How to Look for a Reasonable Bargain When Buying a Rolex Watch

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Best Bargain When Buying Rolex
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Although Rolex watches are luxuries and tend to be pricey, you can search for a reasonable bargain from authentic vendors. The Rolex watch prices have been increasing from time to time, and it might be related to the cost of production and the prestige associated with the watch. Rolex watch price in Singapore depends on the watch time and whether it is new or second-hand. Here are useful tips you should consider when purchasing a Rolex watch.

Types of Rolex Watches and Their Prices

The Rolex submariners cost between $8100 and 36 950. Over time, the watch does appreciate it, and it might be wise to buy a new watch instead of going for an old one. The Rolex Datejust collection costs between $6500 and $14500, and they ate the most versatile watches. The prices would depend on the different sizes, material options, and dial. The watches are made of a smooth bezel in stainless steel or a fluted bezel in gold. On the other hand, Rolex GMT Master costs between $9,700 and 39, 900 depending on the watch size, material, and type.

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How a Rolex Price Is Determined

Whether the Watch is New or Old

New watches can be cheap as Rolex price appreciates with time. Therefore it might be wise to buy a new watch instead of going for second-hand watches. Again, the new watch might be more functional than a thrift watch as it is made with precision.


When buying second-hand Rolex watches, it would be wise to check their condition to make or break their value. You can assess its functionality and aesthetics when buying the watch as they contribute to the price. It would be wise to buy the watch from recognized buyers who price it reasonably using the true fair market value. The better the watch’s condition, the higher its value; again, vintage watches can be costly as they are aesthetically attractive.

Original Features and Authenticity

The price of an authentic Rolex and circa-correct watch will differ greatly for different pre-owned watches. Circa-correct Rolex watches boast the components which are correct for the period in which it was manufactured. It means the watch still has original factory parts; however, it may be difficult to know if its components have been replaced with identical components from the same era. The circa-correct watches are pricey as they are original, and you might pay more if the watch does not have signs of wear and tear.

An authentic Rolex is genuine, and Rolex makes all its components with no custom parts. A watch can be authentic without being circa-correct. This happens when new original Rolex components have replaced the broken parts. The new replacement can reduce the value of the Rolex watch, and it would be wise to go for authentic Rolex watches when buying from a thrift shop.

Final Thoughts

Rolex prices vary from one watch model to another. New watches might be cheaper than old vintage Rolex phones, and you should choose one which meets your needs. It would be wise to go for circa-correct or authentic Rolex phones when buying from a thrift store. Again, you should check if the deal is acknowledged in the field; good luck buying a Rolex phone that meets your needs.

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