11 Top Free Websites to Download Your Favourite Music Right Away

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Free Websites to Download Your Favourite Music Right Away
Jan 15, 2024 Reading time : 8 min

Are you a Musicophile and looking for free music? The internet is full of websites that offer downloadable music for nothing. But not all of them are genuine ones. To help you out, here is a list of 11 websites where you can find legal music at no cost.

Through these sites, you will be able to download free music in mp3 and other formats and play them on your computer, phone or any other device. 

List of Best & Free Music Download Sites

Site NameAdvantages Disadvantages
JamendoMost Trending MusicFilter recently added songsFilter by artist’s name Jamendo exclusive radio channelsRegistration is requiredFree download only for Mp3 music

Unlimited music for freeIncludes Creative Commons SectionTrending music from new and old artistsPlay option before downloadingSign-in RequiredDifficult to search music
AmazonLegal download optionsVarious filters to sort out musicPlay music before downloadingFilters to refine downloaded contentRegistration requiredDownloading can be confusingNot all tracks are for free
Bandcamp“Name your Price Feature”Discover Best-selling musicMany free tracks Various downloading formatsVarious filters and sorting options includedNot all the music is for free
SoundClickDownload music from artist’s websiteMany free downloadable tracksA wide collection of songs for each genreCustom radio stations Interact with other listenersTheme-based e-cardsNot all the music is available for freeNo separate page for free music.Songs can’t be played before downloading
AudiomackCompletely legal and free streamingTrending and Top Songs sectionDedicated page for “Recently Added” page.Various filters for easy browsingNot every songs can be downloaded
Internet Archive’s Audio ArchiveMillions for free downloadDifferent genres and artistsDownload formats like MP3 and OGGRequires registrationNot every track is downloadable
SpinrillaIncludes hip-hop mixtapesVarious browsing optionsFew seconds download optionApps for Android and iOSNot all songs are downloadable
MusopenLegal and copyright-free musicMusic discovery toolPreview without registrationOnline radio Registration is required for downloadLimit on number of free downloads
Last.fmDifferent browsing optionsDownload with one clickRecommendations of bandsPreview before downloadingDownload without registrationDifficult to find free musicOnly mp3 songs available 
ReverbnationIncludes brands like Imagine Dragons Discover page to find new downloadsCharts page to search genresNot all songs are available for freeNeeds user-account to download 
  1. Jamendo


The free music downloads available at Jamendo are protected by a Creative Commons license which means the music offered on the website can be safely downloaded at no cost. At Jamendo, you can:

  • Discover new music by viewing the most popular music and the songs that are trending. 
  • Use the latest music filter to see recently added songs. 
  • Search for artists to see if their music is available for download.
  • Find great music by listening to one of the Jamendo radio channels.

Disadvantage– Only mp3 music is available to download for free and you will need a user account to download the music. 


  1. SoundCloud


One of the best free music download sites, SoundCloud lets you stream and download limitless songs and music for free. At SoundCloud, you can:

  • Find music by browsing through the Creative Commons Section or look for music tagged as free.
  • Get music downloads from famous and upcoming artists. 
  • Play the track before downloading it.
  • Unlimited content to choose and download from.

Disadvantage– You need to log in to download music and finding the required files can be difficult to some extent.


  1. Amazon

Amazon.com is another free music downloader where you will find numerous music files to download. Also, it provides one of the legal ways to download your favourite music on your device. At Amazon, you can:

  • See all the free music downloads by choosing a genre or sorting by popularity, release date, length of the song, reviews, or in alphabetical order by title, artist, or album.
  • Play the songs before downloading them.
  • Use filters to refine the list of downloads.

Disadvantage– You will need to log in to your Amazon account to download the music and the download process may be quite confusing. Only the music through the link is available for free.


  1. Bandcamp


Bandcamp makes it easy for you to download music online by using the ‘name your price’ feature in the setting. You can put a zero in the payment box and download songs for free. Here you can:

  • Use the Discover page to find the best-selling music in addition to new arrivals and songs recommended by artists. 
  • Download lots of songs and music for free.
  • Download music in a number of formats available.
  • Use a number of sorting and filtering options.

Disadvantage– Not every song is available for free on Bandcamp and you have to mention clearly that you are not paying for the music to get it for free.


  1. SoundClick


It is the best site to download the music directly from the artist’s websites. Music of several artists is available to download for free on this platform. SoundClick also lets you buy licensed songs or download the free ones in a legal way. Here, you can:

  • Explore the huge collection of songs as per the genres.
  • Create custom radio stations, interact with other listeners and much more.
  • Download without signing in.
  • Send personalized e-cards with themes such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day or party with any background music of your choice on SoundClick.

Disadvantage– Not every song on SoundClick is free and you don’t get a separate page dedicated to free music. Furthermore, some songs can be streamed only but you cannot download them.


  1. Audiomack


Audiomack is the most fitting option if you are interested in new music. Along with a user-friendly interface, all the songs available on the website are completely legal as well as free to stream. By using Audiomack, you can:

  • Search for songs, albums, and artists or browse the Trending or Top Songs sections.
  • Use the Recently Added page to find all the newest music at Audiomack.
  • Use filters and browse for free music effortlessly.
  • Download the files without needing a user account.

Disadvantage– Not every song can be downloaded and there is no easy way to find free music.


  1. Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

internet archive audio

It is the best online platform to get millions of free downloads of music, audio, radio programs, podcasts and Live Music Archive. Internet Archive’s Audio Archive lets you:

  • Sort the free music downloads by most viewed items, title, date published, or creator.
  • Find all kinds of artists with free music downloads including Jack Johnson, Grateful Dead, and Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Download free music in multiple formats like MP3 and OGG.

Disadvantage– It necessitates creating a user account to download single-tracks and not every track can be downloaded.


  1. Spinrilla


With Spinrilla, you get access to free hip-hop mixtape downloads. You can browse by the mixtape name, single or chart, this month or all the time. The website navigation is easy and straightforward. To download individual songs, you will need a user account. Spinrilla allows you to:

  • Download the whole album in just a few seconds without a user account.
  • View the mixtapes that are going to be released in the coming days.
  • Music can be downloaded from the website as well as apps for Andriod and iOS.

Disadvantage– Not all songs can be downloaded.


  1. Musopen


If you are looking for free, legal or copyright-free music, Musopen is for you. Listen to the music online or download it on your device. To find free music, you can browse by composer, performer, form, or time duration or do the search manually. Apart from this, you can:

  • Use the music discovery tool to find and download songs online.
  • Preview music without logging in.
  • Use the online radio option from your computer or through the classical radio mobile app.

Disadvantage– You cannot download music without a user account and there is a limit to the number of songs you can download per day. 


  1. Last.fm


Last.fm is another great option if you want to download music from all genres. Here, you can:

  • Browse free downloads by category, new releases, coming soon or others.
  • Download the song with just one click.
  • Stream thousands of songs and get recommendations of bands you’ll love.
  • Preview the songs before downloading them.
  • Download without a user account.

Disadvantage– It is not easy to seek free music and the songs are available only in mp3 format.


  1. Reverbnation


For music downloads from the new artists or from those you don’t yet know about, Reverbnation is a good choice. You will find songs of popular brands like Imagine Dragons only on Reverbnation. Here you can:

  • Use the Discover page to look for new downloads.
  • Use the Charts page to search the songs by genre.
  • Stream all the sought-after music.

Disadvantage– Some music can only be downloaded with a user account and not all songs can be downloaded for free.


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