Android vs iOS Development: Which Platform to Choose for Development First?

Android vs iOS Development
Sep 14, 2021 Reading time : 3 min

If your startup is about creating a mobile application, then one of the first questions that need to be solved is – on which platform to implement it?  So today we are going to take a look at android vs ios development.

Even if the startup budget allows you to invest in the development of both platforms, it would be wise to start with one and then proceed with the next:

 * you will spend a lot of money and time on development, save your resources

 * the goal of a startup is to get the first customers and, based on feedback, improve the product.  If you are implementing an application on two platforms at once, be prepared for increased costs.

 What to do:

 1) create a working prototype or MVP of the application

 2) bring to market

 3) collect feedback

 4) fix problems

 5) you can go to another platform, expanding your audience reach

Which Platform Should You Choose?

 If you have decided that it is more expedient for your project to start implementation on one platform, then it’s time to choose it.  There is no unequivocal answer, which platform is better and more profitable, it all depends on the specifics of the business model.

 We’ll cover the factors to navigate without personal preference for iOS or Android.

 If you want to sell something to a user, think like a user.

Factors the Buyer Pays Attention to:

 * Apple is a perfectionist, the company works very carefully on each new model.  And Android gives you the ability to customize the system “for yourself”, including installing launchers.

 * iPhone apps are of better quality and design is more sophisticated.

 Conclusion: an application on iOS should be made by professionals to match the level of Apple and get carte blanche from the App Store.

 * Fast updates on iOS.  They come out regularly and are immediately available to all customers for all available devices.  Updates for Android take a long time, which slows down the download of new applications.

 Conclusion: app users are more active on iOS since there are no problems with updates.  The new application will “pull” any iPhone model.

 * User-friendly interface on iOS.  Successful people choose in favor of iOS because the system has a usability interface and saves time for performing an action.


 * Conclusion: if your target is just such people, the choice is obvious.

 * iOS is safer than Android.  

This is due to the already known point about strict verification from the App Store.  The likelihood of getting a couple of viruses after downloading the application does not attract users at all.  The Google market has collected many different applications, including low-quality ones, in turn, the App Store conducts pre-moderation of all new products.  This indicates a quality approach and level of monitoring of all products.

 * Conclusion: if your product is going to occupy the niches of both markets, try to make quality products for both OSs.

 * Who wins?  As always in business, there is no definite answer.  While there are more arguments to support iOS, the specifics of your business and market may tell you the opposite.

 * Really good advice that we can give – analyze the situation from different angles and draw conclusions!
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