Tips to Choose a Reputable and Safe Bitcoin Casino

Jan 2, 2024 Reading time : 15 min

With the rise of cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency created) and the massive growth of online casinos, it was a matter of time when crypto casinos would become the new rising trend in the gambling industry. 

Bitcoin Casinos are the new thing in the gambling world, where players rush to test their luck at some of the highly popular BTC games. 

At this kind of casino, the players have a unique chance to make a deposit or, if luck is on their side, withdraw their winnings in the form of Bitcoins. Thanks to BTC casinos, they will also find some highly entertaining casino games to play, such as slots, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many more.

While Bitcoin casinos are popping up from everywhere, players need to watch out for fraudulent online casinos whose only mission is to steal your hard-earned crypto. Unfortunately, these kinds of online scams are very common in the casino business, where players provide crucial data, like information about their credit cards. To avoid such inconvenience, we have put together a few tips that will help you choose a reputable and safe Bitcoin casino.

Licensed Casino

A valid gaming license is the most important thing that every reputable Bitcoin casino must-have. A BTC casino that owns a gaming license can legally offer its gambling services to every customer who wishes to gamble at the casino. 

To gain a gaming license, BTC casinos must meet some high demanded standards to gain permission to operate within a certain territory. The standards needed to be met to gain a valid gaming license consist of issues such as safety, security, quality of service, and fairness.

To meet the safety and security standards, the casino must acquire the latest security technologies, which will protect the customer’s data and information from theft by some unwanted third parties. 

Every licensed Bitcoin casino must display its license on its website. Usually, this type of information can be found at the bottom of the home page. Some casinos have special sections named “License” or “License and Security”, which are dedicated to this type of information. Also, casinos may put the license information in the “About Us” or “Terms and Conditions” section. If you cannot find the license information at any of the mentioned places, that means that the Bitcoin casino doesn’t own a valid gaming license.

Some of the most popular authorities that provide online casinos with gaming licenses are Curacao eGaming, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, and the UK Gambling Commission.


Apart from the gaming license, another important thing to have in mind while choosing a Bitcoin casino is the safety and security that the casino provides. For a Bitcoin casino to be considered safe, it must utilize the latest security technologies, which will give several layers of encryption and verification.

The latest and most sophisticated security technology is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital encryption technology, which ensures that the data and information sent between the players and the casino aren’t intercepted by a third party. 

The easiest way to find out if a BTC casino has SSL encryption is by simply checking if the URL of the web address begins as HTTPS:// and not as HTTP://. The added “s” in the URL means that the casino’s website uses encryption, and the players shouldn’t worry about their safety. 

If a Bitcoin casino states that it uses the latest encryption technologies, but their web address begins with HTTP:// then you should immediately stop your activities at the casino and abandon the site.

Game Providers

When you see that a BTC casino offers games developed by one of the biggest providers in the gaming industry, you can be assured that the casino is reputable and trustworthy. The famous game providers cooperate only with licensed and regulated sites to maintain their massive reputation.

The best game providers in the industry that you should always look for while choosing a Bitcoin casino are Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n’Go, Red Tiger Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Playson, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, etc.

Payment Methods

Every online casino that offers plenty of payment methods, including Bitcoin, is considered to be a reputable casino. Every online casino that wishes to be successful in the gambling business must approve Bitcoin as a payment option for both depositing and withdrawing.

Before registering at an online casino, you may want to check the available payment options at the “Banking” section of the website just to be sure if the online casino accepts Bitcoin. Also, look for detailed information to see if Bitcoin is acceptable for both depositing and withdrawing.

It’s important to note that to deposit in an online casino using Bitcoin, you first need to set up a digital wallet. There are plenty of sites where you can set up your digital wallet and buy and sell Bitcoin in your preferred currency. Some of the most popular sites where you can make exchange BTC are Coinbase and Circle.

Most BTC casinos won’t charge a fee when you’re making transactions with Bitcoin, while most of the other payment methods may charge quite high fees. You don’t need to worry about long processing times when withdrawing with Bitcoin because the withdrawal process with BTC is instantaneous.

Also, when making a transaction with Bitcoin at an online casino, you won’t have to enter your personal and financial information. All you have to do is supply the address of your BTC wallet.

Read a Few Reviews

Another good piece of advice when choosing a reputable and safe Bitcoin casino is to gather information about the chosen casino by reading a few reviews. If you haven’t got a BTC casino in mind, you can look for BTC casinos suggestions and then search for reviews about the given casinos.

