15 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Custom Comments (Real & Instant)

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Are you on TikTok and you hardly gain good engagement for your videos? Getting real engagement is what you need to keep your profile credible and active with the right audience. TikTok is a platform where you can post entertaining videos, chat and meet with new people across the globe. Social Media has gradually changed the way people communicate and disperse information. Brands and businesses can now make use of TikTok as a platform for advertising, marketing, and connecting with their audience. So if you need the right engagement for your brand it is recommended you buy TikTok custom comments. We have handpicked some trusted and reliable sites where you can buy real and instant TikTok custom comments. 

Verified Sites to Buy TikTok Custom Comments

You do not need to worry about searching for trusted and reliable sites to buy TikTok custom comments. We have searched for you and selected the best among several others. They are all affordable and deliver instantly.

Tiktok  Custom Comments

Socialplug.io is our best choice site for individuals that want to buy TikTok custom comments for their TikTok accounts. If you are looking for the best site for authentic TikTok custom comments then you can trust Socialplug.io for the best TikTok services. Socialplug.io is recommended for real TikTok custom comments and other kinds of TikTok services. We have carried out several findings and tests about this site and we have verified the site is okay for our readers. If you are a start-up brand or an established one and need to boost your TikTok engagements, then you can leverage this site for the best results. This site is dedicated to growing TikTok accounts with high engagement using organic methods. They understand the rules and regulations on TikTok and ensure your accounts are not banned. They have a team of professionals in social media management and can get your custom comments without stress or delay. Once you have completed your payment, your order will be carried out immediately. Within 24 hours, you will start to see good results. If you want to gain credibility and a high reputation, then you have to buy TikTok custom comments on Socialplug.io. 

One thing about socialplug.io is their on-time delivery with realistic results. You do not have to stress about growing your TikTok account from scratch. Socialplug.io is your best option. Build your TikTok account credibility today using Socialplug.io. 

Why Choose Socialplug.io?

  • Grow your TikTok accounts organically 
  • Get real TikTok custom comments from active accounts
  • Non-drop comments
  • Safe payment gateways 
  • Affordable services
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money back guaranteed 100%


One of the top social media growth channels which many TikTokers get their growth packages from is UseViral. This site is a reliable and trustworthy growth site where clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed. The team does everything possible to ensure that its clients achieve their growth goals and requirements. Services on this platform are affordable. In addition, they offer their customers a second package for free. This is amazing. The professionals working behind the site are committed to making sure that everyone achieves satisfaction. That’s why they offer quality on every package. Experience fast results on your TikTok profile comments, shares, views, and likes when you make use of the site. If you are a struggling content creator on TikTok, then this is a recommendable platform for you to start your growth in a short time. Irrespective of how your profile looks, you will get the best of TikTok services on this platform.


SidesMedia is popularly known for offering TikTok users quality growth packages. The site is one of the best social media growth providers recommended for affordable prices on all of their packages. SidesMedia has been operating for several years, and over the years they have been able to prove their worth in delivering quality and instant TikTok growth services. Aside from growing TikTok accounts, they also perform excellently well in growing accounts on other social media platforms. They are trusted to provide top-notch results to boost engagement sales, growth, and reach rates. Most of all they are affordable and offer services that will not get your account banned or limited.

Media Mister

One of the fastest-growing services on the social media market today is Media Mister. They are well vast in what they do and know the importance of quality, security, and quick delivery. If you are planning to buy TikTok custom comments, then be sure to get a real and instant comment service on this platform. Comments provided will boost your account and make your profile credible. In addition, these comments are non-drop and organic. There are affordable packages for small, medium to big accounts. Every package is tailored to suit your growth requirements. Your order will be delivered within a space of 2 to 4 business days. There is a full money-back guarantee to make you feel sure of a refund if anything goes wrong.


If you want a smart company to assist you with TikTok comments that are original and organic, then you would need to jump on GetAFollower. Aside from being able to make custom comments, you can also choose how many comments you want on your posts. All you need to do is share your TikTok post URL, and place your order to get it done. The TikTok services provided here are affordable according to your budget. This kind of option, if your content looks good or not, will get the engagement you want with these custom comments. Work with GetAFollower today and watch your account grow.

Buy Real Media

Buy TikTok custom comments, followers, and likes from Buy Real Media. Their method of operation is standard. The site is always effective and reliable. Get fast turnaround and reliable services on this site. One happy fact is that they offer quality services at affordable rates. The affordability has made them rated the most affordable among other websites rendering the same service. You are sure to get a high-quality service when you place your order with them. Note that the services rendered here are safe and secured on your account. You don’t have to worry about account limitations or a ban. The team behind this site understands the TikTok algorithm and does everything not to break the rules. If you want to grow your TikTok profile, hop on this site now and select the package that fits your requirements.  Their customer support is responsive and would be happy to support you anytime there is a complication with your orders.


