How to Convert Videos Online Without Losing Quality

May 30, 2023 Reading time : 5 min
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Have you ever come across to capture a specific moment on camera? That is to discover the length of the video which is too huge to upload on the internet. Or maybe you’ve tried to convert a recording into a contrary format. Later, you find out that the outcomes were unsatisfactory. If that’s the matter, sit patiently and stress less because we want to tell you that you are not the only one dealing with such scenarios. 

A lot of people struggle to find the most reliable yet efficient way to convert videos online that too without compromising quality. 

Here comes the Flixier. It is a networked converter that allows you to transform recordings in several different formats hassle-free. Not, only this, but by accessing you don’t need to dress over the quality loss as the platform transforms media without compromising their quality. That listens like a wonderful opportunity, so you must be wondering how to operate it. Without any further due, let’s take an insight into how it can transform the media conversion experience. 

Why Should You Use a Video Converter Online?

Besides, the brain would be questioning you why should you use a converter online. To answer, simply because a lot of benefits come on board while accessing it. It just makes the transformation way easier than ever before. Here are some primary benefits of the same: 

  •  Convenience: The foremost key advantage it provides is convenience. Having said earlier, its usage makes things so smoother. They can be used from any location. You just need a stable internet connection without having to download any software. Isn’t it convenient? 
  •  Saving Time: It is seen that most MP4 networked converters are frequently quicker in comparison with desktop programs. You can transform recorded media files within a few minutes. Proceed by uploading the video on the platform, convert it, and get the finished product. 
  •  Accessibility: By accessibility, it demonstrates that anyone from anywhere can get their hands on such platforms and convert them to MP4 regardless of their computer’s capabilities. Long story short, networked converters can be accessed without having to need a powerful computer or a lot of storage space. 
  • Cost-Effective: Undoubtedly, such free converters are always available online. They could be a cost-effective option for you because it demands no fee associated with a license or a subscription. 

Meet Flixier, the Best Online Video Converter

It can be your go-to option, and you want to land on the sites frequently to satisfy the transformation needs. So make use of this robust yet user-friendly online video editor named Flixier and complete your conversion task quickly and efficiently.

We want you to hear that it is an entirely web-based platform. This is way different from those tools which are supposed to download and install on computer systems. This needs to be addressed because it is a key reason and helps you to access from any location. Therefore, use it on any device (internet-connected) without stressing over compatibility issues or taking up extra space. 

Now, below you will find the steps that need to be followed to transform MP4 video files online via Flixier:  

Upload the Video you Want to Convert

Initially jump on its official website and make an account there to begin accessing it. Once you are done with making an account, afterward, click the blue import icon and add the media to its library. Also, you have the ability to upload the MP4 file from local storage or maybe import it from online media streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube, Google Photos, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Create a Project and Convert Your Video

Your next step would be to click on create project button and give it a name. Then drag the file in the Library onto the Timeline to upload it there. Even, you are permitted to choose to move on to the next step right now or might continue to modify it as you choose. 

Export and Download Your MP4 Video

To complete the process, hit on the “Export” button that is placed in the top right corner. But carry in mind, that this would be visible once you are done with making all the necessary edits. 

Thereafter, it will process the video, and then you are eligible to download the new MP4 file onto your computer systems or upload it to YouTube or several networked services. 

The Ultimate Online Video Converter That Doesn’t Compromise Quality

For those, who are unfamiliar with Flixier, it can be a game-changer for the purpose of video conversion. Because, it is a straightforward, quick, and economical platform. It is dependable and provides top-notch outcomes. Other than that, its cloud storage, editing tools, and user-friendly interface are the factors that make it perfect. It can be an ideal tool for content creators, social media enthusiasts, and someone who is willing to share movies with friends and family. So, spend no more time battling with video-transforming software programs and try Flixier instead!

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