Make Your Own Order Form

Create an Order Form
Jan 3, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

Many companies are trying different and appealing ways to attract customers and improve their satisfaction. This also helps to build stronger customer relationships. One such way is using an order form that helps the companies in accepting orders and process payment effectively. This makes the process faster and improves customer satisfaction. 

To create an order form, you don’t have to go to an expert, it can simply be done on Google Forms, Acrobat, MS Word, or other platforms. Here, we are going to share the complete process, some top-notch tips, and other information.

How to Create an Order Form in Google Forms?

The steps for designing an online order form using Google Forms are given below so that you can track the responses of your customers and make the purchasing process easy:

  1. Open the Google Forms and click on the “+” icon to open a blank sheet or select something from the given templates.
    Open Google Forms and click on plus icon
  1. Now, enter details in the required fields and customize the form’s design and layout as per the branding and aesthetics of your business.
    Enter the details
  1. Preview and test your form to make sure it is working properly.
    Preview and test the form
  1. Finally, you can share it with your buyers and analyze their responses with the help of Google Forms tracking and analytics features.
    Analyze the responses

Apart from Google Forms, you can also use PDF editors like Acrobat or MS Word to design an order form for your business.

Tips to Design an Attractive Order Form

Template of an Order Form

A properly drafted business card can make a great difference for your company by leaving a positive impact and improving customer relations. You can easily create an attractive and promotional order form by following these tips: 

  • Focus on the Facts

    A simple Black-and-white piece of paper will not serve you well. It should be something that will grab clients’ attention. A logo, headers, and footers should be included, as well as the right colors and styling. You do not need to go overboard but ensure the appearance is both professional and appealing. 

  • Keep Order Form Simple

    Avoid putting a bunch of unnecessary information on it. Make it informative and simple. The filler can better understand what is being asked for if you have a specific design method. Ensure that your tone is straightforward so that the buyer understands. 

  • Add Complete Contact Information

    In addition to the company name and address, make sure the same information as the phone numbers, email addresses, web addresses, fax numbers, and most importantly, the toll-free number appears. We have provided some key information that’s important to any prospective client wishing to inquire about our products. Your firm’s working hours and days of operation should be included as well. 

  • Don’t Forget Additional Details

    Add the final offer’s confirmation, guarantee, taxes, and perks to a receipt declaration to summarize your final offer. By applying a company stamp or seal to the guarantee, it will appear more official. Clients will be more likely to trust the company as a result. 

  • Leave a Blank Space at the End

    Always remember to leave some blank lines on your order form for your clients to complete. A client might have certain points to make regarding the order and would like to relay them in writing. The order form can be used for both options. Customers will certainly be pleased with this benefit. 

Through these aforementioned practical tips, you can surely leave a lasting impression on your customers, which will lead to more business.

When Can You Use an Order Form?

An order form is useful whenever a customer wants to purchase some goods or services, whether online or in person. Some common scenarios are discussed below:

  • E-commerce Websites

    The form is essential for these websites, which allows buyers to purchase goods or services online. It collects the required information regarding the order and delivers the product to the buyer.

  • Phone or Email Orders

    An order form can gather all the necessary details like the product requested, contact information, payment details, delivery address, etc. when a buyer makes orders via phone or email. 

  • Trade Shows or Exhibitions

    At trade shows or exhibitions, the order form helps the buyers in placing the order on the spot. This captures information and places the order quickly. 

  • Custom Orders

    An order form can also be helpful when a customer wants to buy a customized order, such as personalized merchandise or custom-built furniture. The form lets the manufacturers understand the customer’s needs. 

A Guide to Proper Purchase Order Forms

Template of a Purchase Order Form

When it comes to any kind of purchasing, deciding what we want to buy is one of the first things we should consider. Common household items like grocery items can easily be explained as a result of this phenomenon. Making a list that is suitable for our needs and then buying what we want are the steps in the process. By doing this, we make sure that nothing important or necessary for the house is missed. 

Nevertheless, this list becomes more complex when it comes to corporations. Here is where you will need to use purchase order forms. Any company that goes out to purchase should fill out the correct purchase orders before making the purchase. Purchasing departments typically handle this task. A company will usually check the prices of an article compared to the price in the market before purchasing a product. It is generally the case that companies go with the cheapest ones, but they also give a lot of attention to the quality of the product. As a result, the companies can minimize their losses and would-be waste. 

In response to an order, sellers provide samples of invoices. To help companies process their purchases, as well as to keep track of their expenses, the companies need to do this. Modifications can be made to a purchase order after a sample invoice has been obtained. Negotiation between the companies and the sellers will affect the sale amount. Each type and nature of the product has its own set of requests that are based entirely upon the type and nature of the product being dealt with. It also has to do with making money on the market by selling products that are in demand by consumers.

Final Words

In this article, we got to know how to make an order form with easy steps. Apart from this, we also provided several tips and related information to make your work easier. A well-designed order form not only records the customers’ orders but also reduces the risk of miscommunication. You can add a layer of professionalism with design elements on these forms to create a brand identity

So, show your creative skills and design an order form for your business!

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