6 Best TikTok Content Ideas

Jan 2, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

TikTok users come up almost with everything to get into the recommendations and get into the spotlight. The popularity of the platform has grown so much that it is no longer possible for an ordinary blogger or business to ignore it. If earlier the audience was too small and insolvent, now everyone is developing here.

Today we will talk about TikTok content ideas. An idea is a base on which your channel will be built. In order for the algorithm to promote videos more successfully, you need to adhere to a specific topic. Which one? Let’s talk below.

#1. Animals

There is nothing better than turning your smartphone on in the morning and seeing a cute cat or dog. Everyone loves pets, it’s a walking antistress! So if you have one, this would be a good topic for a TikTok video.

Show how you teach your dog to follow commands, shoot various funny things related to pets, and more. Users especially love ideas for videos with cats and dogs. If you travel a lot, then in your blog you can tell about animals from different parts of the world. Some people have a separate profile for their pet, where they show its daily life. And such a channel, by the way, has a million subscribers.

#2. Pranks

Many of the videos with pranks are getting a lot of views. This is because people are interested in watching what is happening in the frame. If the video is shot in a fun and bright way, then it will quickly go viral.

You can shoot something tough like evil pranks. But for many, such pranks cause internal discomfort. It is much more profitable to implement ideas for entertaining videos with a positive message, where the guys play pranks on their friends and relatives.

#3. Interesting places

People save a lot of videos with interesting places in the hope of going there someday. It’s cool when there is a blogger who explores the territory and shares his findings.

You can shoot your hometown where you are. Explore different places and tell people about them. An interesting fact is that the platform’s algorithm selects the audience for geolocation, so your materials will be seen by people from the corresponding city.

Talk about cafes, restaurants, beautiful streets, museums, movies, theaters, and more. This is a great way for local businesses to make themselves known.

#4. Slow-motion clips

Slow-motion shots, although they do not carry any semantic meaning, are very binge-worthy. These techniques are often used by magicians, food bloggers, travelers, and even auto providers. So if you have to advertise something like  exotic cars in Dubai, try slow-motion to show the spectacular interior of a luxury car, acceleration, drift, how the headlights go out or the speakers work.

To make a slowdown effect, just use the Slow Motion function in the app itself.

#5. Expert opinion

Another topic for TikTok is to tell the audience about what you really understand. Both in personal and commercial accounts, you can share expert opinions. This can significantly increase conversions if you are targeting sales. In this case, an easy presentation of the material is important, which will not irritate users.

An example is an astrologer’s profile. The content offered consists of horoscopes for different zodiac signs. For most of the audience, this is interesting. If the material is presented correctly, the videos will be popular and will collect many subscribers. At the same time, the specialist forms a personal brand, they will trust him and use his services. As a result, the profile can be monetized.

#6. Sketches

Among the popular bloggers, many gained popularity on sketches. These are funny videos about life. To make a good sketch, you need to work with the script. Choose a life theme that will resonate with other people, and play it. As a rule, such videos are liked by a wide audience. Therefore, as soon as the video is published, it begins to gain views, likes, and comments at a fast pace.

Final words 

In this article, we have listed just 6 TikTok ideas. Of course, there are many more of them. The site is developing rapidly, therefore, to fall into the streams of popular content, you need to constantly monitor trends.

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