Types of Websites: 5 Most Popular

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Types of Popular Websites

 There are so many websites today, and this number is growing every second.  If you need a tool for the development and promotion of your business on the Internet, then first of all it is advisable to figure out which specific site you need.

 All sites differ in their functionality, tasks performed, purpose, and other technical and not only characteristics.

 Of course, any classification is to some extent arbitrary, since sites of seemingly different types can often have some similarities.  Moreover, in practice, it is not uncommon to find combined websites.

Site Business Card

 A business card site is, one might say, the ancestor of the Internet.  It was this type of site that stood at the dawn of the birth of the global network.  Of course, now such business pages have been visually transformed, they have become more beautiful and more elegant.  But the essence remained the same.

 What is a business card site?  These are just a few pages: company information, information on products sold, services provided, and contact details such as healthcare website design.


  • Low cost of creation.
  • Quick start.
  • It is possible to upgrade to more advanced types of websites (but this possibility should be discussed in advance).

Corporate Website

 A corporate site is understood as a multifunctional site of an organization, the purpose of which is both to deliver information to the client and to directly pursue commercial goals.  That is, this is a site that works for your business.

 If we compare it with the previous type of website – a business card, we get the following analogy.  There you handed a small business card and said goodbye in the hope that someday you will be remembered.  Here you immediately give the most complete amount of information, almost a book, which has everything to solve the client’s needs.  This is not just a business card, it is already a full-fledged office with all its advantages, such as social media design.


  • Centralized storage of detailed information about the company, goods, and services.
  • A large amount of helpful information to support the user.
  • Various help services for choosing goods and services: calculators and the like.
  • The ability to interact among employees of the organization with each other through internal services.
  • Active customer acquisition due to customer focus.


 The portal is, in fact, a highly pumped and improved corporate site.  This type of site is aimed at a much wider range of users and is designed to make their life much easier in all available ways.

 An example of the functionality of the portal: posting and displaying photos, audio, and video in the form of convenient galleries and playlists, reading, viewing and listening online, forums, blogs, and user diaries, ratings, voting, a commenting and comment management system, exchange of personal messages between users, and so on  Further.

Website Service

 Service is usually focused on solving one or more of the same type of client needs.

 The best example would be online consultants.  Probably, each of us met on modern site pop-up windows with an appeal from managers or a proposal to enter your number so that we would quickly call back and advise.  So, such online helpers are an example of service – a kind of site that provides services to meet a specific user’s need.

Site Directory

 A catalog means a site with a showcase of goods but without the ability to add them to the cart and place an order.  The purchase of goods from the catalog is made via e-mail, telephone, or other means of contacting the owner of the resource.

 It is worth noting that at this point in time, a catalog site is not the best solution for a business (except for catalogs with expensive goods, such as special equipment, cars, etc.).

 However, which site to create is up to you.  The main thing is to decide for what purpose and for what purpose the site is being created.

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