Try to find a reliable site that offers detailed reviews about the casino that you wish to analyze. You may want to read more than one review and also compare some of the reviews to get the most reliable information about the Bitcoin casino. 

Casino reviews are an important asset for the players where they can find out the most important things about online casinos. The key things that the players get from a review are information about possible scams or an overview of how good or bad the casino is according to previous players.

You will also find detailed information about the game library and its game providers, promotions and bonuses that the Bitcoin casino has at disposal, banking methods, security and license information, and concluding thoughts from the reviewer.

Customer Support

A professional customer support team that is always there when the customers are having some kind of trouble regarding the casino is a very important asset for every online Bitcoin casino. If the BTC casino provides various options to contact the customer service team, that is a strong sign of an honest and reliable casino.

The customer service can usually be reached through the live chat, which is available on the web page, an email address, a phone number, or a physical address. If the customer support team is available 24/7, that means that the BTC casino has a highly dedicated customer support team.

A highly professional customer service team should be polite, helpful, knowledgeable, and respond quickly to customer inquiries. Online casinos put the contact information in several places at their site, with the most commonplace being the “Contact Us” section. If there is no such section at the casino’s site, then you should look at the “About Us” or “FAQ” section.

Game Fairness

Every player wants to play at a fair and trustworthy online Bitcoin casino. But did you know that the Bitcoin gambling community has come up with its own special way of proving that the games are fair? They use a technology called provably fair gaming, which is unique to BTC gambling that makes cheating an impossible task for a player or casino.

With the use of a Bitcoin cryptographic hash function, every suspicious play can be checked, proving that the results are calculated properly and fairly. You cannot find this type of provability at the traditional land-based casino or any online casino, making Bitcoin gaming a more trustworthy and reliable form of gambling.

Provably fair uses three variables: server seed, client seed, and cryptographic nonce. For you to understand how provably fair gaming systems work, we have to describe it step by step. The process is described as follows:

  1. The casino’s web platform creates a seed number which is then hashed and sent to the player.
  2. The player then adds their own seed.
  3. The outcome is decided, and the bet plays out.
  4. When the bet has played out, the players receive the seed that was used in the bet.
  5. The player can then verify the bet. The hash function would not be verified if there was any interference in the game or any error in the payout.

The key advantage of provably fair Bitcoin casinos is the transparency they give to their players. Provably fairness provides a way for players to see the results of their previous games to ensure fairness. Additional benefits of the provably fair gaming are also the higher Return to Player (RTP) percentage, no third party authentication, the use of blockchain technology. 

Benefits of Playing Casino Games with Bitcoin

Playing casino games with Bitcoin gives players many advantages, which are not part of many other payment methods. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Fast and Easy Transactions

With the use of Bitcoin wallet, you no longer have to wait 3 – 5 business days for your withdrawals to be processed. BTC transfers take a couple of minutes to process, no matter how big the amount is. 

BTC is Decentralized

Due to the sheer absence of a central regulatory authority in the system, no one can dare take your Bitcoins away from you or freeze your BTC account. You have absolute ownership and control over your money and transactions.

Top-Notch Security

No one can steal your payment information from you. To protect you from identity theft, BTC transactions do not require any personal information to be laid out. Also, there can be no chargebacks, meaning, once sent, BTC transactions are unchangeable. This means that the Bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed or changed from the way it was registered in Bitcoin’s public ledger, which lowers the risks for merchants.

Increased Privacy

All of the conducted crypto transactions are recorded on a public distributed ledger known as the blockchain. Although it is accessible by anyone, your personal information is encrypted and hidden. 

While making a transaction, you don’t need to layout your personal information. All you have to do is provide your BYC address or just scan the QR code. With this, the risk of exposing yourself to hackers and other fraudulent activities is massively reduced.

Minimized Costs

With Bitcoin, no one will charge additional fees because there are no middlemen in a decentralized network. But the way the technology is set up, there might be some extra fees for faster processing of transactions or conversion of BTC into fiat currency. 

Still, most digital wallets will provide you with the option to adjust your commission in favor of low commission or a speedy crypto transfer. This is a very important factor, especially for players who wish to have higher payout percentages.

Low Minimums and High Maximums

Depending on the BTC casino site, depositing your account with Bitcoin can be as low as $4, or sometimes even lower. Also, you get a unique option to withdraw up to six figures, depending on your preferred currency. 

