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Sep 28, 2023 Reading time : 7 min

Do you want to increase the number of likes and visitors to your YouTube channel, and grow your business? Are you not sure how to get more subscribers and get the attention of more visitors? YouTube uses SEO (search engine optimization), so you need to learn about optimizing your videos the right way to get top ranking. If you optimize your videos well they can become the first few ones to find the fastest after a simple and organic keyword search. This research done by Lensa would be your guide to a high YouTube ranking.

Your video can achieve top ranking on YouTube if you follow a few important steps. You should start by optimizing your keyword research, the next step is optimizing your video, finally, you need to boost your video and track your business visibility and ranking. You can use free online software to help you with the first step, optimizing your keyword research.

Optimizing Keyword Research

First, go to the free digital marketing and SEO platform, can, click on YouTube, then to YouTube Keyword Research Tool where you can enter your video title for search. Why is this a great tool? Because it is free and can suggest over 300 keywords to apply to your video. You can get plenty of topics and ideas to choose what you most like. YouTube channels with a bigger following can choose medium to high-difficulty keywords. 

Let’s say you have a smaller following, below 1,000 subscribers, try to find low-difficulty keywords. Make sure to create videos using these in the beginning. Your goal is to rank and break the YouTube search algorithm, and you can only do it this way. So, with small channels, use low difficulty, but with big channels use medium-thigh difficulty keywords. 

Morningfame is a keyword tool for YouTube that helps you find topics you use to create high-performing videos and increase your views. When you click on Topic and search for your desired title. Then, you are directed to watch many videos, but you should pick the Gateway Video. You will need to target and pass through this video. Depending on your channel size, audience and following, compare it to the gateway videos and choose your keywords accordingly. 

Creating Your YouTube Video

If you are just starting on YouTube, you need to create a YouTube channel, then a video, to upload to your channel. It is okay if you are a starter because you need to plan your SEO before you create a video. In your video, you have to focus on two things. The first is to repeat your target keyword often, it can help your audience to understand and focus on your video content better. The other important tip is, don’t forget to create an impressive introduction!

This is pivotal to maintaining the interest of your visitors so they would watch your video until the end. It should be your aim to enhance the length of your view as much as possible, to give YouTube the idea that your video is performing well. After you record your video, you can start optimizing it! You need to focus on three things, your given title, the description, and the thumbnail. How you combine these three is the most important thing on YouTube. 

Tags are also important, but they don’t help your audience much to find your video much. They can be the most effective when your videos are frequently misspelled. But tags are not as crucial as you may think, and they can be added only with one click. So again, you need to focus on optimizing your title, thumbnail, and main description the best you can. To do this, go back to and click on step number 4, Optimize Your Metadata. 

Further Steps…

Here, you can see the Title, the Description which you can add, and the Tags automatically generated for you. You can just copy the tags and paste them into your video tags. To create an optimal Title, you should mention your target keyword in the beginning, then a catchy line to grab your viewers’ attention like How to Get Best Results or 10 Steps to Achieve $100 per Day, etc. will advise you to write a shorter title if yours is too long. 

After this, you can go to the Description box. You have to put your target keyword in the first paragraph of your description! A great feature in is that you can highlight your keyword. You should mention tags in your videos! They do this on most social media platforms today. So, you should mention both hashtags and the target keyword in your description. They will show in percentage how well they are optimized, under Description.   

It will indicate how you can improve your description. You can add your hashtags at the end of your Description box. By clicking on the show under the Description box, it will give you extra related hashtags. When you open your YouTube video, you will see your hashtags under your video. So, now you are done optimizing your title and description, you only have a thumbnail left. By scrolling down on the same page, you can see where to add a YouTube thumbnail at the bottom.

YouTube Thumbnail

If you click on show sizes, it will show you different sizes of how your video will look on your mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. This way, you can exactly see the way your YouTube video will appear, before publishing it. If you don’t like your thumbnail, you can adjust or change it here. Please note that you can only use by invitation only. So you should ask for someone you know for an invitation code, or look one up online, to join the site.  

Tracking and Boosting Your Video

You should strive to boost your video by tracking it. You can easily do so by going to your web browser to check your ranking on YouTube. Open an incognito window in your browser, go to YouTube, and search for your keyword. Then, you can see whether your video got top-ranking or not. You can try a VPN connection, or whatever you may use in your country. These have been the basic methods you can do with fewer videos. But if you have many, try the following.

Tubebuddy is for advanced YouTubers. In Search Rank Tracking, you can add as many keywords as you like, to track. It can be around 50-100 per video. The keyword tracking feature is not free here, unfortunately. But you can always check availability and fresh developments, as some users are willing to make their tools free! By boosting your video, you can promote it outside YouTube as well. 

YouTube will recognize that your video is getting traffic from outside the platform as well. So it helps your business if you show your video on all your social media platforms. You could use to share your video on each of your social sites, with only one click. You only need to select your pages and groups, paste your link, and post your video on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on…
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