Articles Featuring Autoblogging

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Aug 24, 2023 Reading time : 5 min

Key Takeaways

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence generators like Autoblogging is a great way for producing articles in bulk. 
  • Tips like editing AI-written articles, choosing the appropriate format, and having a solid idea help to create quality content. 
  • Experimenting with the default settings such as setting a tone will help in leveraging its full potential 
  • Following these tips will help you in creating better AI-written articles both at large scale and individually.

AI writing can be a great way to bulk-produce articles for your website, whether that is blog content or simple product descriptions. Of course, just throwing a prompt into an AI generator is not always enough – certain tricks can dramatically improve the result.

Platforms like Autoblogging are a great way to get started with it for your business, but you want to come prepared. 

Here are some tricks that can help you create much better AI articles, both at a large scale and individually.

Have a Solid Idea

It is easy to assume that AI articles are as easy as plugging in some keywords, but it is often a lot better to have at least a paragraph or two as a starting point. Not only does this give it some more context, but also set the tone for the entire rest of the essay. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your initial paragraph will provide all the necessary arguments, critiques, or whatever information that you want to convey.  A vague, disorganized, or cliché intro will create a negative impression. 

In the age where people are always on the go, users usually read the first few lines of an essay and only proceed further if it interests them. If your chosen AI platform allows you to insert a starting paragraph, do not hesitate to write one. Leverage this option to make your write-up stand apart from other competitors. 

This can be a good way to guide it into writing the exact content you want, rather than having to write a generic one using only a vague title as a guideline.

Not only this sets the intent of your write-up but writing the introduction gives it a human touch. This makes people trust your content more and ensure that more readers are landing on your site/page. 

The below statistics highlight the projected growth of the Global AI writing assistant software market from 2021 to 2030. 


Edit AI Articles

Always go back and edit the write-up that you have generated. This does not have to be major edits, just simple checks to ensure that nothing has been generated incorrectly or placed in the wrong way.

This can be especially necessary if you are writing essays about something highly specific within your industry since there is a higher chance of mistakes from the platform. Sometimes a simple check is all it takes to notice a spelling error or a flaw in how it is written.

For instance, Gizmodo, a popular media house company, recently posted an AI-written article on its website. The respective article had a backlash due to lots of factual errors. However, the company accepted that the piece was not viewed or touched by any of its writers. 

The above real incident showcases that AI programs are not something that you can fully rely on. Make sure to fully go through the essay before posting it anywhere.

Interesting Fact
 CNET, an American media website also faced the same issues where 41 out of 77 published stories (AI written) were filled with errors. 

Choose the Appropriate Format

More advanced AI platforms like are ideal for generating various kinds of content, but others may not have a clear distinction. It is vital to specify what you are looking for. A how-to article will be written very differently from a product review, even if they are for the same business.

This is pertinent for marketing material. Generating ad copy for an email might require a different focus from ad copy for a blog post, so use its full potential to your advantage. 

Even a small adjustment to your initial prompt’s structure can have a huge impact on the essay that you get back.

Experiment With Settings

Many Artificial Intelligence tools, like the AI Autoblogging platform, offer a lot of different features and settings, ranging from different writing tones to specific generation options. These can be intimidating at first, but it is often a good idea to experiment with them whenever you get the chance.

Understanding more about these tools can allow you to use them to their fullest potential and might help you produce better essays overall. For example, if you use as your main AI tool, not using the extra features means that you are barely even using half of the platform.

Sticking with default settings can give you good content, but you might miss out on more effective generation options or even features that are specifically meant to polish up completed AI articles.

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