TokCaptain is a verified platform where you can get a real and instant comment on your profile. They have the best techniques to help you grow your users’ reach and engagement. One special feature about their service is that the comments, likes, and shares you get are organic and safe on your account. They ensure that every of their customer gets fast results and satisfaction. To get started on TokCaptain, log on to their website and sign up for the type of service you want. To maximize the potential on this platform, know the type of service you want on the platform and stick to it.   


Followersup also boosts quick and secured TikTok custom comments on your account. They are a trusted and reliable social media growth platform that you can patronize. On this platform, as soon as you make your payments, the order will start automatically. Most of their orders are delivered within a few hours. Notwithstanding, deliveries depend on the size of your orders. The site has been established for more than six years. Over these years, they have been able to numerous orders and gain a high reputation. Users’ privacy is safe on this platform because they make use of an encrypted protocol. There has never been a customer complaint about an account ban or hacked since inception. There is a flexible subscription plan and an affordable payment method, plus smooth processing. To make you feel relaxed on any of your orders, they operate a responsive customer support and money-back policy.


Tiksocial is a safe and secure site that TikTokers patronize to grow their accounts effectively. If you are looking to achieve a solid online presence by enhancing your engagement, comments, shares, and likes then you can count on Toksocial. On this platform, they provide genuine comments. So you do not have to get worried about fake comments, scams, and spam. The site has a flexible plan that is portioned according to your budget. Be sure to get good value for whatever plan you buy on this site. They also implement several social media growth techniques that allow them to target your niche audience. These guys are one of the best sites where you can get real comments on your posts. Every service provided on this platform is from real people. So, your account is safe and secured.


For Tiktok users looking for a credible site where they can buy Tiktok custom comments that are real and instant, TokGrowth is another recommended site on our list. You are sure to get organic comments at affordable prices. In addition, the packages available are tailored to suit any of your Tiktok growth requirements. Boosting your account increases your account reputation. If you have a specific requirement, then you need to make it known to customer support. Then your request will be made available to suit your budget. Only relevant comments will be added to your account. Also, these accounts will be related to your brand niche. Customers get results instantly, according to the level of the order placed. Note that their customer support is efficient, super fast, and available 24/7. Before working on your account, they analyze your account to know your stats so they can issue the right solutions for your account growth. Get your engagement with TokGrowth today and experience real engagement.


TikFuel is used by many TikTokers to increase their account engagement. Users buy TikTok custom comments on this platform and get massive engagement as a result. On this platform, users have the chance to select the type of social growth package that fits their desired growth. You can choose to buy TikTok comments, likes, or shares as needed. Reviews on this site show that the site is effective in its dealing. These can be ordered separately or in a combo package. Services on this site are safe to get and easy to process even up to the payment stage. The process for placing an order is straightforward: sign up, select your preferred plan, include your data and pay accordingly. As soon as your payment gets confirmed, your order will be worked on with immediate effect. You may never have reasons to make use of any other social media growth service provider when you start using this platform. The level of quality service you get from them is of class. This is why TikFuel has been rated as one of the best in social media marketing among other websites.


On GetViral, you can get TikTok custom comments, likes, and shares. This platform has been in existence for several years. Within these years they have been able to prove themselves and show their worth in the industry. They operate an exclusive customer support service that is available all around the clock. This website makes use of the right social growth methods to grow your online presence and authority on any social media platform you find yourself. You are guaranteed maximum success on this site. The site has served over 150,000 customers who are satisfied with the jobs done. More than 85% of their customers have returned to get more packages for them due to their quality service and quick turnaround time. Discuss your Tiktok growth need with GetViral today, meet up with the requirement and see how your account will get boosted within a short period.


One of the most reliable social media growth services that we have scrutinized and verified reliability is Viewsexpert. Talking of quality service and quick turnaround time, they are rated one of the best. The customer support offered by this site is reliable and responsive. If you want to buy TikTok custom comments, you can count on this website. Aside from buying TikTok comments on the site, you can also buy likes, shares, and followers on this platform. Users do not need to provide their details before benefiting from the services offered by this website. If you are looking for one of the fastest deliveries when it comes to social media growth services, Viewsexpert is the right place for you. You would start seeing results for your order placed in a space of 1 to 2 days. There are guaranteed refills on all of the services you buy on the website. One of the most effective growth techniques is used on this platform to affect your TikTok growth. The site ensures that all the comments you buy from them are from genuine accounts and they are active. They make sure that your account reaches out to a wider audience in your niche to increase your credibility and visibility. Services offered are organic and would help you achieve maximum engagement by getting your account limited or banned. These guys can achieve excellent results because they have a team of experts who are working all around the clock to ensure that you get the best and most satisfactory results. More than 1m users have been able to get quality social media services on this site. If you are looking for an effective social media growth service, then check on Viewexpert.


