What are Key Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends
Feb 21, 2022 Reading time : 3 min

The pandemic has increased digitization and social media marketing has become an important part of a successful business. Now social media is a channel for communicating with customers and a tool for brand promotion. To keep up with opportunities, it is important to know which trends to pay attention to and which ones to ignore. In this article, we will consider the main trends that are relevant shortly.

Augmented Reality

Social platforms will move toward virtual and augmented reality technologies. This will make interaction with customers more exciting and multifaceted, and for many companies will create a powerful marketing campaign. New technology helps a potential customer try out a product in a virtual world and then make a purchase. In times of constant lockdowns, it is very relevant, convenient and reduces the risk of unprofitable purchases. If nowadays people focus on social proof creation and publish customer reviews on YouTube, show successful cases in Stories, or buy Twitter followers to attract and retain the attention of the audience, the use of new technologies will be a priority tool.

Short Video Content

We live in the era of clip thinking, where video content is a priority format for training and searching for information. Video allows you to establish close contact with the audience, build trusting relationships, you can more emotionally convey the benefits of the product, and increase sales conversion rate.

With the rapid pace of life, people appreciate a summary of key details and concentrated information. Therefore, short and bright videos are more likely to hold attention and are at the peak of demand. For the realization of this content, TikTok is the most suitable. Instagram launched an alternative in the form of Reels and  YouTube presented the format Shorts.

Artificial Intelligence

In the flow of a huge number of tasks, online entrepreneurs delegate most of them to designers, copywriters, etc.  Now, people don’t waste time building initial audiences on social networks but prefer to instantly buy real Twitter followers, Instagram likes, YouTube views.  Artificial intelligence helps to reinforce the process of automation and allows people to organize communication with customers with the help of chatbots. They can provide not only support service by answering frequently asked questions but can replace the sales department and increase business revenue. 

Live Broadcasts

Changes caused by constant lockdowns have led to an increase in the popularity of live streaming. This format reduces the distance between the brand and customers, increases loyalty, and attracts a new audience. Speakers give not only commercial information, but also share insights and answer questions. Thus, the broadcasts are unobtrusive and full of interesting information.

Live broadcasting is an effective sales tool with the help of which businesses can warm up the interest of their target audience. They are actively used by coaches, training authors, etc.

Micro-influence Marketing

It’s no secret that the services of opinion leaders are in high demand, increasing brand awareness and sales conversion. Now the trend is towards bloggers with a lower number of subscribers. Despite their small audience, micro-influencers have a high level of trust and involvement, as well as a lower cost for their services. Such bloggers are more niche, they gather around themselves a community of people interested in a particular topic and such an audience is more targeted. 

Moreover, their content is not overloaded with advertisements and is perceived as more loyal.

To sum up, to remain competitive in any industry, it is important to invest time in monitoring trend areas. New tools will not only strengthen your strategy but also help you stay one step ahead

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