Different Methods to Make Yahoo as Your Homepage For All Popular Browsers

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Yahoo is quite a popular search engine. Those who want to keep Yahoo handy, often change their browser and homepage to Yahoo. This way you can make quick access to different services of Yahoo. You can set any URL of Yahoo as your browser’s homepage in a few easy steps. However, the method varies for each browser. 

How to Change My Browser’s Homepage to Yahoo?

There are several browsers available in the market, and the method of setting Yahoo as a homepage is different for different browsers. Here we are providing you the quickest and easiest methods to set up Yahoo as a homepage for all popular browsers. We will here be discussing the ways to set Yahoo as the homepage for Following browsers:

– Google Chrome
– Internet Explorer
– Microsoft Edge
– Mozilla Firefox
– Safari

How to make Yahoo as Homepage for Different Browsers

  1. For Google Chrome

  1. First, click on the vertical ellipsis- the Menu icon from the top-right corner of the screen and select “Settings” from the options.
  1. Now, you need to select “Appearance” from the left-side menu and then select “Show Home Button
  1. When you toggle the switch for “Show Home Page”, you will have to click on “Enter Custom Web Address”. Here you can set the web address that you need to set for your browser’s homepage.
  1. Now, here you need to enter the Yahoo web address that you want to keep as your homepage such as yahoo.com. Different Yahoo webpages are: 
  • For Yahoo! Search: www.yahoo.com
  • For Yahoo! Mail: mail.yahoo.com
  • For Yahoo! News: news.yahoo.com
  • For Yahoo! Shopping: shopping.yahoo.com
  1. Next, scroll down to go to “Open a specific page or set of pages” under the “On Startup” menu. With this, Yahoo will automatically load on the Chrome browser whenever you open it.
  1. Now, select “Add a new page” and then enter the Yahoo webpage that you want to open whenever you open Chrome for the first time and then click the “Add” button. You can add as many pages you want and they will launch in separate tabs.
  1. For Internet Explorer 

  • First, open the browser in your system, and go to the upper right section. Then, Click on the Setting Gear icon, the menu will expand and click on the Internet Options
  • A setting window will pop up on your screen, In the General Tab under the Homepage enter the Yahoo address. You can add as many as URLs you want. 
  • Click on Apply and then Ok button, now Yahoo will be set as a homepage for Internet Explorer
  1. For Microsoft Edge

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser and move your cursor to the right upper corner of the browser. Click on the three dots that is the Settings Menu of Edge.  
  • You will see the “A specific page or pages” option
  • Click on the Specific page and pages and select the Custom option. Then, you will see “Enter a web address” 
  • Enter the Yahoo URL, i.e yahoo.com or other yahoo URLs such as mail.yahoo.com, news.yahoo.com, or shopping.yahoo.com. And hit the Add button “+”
  • Now, Yahoo is now set as the homepage for Microsoft Edge.
  1. For Mozilla Firefox 

  • Open the Firefox browser and head towards the upper-right corner of the screen. Now click on the three horizontal lines, choose the Option from the menu.
  • You will be moved to the settings page, from there select the Home placed under the General
  • From the Home Menu, search for Homepage and new Windows, now click on the drop-down menu
  • You will see three options, Firefox Home (Default), Custom URLs… and Blank page.
  • Click on Custom URLs… and enter the Yahoo URL
  • Now leave the browser and open it again, you will see Yahoo will be made as a homepage for Firefox.
  1. For Safari

  1. Open the Safari browser on your device and then click on the “Edit” option followed by the “preferences”. Then, the menu of Safari preferences will open for you.
  2. Now, you need to select “Safari opens with” and then select “Homepage”. This way you set the homepage for Safari whenever you launch it on your device.
  3. Go to the “Homepage” option and then select whatever Yahoo website you want to keep as a homepage.
  4. After this, you need to add the Home Button for your Safari browser, but Safari doesn’t provide the automatic option to add a Home button. But, by adding this button, you can make quick access to your homepage. So, to add a home button:
  • Open the “View” menu and then go to “Customize Toolbar

You need to Drag the Home button in the Safari toolbar if you want to add it.


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