FastLikes just as the name implies is a platform where you can buy TikTok custom comments that are real and instant in the social media industry. They are popularly known for making use of professional strategies to grow TikTok users’ accounts. The services offered on the platform are secure and safe. They abide by the rules and regulations of TikTok so as not to get customers’ accounts banned or at risk of getting blocked. One good thing about this site is that users can connect the customer support from anywhere across the globe and get instant responses through email, live chat, and phone. You will start noticing results in less than two hours after your order is placed. However, delivery is dependent on the size of the order bought. Asie from TikTok custom comments, this site also offers social media growth packages on other social media platforms. There are several convenient payment methods on these sites for international and local customers such as MasterCard, Debit and Credit Card, American Express, and some other popular payment methods. Your payment information will never get saved on the site. You can check this site out for your TikTok growth.


This is another social media growth channel where you can get a reliable TikTok growth plan. Their delivery is fast and effective. If you are looking for a site where you can get immediate solutions for custom comments, then you can count on SocialPackages. The services offered on the site are affordable and of high quality. Aside from getting good packages for your TikTok profile growth, there are other plans for growth on other social media accounts. Reviews displayed on their website show that the site offers top-notch services and can be trusted. There are flexible packages that fit your preferred social media growth needs. Get swift and excellent delivery today on SocialPackages. Buy TikTok custom comments on this site and relax while the team does everything possible to make sure your order is delivered up to a satisfactory level. Note that your password is not needed on the platform before you can place an order. As soon as your order is confirmed, your order will be worked on immediately.  

Facts & Questions to Know About TikTok Social Media Services

Here are some questions and facts to know about TikTok services:

Why Do You Need TikTok Comments?

TikTok comments are comments dropped by TikTok users who watched videos and have something to say about the video. Users leave their thoughts as comments in the video comment section. The comment could come in form of praise, criticism, or general commentary. If your video can get lots of comments, the TikTok algorithm picks it up and further promotes it to a larger audience. No matter the type of comment that you get, it influences your online presence and brings it before other TikTok users’ views. This is why you need to buy TikTok custom comments to boost your engagement. You might have noticed that if you come across a video with so many comments on your TikTok feed, you tend to get attracted and want to know what that traffic is drawn to the video. If you end up getting interested in the content /video, you end up liking and dropping a comment too. If so many people have taken the time to drop a comment on the video, then you know it is worth it. Another thing about comments is that if there are negative comments in the comment section of content, the user or account might end up losing so many followers. The power of TikTok comments, positive or negative should not be underestimated. They do not fail to attract the attention of users. However, you should ensure that the comments on your account should be organic so that they can work effectively. For you to achieve your TikTok growth goal, you need to buy TikTok custom comments. Make your video generate enough engagement so it can be promoted by TikTok, bringing in more engagement. This will give your account the credibility and solid online presence you want. 

Here are some other reasons to buy real TikTok custom comments.

  • Social Media Enhancement: You want to boost your social credibility and gain popularity, that is why you have come to find out about TikTok comments. Therefore, the amount of engagement you pull will bring you the popularity you need. This also helps to grow your TikTok views, shares, and followers. These and many more are why you need custom comments.
  • Solidify Your Reputation: You will maintain high visibility, become famous on TikTok, and have a huge number of comments on your videos whenever you post. This will make you gain authority on TikTok and become an influencer. 
  • Save Time: Do you know that getting organic TikTok comments can be very hard and time-consuming? TikTok users who want to grow on TikTok need to invest time. So, the user needs to make use of an expert social media provider. It saves time if you buy TikTok custom comments from a reliable service. Organic that is made organically makes it easy to grow your account. Comments grow accounts faster on any social media platform. Therefore, buy comments to save yourself the stress. 
  • Promotional Strategy: TikTok comments are an affordable, quick and safe way to promote your products and services. People will be drawn to your brand and promotions when you have many comments on your posts and if your product is being talked about. This helps you create business opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships. 


Finally, it should be noted that when you buy TikTok custom comments that are real and instant your account cannot get banned or suspended. This method is safe as long as the process is organic and TikTok’s terms and condition is not bridged. These sites that we listed are well-verified and well-scrutinized. Grow your TikTok accounts with organic methods for the best results.

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