Special Bonuses and Promotions

Many Bitcoin casinos award free spin bonuses or bonus money if you deposit with BTC. However, this type of bonus comes with some wagering requirements, so make sure to fulfill those to claim your reward.

Bitcoin is a Global Currency

Since there are no universal laws that forbid the use of Bitcoin, you are given a great opportunity to make transactions from anywhere in the world. 

Bitcoin is Optimized for Online Gambling

Since BTC was created on the Internet and especially for online use, we can state that this digital currency makes for a flawless solution for online gambling platforms. Bank transfers and credit cards weren’t meant to be used for online payments as they are today. They are cost-ineffective and very slow. Now, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, banks and credit cards are no longer necessary, as we have a new type of cash for the digital era.

The online gambling industry is expanding at a staggering pace, with many online casinos popping up every day, which is a clear sign of how popular online casinos have become. Today, many players prefer to test their luck at an online casino than at a traditional land-based casino. Here are some of the reasons why online casinos are so popular:

Online Casinos are Super Exciting

Possibly the key factor of online gambling is a pure excitement that the player gets while they tend to see if they are winning or losing money. Players can relax in their comfortable homes and earn some money if they are lucky enough.

No Distractions

Some players at the land-based casinos tend to be very loud, which irritates and distracts other players. With online gambling, the distraction is eliminated, and you can sit back and enjoy the games with a clear head.

Online Casinos are Very Convenient

Before the online casinos, players had to take long drives or take expensive vacations to gamble at a casino. Nowadays, with the online casino, players can play from almost anywhere on earth, with the use of a computer or a mobile phone.

Online Casinos are Versatile

You no longer have to lurk through casinos trying to find some interesting games that will get your attention. Instead, you can sit back and relax while going through a much wider selection of games at an online casino. You will find many more slot machines online than at a land-based casino. 

Safety Comes First While Gambling Online

At the beginning of the rise of online casinos, the players were a little skeptical about online gambling safety. Today’s online casinos provide safe platforms that are user-friendly and utilize the latest technologies to ensure that players are safe online.

Safe Payment Methods

Many players are concerned about their deposits while playing a casino game of their choice. Also, an additional concern that most players face at any casino is how they will withdraw if, by any chance, they get to win some money. 

This kind of concern shouldn’t worry players because online casinos have made the entire process of depositing and withdrawing incredibly easy. Players have to simply pick a payment method which they think is safe and fund their gaming account. 

Many of the online casinos that tend to value their customers will include only the best payment options, such as Neteller, PayPal, Visa, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies (which are the safest and fastest transaction methods online).

Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

One of the key benefits of playing at an online casino is the welcome bonuses and promotions reserved for almost every newly registered player. Basically, all reliable and trustworthy casinos offer some kind of welcome bonuses that serve to help new players feel secure and comfortable at their gambling platform. Online casinos offer many bonuses to their players, with some of the most usual being free spins, no deposit bonus, matching bonus, minimum deposit bonus, free play, and many more. 

Wide Variety of Games

The variety of games available for every online player is one of the biggest perks of online casinos, which makes their popularity rise even higher. A respected and reputable online casino will provide a diverse selection of casino games from leading game providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and many more.

Final Thoughts

It is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are the future of financing, and with that, the future of online gambling lies with crypto. We can already see many online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and it is a matter of time when crypto payments would be a must-have feature at every online casino.

Bitcoin, as the first and most popular cryptocurrency, offers many advantages for players who like to gamble at an online casino. Players can make fast and easy transactions, which take a couple of minutes to process, opposed to bank transfers, where players have to wait a few days to receive their money. Also, the safety provided while making transactions with BTC goes in favor of the players and the casino.

Online casinos that feature Bitcoin as a payment option tend to be more popular amongst other casinos staying away from crypto payments. Also, casinos accepting BTC have a massive advantage in attracting new players. 

A highly-reputable Bitcoin casino goes hand to hand with top-notch security. Online casinos must utilize the latest security technologies to protect both the players and the casino from unwanted third parties. The best and most used security technology is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which protects the data and information sent between the players and the casino.

When it comes to fairness while playing at a Bitcoin casino, the provably fair gambling process, which is unique for BTC gambling, ensures that the games’ outcomes have been fair in real-time. With this technology, the fairness and trustworthiness that the casino provides will satisfy every player and also has a big potential to bring even more players to the casino.